Astoria, NY

#8336 Mar 16, 2013
Lucy in the Skies wrote:
<quoted text>
You go on and keep talking to your lonsome self, india boy.. becoz Thai lady couldn't care one hoot about india blah blah !
"You go on and keep talking to your lonsome self"

Do you really have eyesight problem (or are you a blind) or you can't see and read things well? Because if you don't have any of these problem then I wonder how could you not see me talking to posters and responding to their comments??? Do you see me talking to myself which makes you to think that I'm talking to myself?? Are you really alright?? Please take your medication which you might have forgotten or please do see a doctor because you don't see a normal person if you can't see or read thing well.

"Thai lady couldn't care one hoot about india blah blah"

Oh really??? If you don't care then what made you to have jumped in a conversation/debate over a topic involved Indians and India? Did anyone start talking/writing to YOU first? If not then why did you even CARE to write things on this thread which was created by an Indian and about Indians?? You say that Thai lady doesn't care ONE HOOT about India but then you couldn't stop yourself in participating in topic related to Indians. Your words and actions don't match, sweetipie.

One more fact which most Indians will never tell you and most world doesn't know. Actually those Indians who migrate or live outside of India are of either very-very poor families or at least middle class family. So obviously, the way they look or behave is COMPLETELY different than how most people are in India. Even if some of these Indians born at abroad, yet still their parents' fingerprints are obvious at them. So don't judge every Indian into one category. Indians do varies by their looks, color, attitude and the way of thinking and lifestyle. India is a very big country with all kinds of different people. I'm from North India and I look completely different than South Indians. Our foods are different. Our God is different to worship. Our movies are different. Our language and ways of wearing clothing are different. I mean we have nothing common except that we are Indians. So you do the math.

I can mingle with people of any country but can't mingle with South Indians. Every state in India has its own dialogue and culture and ways of living. And as I said that most people who live at abroad are not from high class family; instead they are either of very poor family or middle class. So obviously, they act and behave differently. The people from high family or very educated ones don't look "typical" Indians and they are often mistakenly considered of either Spanish, Italian, Middle-Eastern and etc. Nobody ever thought or said me to be an Indian and when I do tell them about me being an Indian then they just don't believe. They think of me either an Italian or Spanish. So don't make a mistake to think all Indians to be same whether in their look or in their ways of lifestyle. You will be surprised to know that we have people of exactly Chinese looking in India because many states in India (North side) attach to China like Nagaland, Mizorum and many more. If these people come in front of any Indian, we would never know that they are Indians unless they told us. Same goes to Napali people who are totally Indian in their language, food, clothing and everything but they look like Chinese people.

I know many Indians in America who are living in America for 30 years but don't take shower, smell, no manners at all, don't laundry, so cheap that I can't tell you, etc..etc...These people are the ones give a bad name to other Indians, but we Indians can't do anything about these people. I'm Indian too and so do many of my friends but they are not like these Indians. I've visited many countries including Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and many more wherein I saw how Indians are which made me ashamed of. So it doesn't surprise me when I see how people think of Indians..

Astoria, NY

#8337 Mar 16, 2013
India has almost 2 billion people, ok. Do you think they all look, act and behave same?? Those who work in Bollywood are Indians too. So when these people in Bollywood can be different than those you see at your place then of course not all Indians could be like those who you see or experienced with.

I've been with more than 740 white blonde girls, and even though they were white blonde, they were all different in many ways....I would not have been with these many girls if they would have been same way, ok. Anyway, I can't speak for anyone else except for myself, and as far as I'm concerned then I must say that India is a very big country with all kinds of different cultures, people and religions. One size doesn't fit to all Indians.

However, I do understand and don't blame other people for having such a bad thinking about Indians because most Indians at abroad have given a bad name to whole Indians. This is not first time I heard bad things about Indians, and I have myself witnessed how most Indians are and behave which does make me feel ashamed off, honestly.

Astoria, NY

#8338 Mar 16, 2013
Gurpreet wrote:
Your going to marry an Indian woman even though you will not be happy with her? Maybe you've been looking in the wrong places or maybe lucks just not on your side. I live in Canada and there are lots of decent girls here.
Yes I'm going to marry an Indian woman even though I'm not quiet happy with this decision of mine about marrying someone who is not White because I ABSOLUTELY into White women. And as I've repeatedly said time and time that I just love and adore EVERYTHING about White women except their unfaithfulness. Because of hanging around White women I didn't return to India when I migrated to US 22 years ago. I came here only for 4 years and didn't decide to stay here for good for job or family; rather because of hanging around to White women.

But I have no choice whatsoever except to just to marry an Indian girl because I couldn't be able to find even just one White woman who could be faithful....I mean I'm sure there would be some nice White women at your place and everywhere else, but I can not wait anymore to find a faithful white girl because I've already given precious 20 years of my life to find just one faithful white girl and do not want to wait another 20 years so to say that I would marry then at my graveyard. Just you to know that I've been to pretty much everywhere in Canada, England, Australia and Europe and dated all kinds of White girls but none of them were faithful...they cheated on their hubby/bf prior to me and after me as well even though they didn't want me to let them go after finding their unfaithfulness. I just don't have anymore time to wait a faithful white women to come around. Sometime in life we all need to compromise. We can not get everything what we hope for. If you or anyone see nice and faithful white women around you guys then all I could say that you are luckier than me because I have not found not even one faithful white woman in last 20 years, so I have lost my hope of finding them now. That's it for me now.

Stuart, FL

#8339 Mar 17, 2013
sweetguy wrote:
Hello ladies...I am an Indian guy (East Indian) living in the US...I get a feeling that most girls here do not like Indian guys. For example, I was in the gym the other day for a group fitness class and we needed a partner to exercise with, so I was randomly paired up with one American girl....she did not even smile back at me and it seemed she didn't want to even look at me. That's just one example, but in daily life too, me and my Indian friends have experienced that most American girls put on a very contemptuous and unfriendly expression when an Indian guy happens to make a casual eye contact (not leering) with them.
What is it about most Indian guys that girls hate? looks? accent? behavior? cleanliness? manners? height? color? culture? I would really like to know what repels most girls from Indian guys and maybe try to improve if its possible.
I was born in the US and I find Indian men very attractive but I am also Peruvian. And I love their accents very much. Surja Sharma is my new celeb crush.

Kolkata, India

#8340 Mar 18, 2013
Indians are attractive specially light brown (not black ) hindus.
Lucy in the Skies

Bangkok, Thailand

#8341 Mar 18, 2013
SAM wrote:
<quoted text>
Sweetiepie, we all know so well as to why men from around the world visit to Thailand. Just you to know its not about the charms of the average Thai lass...whether her face or/and figure; rather Thailand is a mecca for young and teenager prostitute and the mostly aid affected country. Parents are giving away their pre-teen girls just for a pack of cigreette. Thailand is well-known for a cheap and easily available of sex with PRE-TEEN girls which is a way far from their lass, face and figure....
Besides, I wonder how many Thai girls have won so far any beauty pageants with the charms of the average Thai lass?? Zero?? When Indian girls have won so many world-renowed beauty tittles, whether it is Miss World, Miss Universe or any other, and they also remain in last 5 girls in all pageants. Let's talk with facts and evidences than just dreamy and airy talks.
I mean if one Indian girl out of 500 millions of them is a bit ok then how come they win all the world-wide beauty pageants? Ok, let's me put it better way- if even an average Thai girls' lass, face and figure is so charming then how come they never won any pageant? Forget about a pageant, they never even made to last 20 girls in those pageants.
Elementary my dear Watson: These pageants are not based on beauty alone but also being conversant in the English language. And everyone knows Indians have a forte for blah, blah, blah.. Also, for whatever you think, these so-called beauty pageants are backstaged-politically managed events. Nonetheless, Thailand has won 2 such events over the years. And where there is a QUALITY supply, there is a demand. Smooth as silk !
boss indian

London, UK

#8342 Mar 18, 2013
LOOK, Its about race, some white girls dont like indians just cause there indian. some indian girls dont like w boys cause there white. Besides, im indian its easy for me to get a pretty indian girl. Its hard to get another rac. Im fine with indian girls.
boss indian

London, UK

#8343 Mar 18, 2013
Lucy in the Skies wrote:
<quoted text>
"Real beauties"--LOL ! Granted, the average white woman is ok looking but I would never consider the average indian woman so. Sure, if one cherry-picks from a 500 million plus sample, one can find a very small % of lookers who then make it on the Bollywood stage. But this is not representative of the general population by no stretch of the imagination. However, most Western guys visiting Thailand easily succumb to the charms of the average Thai lass--both her face and figure.
Thing about indians is they are either so beautiful or ugly
boss indian

London, UK

#8344 Mar 18, 2013
it may bedifferent in usa but my britian loves curry

Astoria, NY

#8346 Mar 18, 2013
Lucy in the Skies wrote:
<quoted text>
Elementary my dear Watson: These pageants are not based on beauty alone but also being conversant in the English language. And everyone knows Indians have a forte for blah, blah, blah.. Also, for whatever you think, these so-called beauty pageants are backstaged-politically managed events. Nonetheless, Thailand has won 2 such events over the years. And where there is a QUALITY supply, there is a demand. Smooth as silk !
Sweetiepie, you have said it yourself that these pageants are not based on beauty ALONE, meaning you have admitted that being beautiful was one of the criteria to be made it to these pageants. I mean you didn't say that these pageants are NOT beauty based; instead you said that they are not based on beauty ALONE, that means beauty has something to do one way or another. So if a Thai girl never made it to these pageants then obviously they lack beauty as well along with others stuffs; otherwise one has to wonder why they never made it all these pageants.

Even if we rule out beauty for Thai women for all these pageants then how about other stuffs which are all the pageants are based upon?? Doesn't it mean that Thai women are not good in anything; otherwise they would have made it in other stuffs in these pageants like other countries' girl made like Chinese, Japanese, Russians and even black (from Africa and Carribeans). Now don't tell me that all these girls are perfect in English or something like that because many of these girls showed up with interpretors and did make to all these pageants even black girls then why is that Thai never made to these pageants if they are ALL that as you say??

And you say that Indian girls are good in English which is why they make it to these pageants but isn't it you said that these pageants are not based on beauty alone? Obviously, Indian girls do good when it comes to their command on English compared to Thai and also on beauty since they make it to all these pageants but not the Thai women....You can talk and think what you want, but reality is different than your self-proclaimed thinking about Thai women. Talk based on facts and evidence.
India_is_Rapists _Land

Mountain View, CA

#8347 Mar 19, 2013
While continuing to torture, rape, kill, humiliate their own women at full speed, Indian men are now going desperate to rape, molest the white women who travel India. Last week end one Swiss couple was camping at central India. Around 9:00 PM, 8 men surrounded their camp and gang raped the Swiss women in front of her husband. Yesterday one British woman, who was staying in a 3 star hotel in city of Agra, jumped from her hotel room onto ground when the hotel owner tried to rape her. The woman got badly injured and now in hospital. Few months ago, an woman from Norway, got molested by a group of Indians in a public bus in a southern city of India. Many white women who are travelling India, now becoming the targets of Indian monkeys. Over past 5 years, many western women got raped by dirty Indians while travelling India and this rate is skyrocketing. Many western counties discouraging their women to travel India. The entire India, Indian culture are dirty, nasty. Common Indian males are like devil. They are ugly-looking monkeys, they look at the women with rapists' eyes all the time, they think dirty, they behave dirty. Those monkeys now targeting the white women from western world who travel India. Western women , be careful ..never travel India, it's emerging as a rapist land fast. Indians are ugliest, dirtiest race on earth in my opinion.

Astoria, NY

#8348 Mar 19, 2013
Everything you said above is true about India, and its so sad...

Modesto, CA

#8349 Mar 20, 2013
Hey Peruvian Girl, My ex was a Peruvian, I love you guys food and everything about them.

Lomo Saltado
Aji de Gallina
Pollo a la Brasa


Dhaka, Bangladesh

#8350 Mar 20, 2013
F_kn bitter, ugly, narcissist Reject white trash trying to up their value... after all we all know they are biggest prostitute sluts that probably suck dick of every race in the world... "travel" to "exotic" countries to satisfy their cuckload needs and earn money while prostituting. India is one of the target of these prostitute wh0rs... so beware of the disease these trash carry.

As far as their men... we know they are nothing but a bunch of pedos. India should create strict laws against child molesters.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

#8351 Mar 20, 2013
F_kn Worthless white trash don't find a place to Bullsht.

So the Reject troll around Indian men threads all over the web trying to stalk them.

F_kn psycho nuts!

Dhaka, Bangladesh

#8352 Mar 20, 2013
SAM wrote:
Everything you said above is true about India, and its so sad...
Watch now how this White pedo trying to sell his worthless white trash to India men right after I leave!

Ready 1...2...3....Go!

Astoria, NY

#8354 Mar 21, 2013
It's not that raping woman and children is the only way for Indian men to get laid; rather they don't care the laws nor about these girls except their own sexual satisfaction. But now things are getting very tough over there because in the last two weeks many laws are made in this regard which were never been there. They are very tough laws. More longer prison sentence (15-30 years), death penalty, quick trial within weeks, all the personnel in the courtrooms of such cases will be women including judges, peon, everyone. These crimes are non-bailable now. So its getting very tough now.

Though its true that such crimes are still at its highest rate. It's because preperators believe they could easily get away based on how laws in these respect been applied so far but now everything is changing in the last two weeks. If you read news about the conviction of such crime than occuring of these crimes than you will know what govt. is doing now...So more time will pass, people will know what they would face if they would commit such a crime. Right now they are not that well aware of the consequences because govt. came in action only within 2 weeks period everywhere in India. There are many more changes are pending Senate floor in India to amend laws in this regard which is due to accomplish this week, I think.

Brampton, Canada

#8356 Mar 22, 2013
Well , its so stupid I don't think that Indian guys are whatever these crappies has posted about Indian guys .whites bithches only want big cock and smoke through ass . Indian guys Dont wanna get distracted by white bithches Bcos they moved to America or Canada or in any white country for study or work not for having fun with white bithches and mostly white guys are broke or poor and looser they own only cigarettes and lighter

Baliuag, Philippines

#8360 Mar 24, 2013
i think because of their culture and smell.

Fujairah, UAE

#8363 Mar 25, 2013
i love indian boys because i am an indian

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