evil hater

Centreville, VA

#8000 Nov 27, 2012
soni kaur wrote:
<quoted text>Tolerant people? How tolerant are indians themselves?
So many different and mutually hostile castes and religions.
It's no wonder india is a gigantic shithole. Because it is populated and run by losers how are sexually frustrated faaltus.
Yeah the entire Indian sub-continent has many incurable problems because there are problems that are never going to be solved over there. I respect your opinions but I disagree with automatic labeling on your part. People are sexually frustrated because our culture discourages casual interaction except little talk between opposite genders. For example, when I visit there I asked the parents of one of my female friends how is she doing? They say she is fine but what do you want acting as if I am going to kidnap her. If I ask about the male friend they say he is fine I will let you know when he gets home. Socially, I get respected because I respect people even if the same people who loath Indians they would not mind if you treat them with respect and be helpful except for few persistent haters. Here in US and Canada, I haven't experienced racism that much except for when I applied for a job one of the places. That problem was sorted through EEOC.

Melbourne, Australia

#8001 Nov 27, 2012
It's no wonder

Indian women are just as bad. They put themselves on a pedestal (making themselves out to be princesses), treat guys (all races) like dirt, are very unfriendly, and MANY of them are Gold diggers expecting guys to run around spending hundreds on jewellery. And they believe they are entitled for everyone to give them what THEY want.

I once lived with an Indian girl who's room absolutely stunk. I asked her about it and all of a sdden she became very nasty saying "Don't you talk to me like that. I am going to be the next princess of England." Then she was supposed to be the next top Model in Europe. Oh the stories.

I was with an Indian lady for awhile..then suddenly I was supposed to meet her (coincidentally on my pay day) to buy her $100s worth of jewellery. her reason? "OH but you love me don't you?". Funnily enough, when I told her I didn't want to see her again, she started making up stories to the cops about me(who knew she was putting it on - they'd dealt with her before).

Melbourne, Australia

#8002 Nov 27, 2012
"Tolerant people? How tolerant are indians themselves?"

Not at all.
Dominic Masterson

Perth, Australia

#8003 Nov 28, 2012
Indians are inconsiderate people. They make no attempt to fit in to society, and infact ruin peoples lifes. I can't stand them. Therefore, it isnt just Australian girls that dont like them, but any type of girl. The only nation worse than Inida is Pakistan
Dominic Masterson

Perth, Australia

#8004 Nov 28, 2012
I'm not being racist or stereotypical, it's just facts. STAY AWAY FROM INDIANS. The last one I knew (Nikesh Patel) attempted to murder me.
Mathew Purdy

Perth, Australia

#8005 Nov 28, 2012
I'm In Perth and looking for a good time ;)
My type of guy is an Indian that loves wearing speedo's.
Matthew Purdy

Perth, Australia

#8006 Nov 28, 2012
Afternoon All,
Just letting everyone else know that i can be found on Facebook, im looking for MALES only no females and just hit me up with some good messages. I have always loved the 8====D And is looking for a good time Message me boys id love to meet you and your downstairs
Nikesh Patel

Perth, Australia

#8007 Nov 28, 2012
Matt I added you on facebook, thanks for the pictures ;)

Dominic is that you? I didn't try to murder you, I RAPED you. Get it right, white boy
Mathew Purdy

Perth, Australia

#8008 Nov 28, 2012
I love talking dirty
Hayden Atterton

Perth, Australia

#8009 Nov 28, 2012
dominic i know how you feel, Nikesh aslo touched me in strange places.....
Mathew, I had a friend request from you on facebook, and my answer is no, I dont like wearing speedos....

Perth, Australia

#8010 Nov 28, 2012
Yo' Mat, u want gd time, call me I LOVE LITTLE BOYS :) XXXX
Real Indian

Dhaka, Bangladesh

#8011 Nov 29, 2012
Sasser32 wrote:
"Tolerant people? How tolerant are indians themselves?"
Not at all.
Lot more tolerant then u bs_trds will ever be!

See we are still here not putting a lawsuit against Topix.. taking on ur Bullcrap.
Ning Mercado

Pasig City, Philippines

#8012 Dec 1, 2012
allah wrote:
Jesus all of you people are amazing in a bad way.
Come on indian guys, black guys, white guys, korean guys...they all come with the same package but different personalities. Jeez I am indian and I don't give a f*** what race the girl I'm into.
Correct! God created us equally. Who cares anyway, as long as u r a good human being and dont hurt anyone. Opinions from racist people doesnt count most of the time.
Ning Mercado

Pasig City, Philippines

#8013 Dec 1, 2012
Everyone has the same values in the eyes of God. Our earth was created in balance each thing has a purpose most especially human beings in different races was created the same physical packages with God. Intelligence is the most precious gift that we have from God, use it in the right manner of thinking toward others.
N Patty

Port Orange, FL

#8015 Dec 2, 2012
sweetguy wrote:
Hello ladies...I am an Indian guy (East Indian) living in the US...I get a feeling that most girls here do not like Indian guys. For example, I was in the gym the other day for a group fitness class and we needed a partner to exercise with, so I was randomly paired up with one American girl....she did not even smile back at me and it seemed she didn't want to even look at me. That's just one example, but in daily life too, me and my Indian friends have experienced that most American girls put on a very contemptuous and unfriendly expression when an Indian guy happens to make a casual eye contact (not leering) with them.
What is it about most Indian guys that girls hate? looks? accent? behavior? cleanliness? manners? height? color? culture? I would really like to know what repels most girls from Indian guys and maybe try to improve if its possible.
Becareful what you ask for, you may not like the answer.
Well bud, to put it quite honestly, Indian men have a very bad rep of mistreating women. And sorry, we did not give you guys that reputation. It may be stereotypical, but your race is well known for beating woman, disrespecting them, & treating them more like slaves than girls.
Nikesh Patel

Perth, Australia

#8017 Dec 2, 2012
Look gay lords, I am a real inidan and i admit that we're terrible at everything
Dominc Masterson

Perth, Australia

#8019 Dec 2, 2012
Hey, uhhh. Ning Mercado, could you ummm piss off? Indians are the Devil's creation.
Mathew Purdy

Perth, Australia

#8020 Dec 2, 2012
get fu ck ed you indian
Indian Nation

Perth, Australia

#8021 Dec 2, 2012
All Indians in this area agree Mat purdy its a complete retard and needs to jump of a cliff xoxxox
White Nation

Perth, Australia

#8023 Dec 2, 2012
We all stand to protect Mat Purdy! Anyone who attacks one of the brotherhood must die at the hands of whities.

Indians, bode this warning.

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