Almost fell for him

Randolph Center, VT

#589 Mar 21, 2011
No he was a fake Chris Rodolfo also had a fake facebook profile.. Also His address in Coachella Calif. was an air conditioning business and a vacant lot!! So, BEWARE OF mATCH.COM !!!

Canonsburg, PA

#590 Mar 22, 2011
Has anyone heard of a James Smith Mineral Scientist, PhD. Widow,1 son, He 4 pictures on profile, appeared natural not posed. Went to Brazil to meet with Jewelry Company and then is going to Ghana for the purpose of obtaining gold bars. Usual widow with 1 child. Has not asked for money as of yet. Radar is up. Used profile name Greatest555. Says is a born again spirit filled Christian.From Germany nad has been in states for 8 years

Gibsonia, PA

#591 Mar 24, 2011
Follow up with James Smith, today he asked for special cell phones he needed for the mines. He plays the God and trust and faith side. Very educated and difficult to pick up as he sounds like he knows what he talking about. Stay away from him. Keeps saying he does not want to play games. States his wife died from leukemia 5 years ago. Refers to many Christian books and ministers.
States he has been well traveled. Lived in Oldtown Maryland and was moving to Clark NJ, Traveled to Brazil to meet with jewelry company. Then traveled to Ghana to obtain papers for mining. Talks about helping local economy, Ladies be careful

United States

#592 Mar 26, 2011
I met a man on named Martin Forman. He claimed to be 47 years old and from Denmark. His picture was gorgeous! After I'm messages on match for a little bit we exchanged yahoo ims. He told me his wife died 9 years ago and that he lost his parents. Said he lived an hour away from me and that he owned a car lot. His English was always broken and he referred to his wife"s mother as "Mum.". This made me think he was English. In one week he professes his undying love but won't give me his phone number. Wants to chat on webcam but he doesn't have one. Tonight he tells me he has to go to Africa to collect some gold bars but wants to marry me. I told him I'd report his scam to the police if he ever contacted me again. Didn't hear a word back. Too bad. Whoever the guy was in the picture was really hot!

Camarillo, CA

#593 Mar 26, 2011
Stay away from any guy who says he's in the diamonds, or gold business. They are all scammers. As for people above who mention the names they use. I'm sure they change their names with new person they try to scam. All these stories about cells that don't work etc. The easiest way to find out fast if they are a scammer. 1. the broken English and poor spelling 2. they call you things like pretty or queen or babe 3. they tell you they are God fearing or ask if you are 4. if you say you are not God fearing they will say they'll change how they are and stop being God fearing, seriously, 4. ask them what area of the town they live in, they won't know they will be off chat googling 5. as names of their favorite restaurant in the area they live that you would know. You will find after you ask them what freeway they live close to or my other questions above there will be such a long pause they are googling to find out. I agree with the person above who said too bad the photo of the person they scammed is so nice. I have felt in love with so many from their photos only to feel robbed that they are not the person I've been wasting my time chatting with. Very frustrating. Match gave me an extra week due to my complaint about scammers. They also ask you almost first question how long have you been on match. If you say oh 3 or 4 months they just leave because they know you have experienced scammers.

Port Saint Lucie, FL

#594 Mar 28, 2011
What about guys doing this? Got one recently claiming to be a veterinarian from Italy. If they claim to be near you and can't meet somewhere in public run. Just concerned he has my personal email and name, but I guess much of that is public record anyway. Came from

Port Saint Lucie, FL

#595 Mar 28, 2011
aka done wrote:
He sent me pictures, does anyone have any to compare? Please and thank you~
What color hair?

Mineola, TX

#596 Mar 28, 2011
David Newmarch ?????Anyone heard of this

Mineola, TX

#597 Mar 28, 2011
Jay duffy also is scam

Mineola, TX

#598 Mar 28, 2011

Mineola, TX

#599 Mar 29, 2011
david newmarch 56 says he lives in montana and is selling and exporting cars however when it came time to get his cars off ship he came up short of cash?????????? and he need some huh huh huh ????????I did not believe his crap from the get go but rode it out and when I saw this site new he was the fraud I thought he was!!!! so beware he says he is Italian ??????

Camarillo, CA

#600 Mar 29, 2011
Anyone heard of a Scott Greene? Just starting chatting with him and not sure hasn't given enough signs. One guy I accused told me I should joint . LOL So I figured he was a scammer too because why would someone get so angry.
Glenn Coates

Sherbrooke, Canada

#601 Apr 1, 2011
Regarding the entry of February 24 and the supposed Robert Effler...
I had the same experience to the letter that this woman had, and I'm GAY! He is now after older gay men. I confronted him with the above February 24th letter, then blocked him. Does know they have such a scammer?
Glenn Coates
Glenn Coates

Sherbrooke, Canada

#602 Apr 1, 2011
By the way, Effler is supposedly now in Toronto - however, he has no conception of the location of Montreal...
Glenn Coates

Camarillo, CA

#603 Apr 1, 2011
Glenn that's interesting about the guy now saying he's gay. You know what most of them have no clue where the place is they say they live. One told me he lived in an area I know to be full of gangs. I said to him that's a really bad area do you like it there? He suddenly said oh I moved here from another state I'm now moving to and he told me a nicer area. He was gone for a while too so I knwe he was on google. I actually believe that some of the supposed men I spoke to may have been woman. I'm on match women looking for men but I do feel one was just way too in sync with a woman not to be one. So really anyone behind the screen can be using a fake photo. In fact never send out photos to them. I sent a photo to the fist one I ever met. Thinking he was so in love. I sent a photo os my two adorable kids hoding each other. My daughter's 19 so I worried sick after that. I feel they could be pasting my kids photos into profiles saying they are their kids. And that guy did in fact look very much like he could be my kids dad. I've worried so much about that. Nothing I can do now except be smarter. I post on here to help others avoid what I went through.

Camarillo, CA

#604 Apr 1, 2011
PS Glenn you should not have your first and last name even on here. Just a tip especially if you are naming scammers your met. Be safe use a fake name on everything for online things like this.

Frederick, MD

#605 Apr 2, 2011
Anyone else encountered "romanticrobert55" on Match? Incredibly handsome guy supposedly living in Camp Hill, PA...born in Sweden. Wife died of cancer 6 yrs ago. daughter Tracee living with Mum back in Sweden...but relocating her to the states soon. He is currently working in Istanbul....

It's weird b/c I used IP tracker on his emails to me and they all check out....first from PA, then NY (he went there on business) then
the last few from Istanbul where he says he's working on 'construction projects'...

His email is
Just thought I'd put it out here....

Rowlett, TX

#606 Apr 2, 2011
Shes a con artist....beware
jaydub wrote:

i'm new to online dating and i just ran across a very curious girl. she sent me a message on professing interest in me and how much she liked my profile. and she suggest i might email her to her yahoo address instead of through .
after reading that initial message, i tried clicking on her profile but it is unavailable (though her thumbnail pic still shows up in my "connections" page).
but i'm curious...her first message was very nice...the thumbnail looks good (from what i can see). so i email her yahoo address. we learn abit about eachother. she say she was born in the states. grew up in the UK. now resides in the same state as me in a city an hour or so away. she's modeling right now in nigeria...but is coming back home in one week. she plans to quit modeling.
we've exchanged 7-8 long emails in the last 2 weeks or so. and she's coming back home in one week. and wants to meet me when she gets back. no signs of typical mentions of money or tragedy or anything like that.
the thing that makes me suspicious is that her grammar is a bit off every once in a while...she's fallen for me far to quickly...she attributed some said things to me that i never email contained a portion of stuff that was plagarized and used as her own...
what do you guys think? should i meet this person? or will that just wind me up in a body bag?

Sacramento, CA

#607 Apr 3, 2011
Hey, I know you wrote this article several years ago, but in case you're interested I want to share this series of dialogue with you from my . You're totally right about if it seems to good to be true it is. Anyways, if you care tolemme know what you think about this one. The dialogue reads backwards so you should scroll to bottom and read up.
you said 3 hours ago Candie, while meeting at a hotel with a girl who is "fucking hot and great in bedroom" sounds very tempting, it sort or raises a red flag to me. I'm honestly convinced right now that this is some sort of a scam, and I apologize for assuming so if it's not. If you are indeed just looking for a fling, I'm sure you won't have any problems finding that on this site. However, I would advise you to be very careful. I seriously doubt any sponsor who truly cares about your well being would approve of you meeting a random stranger at a motel for a casual encounter. I'm still intrigued by you, so if you can think of a better way of meeting, I'm up for hearing about it.
she said 6 hours ago RE: Hi
I'll be honest, I thought my email was going to scare you off. As much as I would like to meet you for coffee, I'm limited to what I can do in public right now. I maybe should have included this in "the bad" but I currently have a restraining order against my ex-boyfriend. He hadn't bothered me in weeks until last night when he busted a window out of the halfway house I'm currently residing. He is stalking me and has an EXTREMELY jealous personality. Us meeting in public would put both of our safety in jeopardy.
Let's scratch the coffee and meet at a motel?
you said 18 hours ago RE: Hi
If only more girls started with "I'm fucking hot and great in the bedroom", the world would really be such a better place! Good to know I'm not the only one with vices. Sounds like you have been dealing with alot, but glad to hear you are on the right path. I hope you are able to surround yourself with people that will not deviate you from your path. So, about that bout we start with coffee sometime. How's your week look?
she said Yesterday RE: Hi
Since you have revealed so much about yourself, I feel I need to do the same.
The Good -
I'm FUCKING hot and great in the bedroom!
The Bad -
I'm 6 months sober. I'm just coming to terms with the reality that my drug addiction will be a life long battle. Every day I'm making progress! Next week I get to go shopping.......unchaperoned.
The Ugly -
I have 3 kids. The courts prevent me from being a parent. I just got a letter from my oldest son's school stating that he had been kicked out for bringing a knife to class. Guess he learned that from his father.
It's refreshing to meet someone who is honest about their faults. I hope that doesn't scare you off. My sponsor says that I'm now ready to start dating, even if it is just a fling.:) Hit me up sometime.
you said April 01 Hi
We shouldn't look at it like we "fell victim to match" rather were just really lonely, pathetic and desperate. It's like the glass half full you see?
dating wrote:
i wrote a book on online dating, a story about online players, and how i tracked one down. anyway, first of all, as a rule, 1) if it seems too good to be true, forget about it, 2) if you have any suspicions at all, forget about it, 3) if it is anyone in the UK forget about it - the UK is scam central, London especially. I went to london on a fact finding mission and was blown away at the extensive amount of con artists that reside there - they come from all over the world, nigeria in particular. london aint the same as it used to be.
it sounds to me like you should just click 'delete'..
and if you want to check out a really cool site, and get my story about phake players online, go to

Philadelphia, PA

#608 Apr 4, 2011
I hate to say this but i have met 5 men on and everyone asked me for money. I am so tired of these scammers ruining it for those of us who are really good people. Because of this i am wary of who i talk to and the sad part is that i might have met someone nice but because of these scammers i am afraid to trust anyone. They say all the right things and when they think they have you where they want you they ask for the money. Ill tell you what i did to the last one i asked him if he went to the US embassy in Turkey thats where he says he is and he said they couldnt help him so i told him i would call them and find out why and he said no dont do that it will make things bad for him over there. So right there i new it was a scam. All i was looking for is a good man and i got these @@@@@@@@ why do we have to go through all this we cant even feel safe anymore.

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