Indian guys in interracial relationsh...

Rochester, UK

#92 Nov 2, 2012
soni kaur wrote:
To all women, specially foreign women.
For your own good, stay away from indian men. Or they will end up ruining your lives.
Majority of indian men are creeps who are good at deceiving women.
I am indian female, but I think I have a duty to warn my sisters from other races and cultures to beware.
Indian men can be wolf in sheeps clothing.
Bahoot dhoakeybaaz hain!!
Lol, i say the same about "desi" girls to my 'brothers from other mothers!'!
Its women like you that tarnish ALL INDIAN MEN! You are the problem not the guys! Its nice that you would wish to alienate men whom you have never met, it proves what most Indian guys know about Indian women!
Every white girl I have been with has heard the same BS about Indian guys from Indian girls, all it does is make them more impressed when I dont act like they thought I would. Maybe you should save that description for Punjabi men, not Indian men.

Hackensack, NJ

#93 Nov 22, 2012
Protag wrote:
They say that most Indian guys in the US usually marry Indian women due to pressure from their families to marry not only within their own race but their own caste.
In my lifetime I have seen Indian men with White women and Latinas. I am an Indian guy (just finished high school) dating a Latina who looks sort of Italian (pale skin, green eyes and really dark hair). I was wondering, have you ever seen the following interracial pairings involving Indian guys before? If so then which ones?
Indian guy - Latina
Indian guy - White girl
Indian guy - Black girl
Indian guy - East Asian girl (Chinese, Japanese and Korean for example)
Indian guy - Middle Eastern girl
and Indian guy - Native American girl.
Well, let's see.

Indian guy - Latina
Russell Peters & Monica Diaz (although sadly I just heard they've divorced: )

Here's the wedding of Jay (Indian) and Lisa (Latina):

Indian guy - "White" girl
Too many to list LOL but here's what Sendhil Ramamurthy (HEROES), who is quite happily married to British-Polish actress Olga Sosnovska, has to say about such things:

"And how does his family, who is originally from Bangalore, feel about his cross-cultural marriage?“It literally was never a question at all. My parents were really laid back about the whole thing,” says Ramamurthy. As for their daughter, Ramamurthy says she “gets exposed to everything—Polish culture and Indian culture. Religion-wise, as well. My wife is Catholic, and I’m Hindu, and our daughter will get to decide for herself when she’s older.”"

Indian guy - Black girl
Scroll down to the bottom of the article for just one of many examples:

Indian guy - East Asian girl (Chinese, Japanese and Korean for example)
She's Filipina:

She's Chinese/Vietnamese:

Indian guy - Middle Eastern girl
Here are two Indian guys asking about the formalities involved with getting married to their Iranian girlfriends:

It's hard to find anything when you Google for "Indian man" + "Native American woman" because of the confusion between the different kinds of "Indian" (Indian from India versus Native American "Indian") though!:)
soni kaur

Toronto, Canada

#95 Nov 25, 2012
Shantanu Sood wrote:
@Soni Kaur
Another frustrated girl cant find an indian guy to marry. And now out of frustration trying to bash them. Please get a life.
Ullu ka patha!!

Why should I need to find indian guys, plenty indian families come to me to get ristha for their betas.

I'm the one who rejects them all. Losers.
soni kaur

Toronto, Canada

#96 Nov 25, 2012
jay wrote:
@soni kaur.
I think problem is not in indian guys. Problem must be in you..
J tenu koi chajj da nhi labba te eda mtlb a nhi k saare hi bure aa..
There are some good n some bad people in each if u don't get any better partner so it does'nt mean that whole community is bad....
baakwaas baand kaar.
soni kaur

Toronto, Canada

#97 Nov 25, 2012
Shiv wrote:
<quoted text>
Lol, i say the same about "desi" girls to my 'brothers from other mothers!'!
Its women like you that tarnish ALL INDIAN MEN! You are the problem not the guys! Its nice that you would wish to alienate men whom you have never met, it proves what most Indian guys know about Indian women!
Every white girl I have been with has heard the same BS about Indian guys from Indian girls, all it does is make them more impressed when I dont act like they thought I would. Maybe you should save that description for Punjabi men, not Indian men.
Saarey yehi boalthey hein apney baarey mein. Bahoot tareefey dehthey hein apney aap koh.

Roscommon, MI

#98 Nov 27, 2012
Ive seen a indian man date a native american woman. which is the same as the relationship im in now :)

United States

#99 Nov 27, 2012
i love indian guy
soni kaur

Toronto, Canada

#100 Dec 1, 2012
vikram wrote:
i love indian guy
vikram, are you gay?

Mumbai, India

#101 Dec 5, 2012
Hey I'm indian and I was born in Houston TX I shifted to Mumbai when i was like 6.
I'm currently in high school and am dating a swiss girl in my school. Mumbai, India
My parents are really chilled out and do not care about race or creed. They will never force me to get married plus i aint ever doing that . They dont mind me dating her and have met her and find her to be very sweet and beautiful. so just keep in mind all india people are not the same
The funny thing is her parents like me but they were like You're 17 you should not be dating anyone

Croydon, PA

#104 Dec 28, 2012
I am white and have been with my half Indian boyfriend for over three years. His parents were together for 25 years before his mother sadly passed. His father is white and his mother was from Vadodara. Sadly I had never met her but before she passed he had told her much about me and she was happy that he met someone who was eager to learn about his culture.

Since: Jan 13

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#105 Jan 20, 2013
I'm a bride-to-be to a Nepali-Gujarati. I honestly don't think race has to do with a lot of the dating aspect. It's mostly culture. My fiancee was looking for a more "western" type of woman, helps he has a thing for Caucasians. While I didn't realize what I was looking for. Having been previously married, I was a skeptic. His family nor mine played a big open role in our relationship, however, the role was still there. His parents being of an arranged marriage have vastly different views on our relationship. His dad is absolutely against us, expecting to arrange both his sons marriages, plus he's the younger of the two brothers so him getting married first isn't something seen as acceptable. While his mother, aside from the fact that I have a child, is just happy that he's happy, she just doesn't show it openly. He nor his mother are big on the arranged marriage idea, mainly cause his parents marriage is severely horrific. My family likes him, but they don't hesitate to slip in the "Are you sure?" and "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." bits. Being that I am from a rural country town in TN with a heavy family history (my grandparents) originating from the Hebrides Isles of Scotland; most "American's" consider me old fashioned, conservative, and just plain weird. I'm blunt, but I don't discussing private matters in public. I'm not big on public displays of affection, and the idea of wearing anything above the knees gives me the creeps (nothing to do with religion, I just think a little self respect and "mystery" go a long way). My ex called me frigid and always suspected that I was cheating on him cause of my withdrawn public behavior. My fiancee, though he doesn't agree, accepts this about me and respects it even. I have his culture to thank for that. For me my pride is my home and family. I'm well educated and I like working, but frankly, I don't believe work and kids mix for women. I enjoy cleaning, cooking, PTA meetings, and all of that. If my house isn't clean, I feel like I've failed. If I don't cook at least two hot meals a day served with homemade treats, I feel like I am lazy. If my child(ren), my partner, or my parents aren't 100% taken care of, I get depressed. I really am the "Martha Stewart" type of woman who's home baking, crafting, and hosting. I needed a man who understood that about me and my fiancee loves this about me. My fiancee wanted a woman who didn't represent the Indian culture that he grew up knowing. There's a lot of aspects that he resents and for him I kind of fit the bill of "best of both worlds". He and I wouldn't work out with each other long term if we didn't understand and accept each other culturally.

Since: Jan 13

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#106 Jan 20, 2013
Lookingforanswers wrote:
I'm an Australian girl,(pale white skin, blue eyes), and I'm dating an Indian guy. In Australia I've seen a few, Indian and black girl relationships, and sometimes even reversed.
However, I heard that in India inter race relationships are looked down upon, and parents may even disown their child if they don't stop flirting with the person from a different race.
All thisinformation has been told to me by my best friend, she's indian. I'm looking for answers about inter race relationships and if they can happen.
But Protag, in Australia I see a variety of indians and white, black, german and many more type of people...
It really depends on the family he comes from, and it depends on him a lot too. My fiancee's dad has threatened everything from disowning him to stating that if they were in Nepal (where my fiancee and his family come from) he's beat him for it, and me too, but so far no action. Mostly, they will complain and threaten and blackmail and everything else they can, but at the end if you to make it they'll accept it. Not always mind you, some actually do disown their children. Here in the States where interracial dating and coupling is very common, we still get stared at a lot, even more so when my son is seen with us. I do have to say though over time the Indian community in our city has begun to accept me warmly. I'm well know at our local Indian grocery store and the women there are always happy to share cooking ideas, his boss (who's Indian) sends home goodies every now and then from his wife for us. I've been learning to get use to the gossip because here everyone (Indian) knows everyone (Indian) and more people seem to know about "The divorcee white woman with a child". My fiancee and I we're happy and that makes everything else... not as important.

Chicago, IL

#107 Feb 2, 2013
I'm Indian and have been with my GF for over 5 years now. She's a European (white), who moved to the US when she was really young. And, she's 6 years older than me.

I don't like to label myself as belonging to a nationality/race, so I just consider myself a human being who met another human being I can really get along with and hence decided to get into a relationship with her. We're both agnostic/atheistic, so religion never gets in the way. As far as culture and openness goes, I'm definitely more open about things than she is, which bothers me a little. We do however get weird looks when we go out to get Indian food...

She wants to get married and I don't. I reject the idea of a legal document defining the relationship between us. And as far as my parents go, they'd be disappointed if they found out. More because of the age difference and a little because of the color of her skin. Since I don't plan to get married, I figure I'd rather not tell my parents and "break their hearts". Will they find out at some point? Probably... But, I'll try to keep it from them for as long as I can. What they don't know can't hurt them. After a few years of trying to hook me up with an Indian girl, they'll probably just figure I'm gay and give up... lol

Lima, OH

#108 Feb 7, 2013
I'm a black girl and I'm married to East Indian punjabi and we have a beautiful baby a little boy and everybody go crazy when they see our son they say that's the cutest little boy they have ever seen

Since: Dec 12

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#109 Mar 15, 2013
I realise people from different cultures often marry within. It's a little strange seeking out Indians or Hispanics and so on. I like to meet people and I don't have a presence in their race or ethnic group.

Johannesburg, South Africa

#110 Mar 18, 2013
Hi everyone, i am an Indian male, but from South Africa. My parents although we are Hindu, they are very cool. I am going to be relocating to the USA very shortly, do you think that dating will be a problem for me?even though i am South African?
Vivek Golikeri

Hollywood, FL

#112 Apr 5, 2013
BEP wrote:
I am a white woman, and I was married to an Indian man for 4 years. We have two kids together. While we were married, his parents had to live with us for three months at a stretch each year. Unfortunately, they treated me horribly. they called me the "white girl" in their language, and refused to speak to me while they were in the household. They would even snatch my baby out of my hands and not let me hold or see him when he was 2 months old. My husband said I was a spoiled white girl because I was upset about this. I was working full time and going to college, and he said I was spoiled because I didn't let his parents run over me. Just recently, he beat me up really bad, and I took the kids away with me and am seeking a divorce now. He is the first full-blooded Indian man I have ever been with, so I don't know if this is a rare experience or the norm. I'm sure that every race has their share of assholes, so I'm going to assume that he was just a random asshole that happened to be Indian. I've met men like him in every race.*sigh* I hope that other experiences have been much more positive than mine.
While I despise the way you were treated, your sufferings were not typical. My Mom, may she rest in peace, was a sweet angel. When I brought Julie home the two ladies took to each other like ducks to a pond. Mom's disappointment was a bit the reverse ---- that I loved Julie like a kid sister, not a possible mate.

Those parents-in-law of yours should have been stamped on the forehead and sent to Jurassic Park.
Sameer delhi

Cheyenne, WY

#113 Apr 7, 2013
Jis women ko bachcha chahiye plz con 08010579027 delhi sprim ke liye bhi milen
kna guy

Dallas, TX

#114 Jun 7, 2013
Rivera wrote:
I've just started dating and Indian guy and I am Puerto Rican... that's a whole difference ballgame. Hes' really super scared about his parents finding out about us. He's from south india and apparently his parents will completely disown him if they find out about me... it really sucks :( He broke it down to me like this... I'd have to be Malu AND Kna for it to br okay. Even if i was indian but not from south india it would be a disaster, or if i was south indian but not Kna it would be a disaster...
So being an Agnotic Puerto Rican with African and Indigenous roots that are VERY obvious in my appearance pretty much puts me in the End of the World category... any words of encouragement?
Well, I am also Kna and Malu and what you mentioned is pretty accurate. It's a pretty small-minded group of people who feel that inter-marrying within that caste is the best. Pretty bullshit to me. It's just a small group of unimportant people who migrated from Syria to India way back in the day and feel that they need to marry amongst themselves. That way, all the families know each other and it makes it easy.
I plan on marrying outside the group if possible and staying as far from my lame ethnicity as I can. I'm lucky in that my parents are pretty progressive and open-minded so they tolerate my siblings and I dating & possibly marrying other ethnicities. However, most Kna parents (especially those straight from India) can be pretty dead-set on their kids marrying within the community. It sounds like your BF has this situation at home. It all depends on if your BF values your guy's relationship more than his involvement with the Kna community. If you guys do get married, he will pretty much be left out of the community. It's unlikely his parents would completely disown him though, most Kna parents are not that heartless.

Zagreb, Croatia

#117 Jul 3, 2013
White European girl here, i have gone to Canada and met a south eastern asian guy. We have been together over three years now. So yes, such couples do exist.

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