Why do most girls dislike Indian guys?

Buffalo, NY

#8935 Jan 22, 2014
...oh and far as some of the other things, such as the ever so popular indian 'smell'...haha I will admit he has a fragrance to him, but it is of a rich curry mixed with cinnamon and light cologne. he showers twice a day but given his diet, well, there's no avoiding it.
i love to lay there with my nose buried in his black hair just breathing him in. but i guess that comes with love.
as far as penis size, he fits me just right and altho I may have had bigger, i find it was the bigger man who was the worst ive ever had, and my indian being by far the best.
so men, if you are indian, dont be afraid to approach that white girl. chances are she wilf ind you mysterious and amazing. just cool it on the club dude attitude and style. we really think it's sleazy and if anything will turn us off its that. be yourself. thats all. we are not the white girls youve seen in the movies back home.
Middle Eastern guy

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

#8936 Jan 23, 2014
jenny wrote:
Im a white woman, born in NYC with very light skin blonde hair and green eyes. My current boyfriend is an Indian man born in Pune. May I say he is the love of my life. I find him so amazingly attractive, even at his 5 foot seven stature. I catch myself staring at him non stop when he isn't looking. He told me about the fears Indian men have about white women. Many of us are actually veru very bored with white men and find Eastern men exotic and wonderful.
Some of what was stated above I did have issues with in the beginning. Having came here to attend college, he was into staring at girls, dressing a bit 'greasebally' and just trying too hard. I had to kind of call him out on it. Since then he came back down to earth. I also had to tell him to quit shaving his chest. I like my men to look, well, like men.
Many of the great things I find about Eastern men is that they are very loving and very passionate. Something pretty much extinct with White men.
The only challenge I find that we have right now is his mother. A lot of talk goes into racism from white women towards these guys, but they forget that his mother will most likely be the racist one and force the couple to break up because the girl is not indian. hopefully this doesn't happen. that when i think I would have something begative to feel about the indian race. the fact mommy is usually very racist towards her kids marrying outside of the race.
.I'm a Middle Eastern guy.I'm very attracted to white women.I never been attracted to Middle Eastern women.White women are sweet,hot and many men want to date them.When I see a white girl in short,tight skirt I become speechless.Did you have sex with your indian boyfriend? White women are good in bed.How old are you?

Ashburn, VA

#8937 Jan 23, 2014
Well, Indian guy here. Never had problems attracting white/black/latin girls. 15 right now. 5'8''. I guess I could say some Indians are racist, truth be told. The problem is the lack of self confidence though.

Edmonton, Canada

#8940 Jan 27, 2014
I am glad Sam has nailed down those ignorant and uncivilized people. But they won't get in their head as they choose to be ignorant.

Port Hope, Canada

#8943 Feb 3, 2014
man girls look at indians guys are not cool

they have culture problems. english problems. dressing problems. knowledge bot girl problem
they dont understand songs, media, sports. their face also look bit scary, if not like a pervert looks, those eyes and lips.

New Zealand

#8945 Feb 4, 2014
I'm European / Tongan And I'm dating a Fijian / Indian young man for 1 year 1 month now. He's kind smart and intelligent that's why I fell in love with him. Brought him home the first time my mum took him as a joke. We were quite serious my mum and her Tongan side dislike all Indians and their ways / tricks to make girl think guy is in love but it's a scam he's using her 4 citizenship. Any thoughts on what u think.

Houston, TX

#8949 Feb 6, 2014
BLG wrote:
<quoted text>
Maybe not all maybe just my experience..
Indian guys are a bunch of jerks. The only reason they are ever nice to a white woman or non indian woman is to have sex with her because they think they are easily available. They do not consider them marriage material. They will say anything to get sex. Now there are exceptions everywhere, of course. In general they will NEVER marry a non indian woman. Again exceptions exist. When they do get married to the girl their mothers or family chooses, the poor girls life is hell as she is now considered to be the sole property of this family and has to do as THEY wish. She has no say in anything. White women in many ways should consider themselves fortunate that they do not have to live with the jerk. Think of your narrow escape and thank your stars. This is the worst species of men in the planet. Please avoid the Indian male.

Houston, TX

#8951 Feb 7, 2014
The Dirt Bag wrote:
<quoted text>In America, there is a stereotype that Indian men sleep with white women and try to get residency and then divorces the white woman for his arrange marriage, but since your Indian man is from Fiji, it shouldn't matter.
Generally Indians who are NOT from india are better behaved.( The men in india like to think they are somebody really special whereas the reality is that compared to all the men internationally they look pretty ugly and pathetic. This is because of the way they are raised to believe this.) You still have to watch out and make sure he treats you and your family with respect because in this culture the mummy and his family umbilical cord is never severed until the guy dies. As long as you can hold your own and get the respect you deserve, if he genuinely cares about you it's totally fine.
ButterChicken_lo l

Auckland, New Zealand

#8952 Feb 8, 2014
in case some 1 else is still wondering why..
here are some pointers-> why girls from other ethnicity hate/ are affraid of/ find annoying/ evade indian chaps
#1 - when it comes to hygiene most of us are not the best at it. Smell good , be clean and you will definitely change some perceptions.
#2 - narrow minded / over protective
now this comes more due to culture, indians know what i am talking about.. others look it up if interested.
#3 - "the stare"
Staring at sum 1 for more than 3 seconds is offensive , nuff said
#4 - Too flirty/ cheesy
yeah some of us do that.. its pathetic.. if a girl is friendly.. it dosent mean she wants to sleep with u.. just go home and jack off :/
DONT make assumptions just bcoz u have seen a few hollywood movies :)
also.. when she says no.. it means "NO!" just back off. period
# 5-Rude
yeah its again a cultural thing where u dont say" please and thanks" for every god damn small thing.. but if u are abroad, please respect their culture/manners
#6 - Permanent Residency/ Citizenship
Shame on u ppl, trying to get gals solely for the above mentioned benifits.. u suck.. and if u need to bang a fat ugly chick to get ur PRs.. then u might as well hang urself.. scum .
if u cant get ur residency sorted out by your own fkin hard work, might as well just go back.. whats the point? ul just end up as another looser taxi driver.
#- there are many other things, but im too lazy to type, and am banking on sum 1 else to point it out..
im "NOT" saying every indian does it.. but many do. sadly :(
FYI- im an indian student living in NZ, all these examples are from my own experience.. it might/ might not be the same as your experiences i have many friends from diff ethnicities and have no problems going out with gals. most people are open minded.. what matters is how we present ourselves and our community.. the ones that judge us straight away because of our nationalities are a waste of time.. dont u think? we have so many other responsibilities, rather than raging on him/her / proving them wrong.. just smile and walk away :)


#8953 Feb 8, 2014
This is just a guess. I get many, many scam e-mails from mainly indian men and african men. I don't understand why they'd go looking as far as my country just to get a date. And aren't the rules of dating in the western world, very opposite to eastern dating rules? And I really want to be called "Dear" in their very first e-mail. Not. I don't hate anyone. But just giving you a hint.
Asian lady

Wasaga Beach, Canada

#8956 Feb 16, 2014
I fell in love with an Indian guy. I agree he was rude. Aggressive, pushy and abusive physically, mentally. He would beat me, slap, kick, slap me everytime he got angry. He would call me a whore, slut ugly and fat. I'm very serious with my feeling, I am a kind of woman that go to work everyday and go home to see him. I don't go out to bars n clubs. I don't have a lot of friends to go out with. He was very nice n loving when he is not angry, that's why I love him so much. But many times I cried too when he hit me. I got depressed, sent to psychiatry Care when my depression strikes, low self esteem etc. It affects me greatly. I still love him so much. But need to let go. I'm not with him anymore, but the memories, the insults n abuse remain a bad memory that I kept on remembering everyday. So I'm very negative towards Indian Muslim men, I tried to make my research about Indian abusive men. And surprised to see reports about Indian abusive men. It hurts but bid to leg go.
Armaan Mehta

Ahmedabad, India

#8957 Feb 16, 2014
I was in miami there I met the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She was from chile .. Oh wow latinas mmmh.. I approached her and dated for 3 months and now she is pregnant with my child..
My parents are not accepting her and neither her parents accepting me

Please help ..advice me how do I go ahead now?

Santa Ana, CA

#8959 Feb 16, 2014
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Destiny Rae

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

#8962 Feb 22, 2014
I'm a huge fan of Indians!
If there are any who fancy some NSA fun... 07519515303 X

Albany, NY

#8963 Feb 22, 2014
The Only Thing That Should Matter Should Be His/Her Personality. Not All Indian Guys Have Affairs And Are Jerks.
(p.s I'm A 1st Generation Indian American)

Mumbai, India

#8968 Feb 28, 2014
latina women wrote:
I LOVE INDIAN MEN. And I am trying to date more and maybe have a long term relationship. i adore the accent, I can live with their culture, as long as they expect my culture. We should share ideas.
hey Latina lady I love the way u think about us(Indians) thanks sweetheart... Hope to get in contact...
that brown guy

Coimbatore, India

#8969 Mar 1, 2014
roger wrote:
hi sweetie,
i find latin girls amazing...
i would love to get to know u babe....
<quoted text>
Dude! Seriously?!! This is the exact kindof shit that factors our bad name

Singapore, Singapore

#8970 Mar 2, 2014
sweetguy wrote:
Hello ladies...I am an Indian guy (East Indian) living in the US...I get a feeling that most girls here do not like Indian guys. For example, I was in the gym the other day for a group fitness class and we needed a partner to exercise with, so I was randomly paired up with one American girl....she did not even smile back at me and it seemed she didn't want to even look at me. That's just one example, but in daily life too, me and my Indian friends have experienced that most American girls put on a very contemptuous and unfriendly expression when an Indian guy happens to make a casual eye contact (not leering) with them.
What is it about most Indian guys that girls hate? looks? accent? behavior? cleanliness? manners? height? color? culture? I would really like to know what repels most girls from Indian guys and maybe try to improve if its possible.
hmmm... maybe cultural influences and representations of your race that leads to this stereotyping. Let me tell you why I used to like them. They are honest, polite and hard working. Let me tell you why I don't like Indians now.. They rape women, molest women and basically have no respect for society whatsoever. I don't say every Indian men is like that. But what I hear from you guys lately is all animalistic news... So this media presentation imprinted in many minds that when you see an indian guy looking at you.. he'll probably wanting to rape you rather than being a gentleman. I live in the country where a lot of them immigrants here. I can see why people hate them including myself. Their fucking behaviours man.. Fucking low... I hear my friends (mostly not Indians girls but Chinese, Vietnam and others) got molested or flirted by strangers out of no where in train or even through phone.. I asked, everytime, no wonder Indians.. I don't know tell me, what the fuck is wrong with you guys? you're probably don't know since you're already US.

But again everything is subjective. I work with a lot of Indians and basically, they are fine, good colleagues.. so for me, rather than just hate with blind eye, I give people first chance. I try to get to know them before judging them. But I cannot ignore the statistics side as well. Hope everything gets better and everyone gets happy and live in harmony more in the future with much more respect to one another. For you... well.. nothing to be sad. In the end, it's all individuality.

Babylon, NY

#8972 Mar 3, 2014
latina women wrote:
I LOVE INDIAN MEN. And I am trying to date more and maybe have a long term relationship. i adore the accent, I can live with their culture, as long as they expect my culture. We should share ideas.
oh word wanna meet up

Since: Mar 14

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#8973 Mar 3, 2014
I don't think that race should be a concern, what matters most is that if you find that one who truly appreciates you as a person, appreciate your past, your shortcomings and your culture, then there should be no problem being together, both should have high regards and respect to each others belief so you can heads up into a good relationship.

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