scam? or is she real? conar...

Nottingham, MD

#111 Feb 16, 2008
Be careful with these scammers. Once you email the m they hacker in to your computer system and track you movement on the computer. If you check their IP Adrress it usually starts 127. . . the are usig an IP Blocker so they cannot be traced. Beware of any money showing up at you home because it is all fraud and they try to get you to cash it and wire the the good funds whlie you're left with the bag. How ever crazy it seems never use you web cam with these pople for am reason. Stay away fron these two ladies Combel23103 and Immaculate_Lady_1972. both are yahoo id names.

Moscow, Russia

#112 Feb 16, 2008
Ask her to call you!!! My friend has met very good Russian girl, and they are happy


#114 Feb 21, 2008
Dude!!!....I was contacted by prettyelena today after she said she read my myspace profile. I live in Michigan and know Harrison very well. I'm a former P.I., bail recovery agent and bondsman. Dude roflmao I'm gonna mess with her head so bad!!!!Oooooops, wrong dude Elena lol
Cujo wrote:
I knew it was a scam, just played along
Hello Handsome
Hello I am Elena by name I am a 41 years old single white female, divorce with one daughter name Diane she is 10 years now she is all I have in life now since I have no man to be with I am 5'6 tall I was born and raised in Harrison in Michigan. I lost my Dad when I was 10 years old and my Mom have always been taking care of me till I get to the age of 35 before she died but I can do that on my own now. Am into the business of Selling Fabrics and Textile in a large scale so I travel to countries to supply to companies. I am in West Africa currently to supply some of my goods to a company and will be back pretty soon to the state. Most people would describe me as being an honest, trust- worthy and very dedicated person. I am very easy going, open-minded, and liberal person. I am a true romantic at heart and have a very sensitive and gentle disposition. Definitely not in to head games and always believe that honesty is the best policy. I am also an animal and nature lover. I really love the outdoors, sports, health and fitness, reading, computers etc. I am not into the nightclub or bar scene. I am slightly more introverted than extroverted but am good at communicating one on one or in small groups. I have been told that I am an excellent listener and problem solver, which I think is a plus. I am looking for honest,respectful, easy going, open-minded and trust-worthy man to have a good conversation with and see how it works out for the both of us and see if the chemistry is there.
N:B.. I would love to relocate my man anywhere he is if that what he want because I know how important he is to me and wont hurt him because I need him so much well let get to know each other first and I will tell you more about this if you care to know.This's a new year 2008 and i dont want to play any games bcoz this year i've made up my mind to be honest and open minded to that man i would be communicating with cos we dont know where it may lead to . I would really love to know more about you, do you have a Yahoo messenger IM? I have one.( Prettyelena001 ) You can add me or email me at ( ) so we can chat and get to know more about you and see if you are what am looking for on here, Really make my day if I heard back from you. Thanks take care.


#115 Feb 21, 2008
I was contacted by prettyelena001 today. As soon as she mentioned Africa my radar went off. She claims to be from spend most of every summer there camping and she couldn't tell me the name of the best diner in town or the name of the only bar!??!?!? there..Pffssssttt.........rofl mfao...stay clear of this woman/man scammer.. I want her to send me bogus checks just to frame them and put them on the wall

Caerphilly, UK

#116 Feb 23, 2008
I have just been scammed on . Like everybody is saying he was nice looking, younger than me, good job "Jeweller"!! on a business trip to Africa. He romanced me with words for 3 weeks and today he finally asked me for money to help him fly to his sick mother in Amsterdam. He was suppose to be Dutch working in England for the past 5 years. He blamed Nigeira for the bad connections and never phoned and spoke to me. He wrote the best romance emails I have seen for years and through my vulnerability I pledged my love for him. What an idiot I was. Lucky when he came to ask for money - I realised it was a scam. Be careful out there girls, his name on the net was Raymond Philips under the address. He was found on

Natrona Heights, PA

#117 Feb 23, 2008
I had a similar experience from a girl on .
Her name is nikkigurl17. Has anybody encountered any problems with that screen name. I reported it to

Brentwood, CA

#118 Feb 24, 2008
Online users can hide behind emails and chat, but not phone. I use to screen my new online dates over the phone without revealing my phone number. Voice, tone, selection of words make it quicker to screen. It keeps the fakes away and makes the reality close to perception.

Russell, MA

#120 Feb 27, 2008
Hi something very similiar to this happened to me, or is happening to me. I will highlight the signs of scam below. While browsing the site of I came across a man in NY. He was a:
-GORGEOUS 50 year old man, I at first look thought it was a picture from a brochure.
-Said his parents were dead, as well as adopted parents and his wife died 7 years before. And he has a 20 year old son going to school in Spain.
-After speaking with this man, I told him I wanted him to send me a framed photo of himself and gave him my business address. The next day he said he sent me a surprise. I thought it would be the picture. Two days later I received 30 LONG STEM RED ROSES from a company called Niagara Fulfillment, who said they received the roses from .uk So I contact them and the information is completely sealed, they couldn't tell me who the roses were from. But of course this guy said he sent them to me from his florist in NY. Ha!
-He told me he was living in Hicksville, NY. Couldn't find any information on him.
-My ex-husband lived overseas for quite some time and when he would email me his English was broken, and used strange words.
-He called me from a "Satelitte Landline Phone" called a Thuraya. Found that these phones are only found in Africa and Europe. I could barely understand him and he kept getting cut off the line from me. He also told me he lived alone and I heard women in the background and he quickly told them to "SHHH" and then told me he had to go. He didn't sound like a white man from New York, but a man with a strong Nigerian accent.
-Got him to confess that he was currently in Nigeria on business and he told me he was in Lagos, staying at a Sheraton Hotel.
-His messages on YAHOO MESSENGER took forever to get over to me and anytime I asked him personal information he signed offline.
-I asked him if he needed cash or a Visa and he said, "No I don't need nothing honey, I am the man in the photo."


UK girl

Adelaide, Australia

#121 Mar 3, 2008
I met a nasty man from in London. He was a sexual preditor, and dated young innocent women who were looking for love.

Chicago, IL

#122 Mar 7, 2008
Hey all. I have received an email sent to my Everyonesconnected profile. Of course the biggest analyzer that I am I baited him along at his own game. So here it is another romantic internet scammer. His name is Anthony Williams Labber 40yrs of age. He didn't waste anytime and quickly professed his love for me, wanted to get to know me better and told me to contact him at his yahoo address which is He told me, get this, born in cleveland, OH only child raised by single parent, at the age of 8 sent to Manchester UK to further studies, lives in Washington, D.C. Then he said that he is currently in Nigeria working as a teacher in a mission. Then it really gets thick parent died 10yrs ago and then spouse dies of cancer 8yrs ago and no siblings.

What really caught my attention right away is the broken English in the body of the email and the pictures of this guy is handsome. However, I'm an English major, and study forgein languages. I'm very familar with accents and dialects. Where he said he is from and what he is writing doesn't match at all. Great big RED FLAG. To all my friends on the internet if you have been duped don't feel bad, shame on them, and just chalk up to experience. Continue to keep others informed and share your information. As long as you don't send money, gifts or re-ship packages your alright. Best regards to all.

United States

#124 Mar 21, 2008
Same thing happened to me. His name is JEFF JOHNSON.
He used the story of his parents being killed in a car accident and his girl friend dumped him right after. So he has No one!
Got me roped into thinking he was the one...then asked for money to get here from Nigeria. Needed $250 for BTA fees.
I looked it up...there is no such thing as BTA fees.

Fort Worth, TX

#125 Apr 4, 2008
I see there is another girl from Accra. Is her name Leticia? This chick, Hotter than H3LL! Is in love with me before the end of our first chat. I have been playing with her. Finally today she offered to help me with my account if I gave her my log in information. She was pissed whenI kept dodging her.
Accra, Ghana and Togo are the places that come up in our chats.
Im not gonna book mark this site to see replies... I do wonder though. Does anyone else know Leticia from Accra Accra or Togo Africa.

Kailua Kona, HI

#126 Apr 6, 2008
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! John Kevin Freeman!!! gorgeous guy like a male model...asked to see more pixs of him but he insisted he could only show them to me on email...kept pushing to get mine...I refused.....and yes!! from Hicksville, NY!!!! 50....has only one son who is going to medical school in Spain....his wife died 6 yrs ago and is alll alone....his parents died in a car accident when he was 9 and adopted by couple in US.....I'm glad I held out and a couple of days ago....a man from Italy w/about the same story!!
creeps like him is why we women are suspicious!!!

Lexington, KY

#127 Apr 6, 2008
Wanna hear a good one, on match, some girl (womanlydarling) winks at me, I email her because the profile looked good and claims she's from TN. She emails me back to contact her at elsharapo at gmail. I do and I get back this:

Hello My New Friend !!!!!I am glad to receive your letter. I thought of that you willwrite to me or will not write and looked forward your letter. And I amglad when have received it. I the first time get acquainted on theInternet, I looked on profile which to me a distance at a site ofacquaintances both have seen you. Also has decided to write to you. Ihope that you have understood my first message. How you named by your friends? As though you would want that I namedyou? Or tell the full name, well?My profile is spoken that by I from USA because I could not beregistered from Russia and I do not understand why. my name is Elena. To me of 28 years, I was never married. At me normalcharacter, I live in mum in apartment. My village is called Lum. It inthe Kirov area. Except mum, the grandmother and the girlfriend I wasnot present close people. The father I never saw also mother speaks ofnothing about it. as whom you work? I nurse in our hospital. I lovethe work. I do not know what to tell about myself. you can tell aboutyourself more? I wish to know much about you. Why you have solved getsacquainted in the Internet? What do you search in the girl? Whatcharacter at you? How you like to have a rest?I with pleasure will answer your questions. Ask also I will tell aboutitself. I simply do not know what to tell. What it is interesting toyou? I hope that you will write to me tomorrow. I send you aphoto on which I lay at home on an armchair. I hope that tomorrow I will come in the Internet of cafe and I willreceive your letter and your new photo. You will send them to me? Iwill wait you letter on my e mail elsharapo@gmail.comYour new girlfriend Elena

So apparently I have a russian girlfriend whom I don't even know, dang I'm good.

Salt Lake City, UT

#128 Apr 10, 2008
met a guy named kelvin on myspace. after about 4 months of emailing and IM on yahoo, he supposely worked for some oil company in Africa said he was robbed of everything at his hotel room and that he needed me to help out with hotel cost and plane tickets because he had to cancel all his accts! out...scam artist! I didn't fall into the scam...saw it coming...told him crap...and he stopped emailing since I wouldn't dish out some out for these scam artist!


#129 Apr 11, 2008
I met a woman online. She seemed so very nice. She worked as she said for Tricare and said all the right things. She lured me in, stating that she had been hurt by an ex lover to the point of having to change her name. We exchanged emails and I wanted to meet her but one as it turned out, something was always happeneing to provent that meeting. She however stated that she was having feelings for me and wanted that to grow. She was as she said going over seas to set up offices for the Military in and would be away. She set up accounts in other names so she could contact me under different names. after two years of this I was going to break it off with her and she faked an auto accident and sent me a threatening email. She used a FAKE name, saying she had to change it after an ex beat her up. She sent me a picture of herself and of course it was an old picture. End result, she was a liar, she did work for tricare but everything she told me was a lie. She wrote an article on AIDS yet she slept around and didnt tell me, which ticked me off. The woman I am sure is still working this scam on others. I never met her family, I never knew the truth until I left her. I learned alot from this. The point, there are sick people in this world that will prey on you if you are not savy. Now I tell everyone I know about her and her games. Hopefuly one day she will be caught in her own game. Now I check out the very basic of information. I believe nothing until it is proven. those who do the I read your email and liked what I read, those are scammers.. They look for prey dont be one, no matter how lonely you are. better to be alone than to be a taken.
www Thedatingroom com

Thornhill, Canada

#130 Apr 13, 2008

Oak Grove, LA

#131 Apr 16, 2008
I received this e-mail tonight. Cut and pasted. This has got to be the worst grammar ive ever seen even for a scammer. The profile is worse. I use and so far im not very happy with it. Most of the profiles are from what i can see "fake" and most users havent been on in 3 weeks. heres the letter.

Hello!!! I looked your structure, and I liked to consider from your structure. On Mine you very surprising the man!!! I very much would wish to
continue With you dialogue. If I you have interested that, I very much hope for it, that you write to me Here the27lonelynymph y h o o c o
m.. I very much would like to tell It is more in this letter, but unfortunately I have no time. I hope for it That we do not speak good-bye.

Its deffiently a fake but im going to have sopme fun with this one. I paid 30 dollars for this stupid profle and i got to get something out of it, lol

Oak Grove, LA

#132 Apr 16, 2008
I received this e-mail tonight. Cut and pasted. This has got to be the worst grammar ive ever seen even for a scammer. The profile is worse. I use and so far im not very happy with it. Most of the profiles are from what i can see "fake" and most users havent been on in 3 weeks. heres the letter.

Hello!!! I looked your structure, and I liked to consider from your structure. On Mine you very surprising the man!!! I very much would wish to
continue With you dialogue. If I you have interested that, I very much hope for it, that you write to me Here the27lonelynymph y h o o c o
m.. I very much would like to tell It is more in this letter, but unfortunately I have no time. I hope for it That we do not speak good-bye.

Its deffiently a fake but im going to have sopme fun with this one. I paid 30 dollars for this stupid profle and i got to get something out of it, lol

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#133 Apr 20, 2008
jaydub wrote:
i'm new to online dating and i just ran across a very curious girl. she sent me a message on professing interest in me and how much she liked my profile. and she suggest i might email her to her yahoo address instead of through .
after reading that initial message, i tried clicking on her profile but it is unavailable (though her thumbnail pic still shows up in my "connections" page).
You know, this sort of stuff happens all the time.


And it's pretty hurtful, too.

Sadly, I'd say, move on.

If they're moving away from the safety of that OLD'g website so soon, I'd warn against the person as part of some Basic Safety Precautions with OLD'g.

Instead, focus on real women where their profiles are STILL UP.

Good luck and keep a positive attitude!

All the best,

April Braswell

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