Why do Muslim women fall in love with...

Springfield, NJ

#47 Mar 6, 2014
there are good and bad in everyone your faith really doesn't matter.

my girlfriend divorced her economic husband she had 3 beautiful children he never calls or visits them. He also does nothing to support the children financially.

She is an independent and educated professional so she is making ends meet finanlly.(Education is key if you want to brake chains)

Her ex husband has several brothers. I met one of hid brothers wives and they have openly shared their horrible living experience. verbal mistreatment , physical mistreatment as well as financial and educational suffercation.

I love my Muslim girlfriend and want to raise her children as I raise my own.

Araghar, India

#49 Mar 11, 2014
I think Muslim women finds non Muslim more logical and considerate. No wonder so many of my Muslim girl friends have found love in a Hindu or a Christian man, however the unjust part is that they have been driven away from her home. But that said one of my Hindu girlfriend did get married to a Muslim man who is such a gem and he did not even ask her to convert. He respected her for what she was and is and they are extremely happy till now. So maybe one or two in a hundred Muslim men is considerate. My own personal experience is horrific that I now can't think of having a Muslim guy as a partner. He left me for a Muslim lady when the time for marriage approached him. I am no one to judge, but one day they will definitely be judged by a higher authority for their actions which they do in the name of religion and their rediculous culture. They show all lovey dovey at first, but trust me, 'they are inhuman'.

Cumnock, UK

#50 Mar 21, 2014
Doesn't matter what religion u are practicing
Wemen should be respected . Lots of Muslims wemen have a relationship with non Muslim man because they are Loocking for security . How often we see non Muslim man under the influence of alcohol bittimg wemen .. Most young Muslim man ( new generation ) respect women and treat them with love . I would say those women who have a relationship with non Muslim are gold diggers ( Loocking for finance rather than love) be aware

Suva, Fiji

#51 Mar 26, 2014
Its because after marriage with non muslim man, lots of freedom there.
Can wear whatever you like. Can drive to the movies. No restrictions when eating at restaurants. Can work anywhere rather being a housewife.
Plus you would work and earn lots of money to spend on whatever you want. Your hubby would be clean shaven cool looking guy

Houston, TX

#52 Apr 10, 2014
sadia wrote:
i know its bad 2 date cuz i am Muslim and i cant even date. i have a boyfriend and i cant tell my parents cuz they said its very bad so they said unless i marry him, i cant see him anymore now thats a bummer and no fence but this religion kinda sucks am i right??
u are right.
Girl you dont know

Male, Maldives

#53 Apr 14, 2014
It doesnt matter if you love muslim boys or muslims non muslim boys . It matters that if the girls carries her life as a pure muslim and make her childrwn follow it too .

Pittsburgh, PA

#54 Apr 16, 2014
Hey yall, I'm a muslim female.

I like light skin and blue eyes. I also like light brown and blond hair. Since there aren't too many Muslims in the worlds with these characteristics, I tend to fall for nonmuslims.

Okay, that was the superficial part. Now on to the real answer. I like nonmuslim men because I identify with them more. I can talk more freely with them, converse, ask for help, make dirty jokes, and otherwise be a freer version of myself. With a muslim man, I always feel the need to act "proper" and "modest" while feeling that he is judging my every move, lest I do something improper, which isn't comfortable at all. I prefer nonmuslim men because with them, it is possible to be a completely and utterly platonic close friend, while Islam tells us that there is no such thing as a close friend from the opposite gender.

with Islam and muslims, there is nearly no middle ground. You're either a stranger to someone or a possible marriage candidate. I, as a woman, always ave to be constantly on guard, watching my every move .
With nonmuslims, I am freer to be my uninhibited self. I can make corny penis jokes, swear, give people hugs without it turning into a big sexual thing, not have to be uncomfortable with every slight touch.

Apply that to relationships, and see for yourself. Who would you want more, a person who loves your authentic self and accepts you and your flaws, or a person that holds you to an arbitrary standard decreed by the community and gives off the feeling that they're constantly judging you?

To me, the answer is easy.

Ashburn, VA

#55 Apr 18, 2014
Bcoz we r awsm !!!
sandraloranzo199 7

Splendora, TX

#57 Apr 25, 2014
Why cant Muslim women fall in love with terrorist such as Americans?

South Africa

#58 Apr 29, 2014
maryam wrote:
we are v attracted to them because the relationships are purely sexual and it becomes more attractive as it is v v forbidden to be with them.
oh my God, that is soooo stupid!! I am almost sure you were trying to be sarcastic because no way would anyone say that. Unless something is wrong with them of course. I am a Christian girl, and I have to say- what you just said is sooo wrong. In every way.

Cairo, Egypt

#59 May 4, 2014
Love has no intentions..a Muslim girl might like a non Muslim guy but if he really loves her,he will need to convert..if he won't then..immediately separate!! and to the girl who say sexual?? oh,really...clean your dirty mind,that's not even a Muslim girl way of thinking..that's whores thoughts..Asta'fur allah al azeem.

Since: Mar 14

Location hidden

#60 May 4, 2014
Maybe because they enjoy the freedom that they have with the relationship. But at the same time the guy who is not a Muslim knows how to respect her religion and are very open-minded. We all can co exists if we want to so interracial relationship and marriages are ways to open our eyes that everybody could co exist and we all can live in harmony.

Delhi, India

#61 May 5, 2014
dizzyprincess wrote:
Maybe because they enjoy the freedom that they have with the relationship. But at the same time the guy who is not a Muslim knows how to respect her religion and are very open-minded. We all can co exists if we want to so interracial relationship and marriages are ways to open our eyes that everybody could co exist and we all can live in harmony.
A sensible comment. Hope the asker sees this

Satellite Provider

#62 May 15, 2014
hey cut the crap u muslim bastard...it is u people who try to seduce other religion women..love jihadis
The Bengal Tiger

Toronto, Canada

#63 May 16, 2014
hindu wrote:
hey cut the crap u muslim bastard...it is u people who try to seduce other religion women..love jihadis
You are totally totally incorrect sir! That is not the case we are truly in love!

Peshawar, Pakistan

#64 May 23, 2014
Christopher wrote:
The answer is simple...because they get treated with respect as a lady should. Muslim men put women lower than dogs and treat them terribly. Having multiplr wives, men only look to them for reproductive purposes. Its terrible. Muslim women who read this should date Christian men because we treat women with love, kindness, respect and appreciation. You know, basic common sense on how everyone should be treated and O yeah, Christianity is the trith and the Jesus in the Bible is not the same as the Jesus of the Koran who didn't die on the cross amd isn't given the honorable title of...I don't know...GOD!!! Islam is a revised verion of the Jewish Law and the Koran tells them that the Law was given to Moses so why read anything other than the Bible anyways!!
Um... Just because a person is born a Muslim, doesn't mean they actually believe or have faith. There are loads of Hijabi youtubers and the ones that are married (even the ones who are more grown up and have been married ages) really love their husbands. They're all really religious. Practising Muslims who know their rights and attain knowledge will be the successful ones. They both have equal rights in the family and must consult each other about anything regarding the family. Idk, I see people giving Muslim men such a bad title. I grew up with a community full of Muslim boys and they're all very respectful. It depends on their education. Loads of things that people do everyday make their faith invalid. Also, it is a DUTY of a Muslim man to be kind and loving to his wife and give her respect and happiness. She must do the same in return. So yeah, be educated about it please. And we don't call Muhammad God, it contradicts the whole God concept cause God is supposed to be an Almighty being that is above humans. He doesn't have our bodily limitations, Muhammad was just a beloved messenger of God. Not all Christian men treat women with respect cause they're not educated about their faith. See? Don't judge the people by the religion or the religion by the people. I'll admit, many Muslims in the underdeveloped countries are following culture and not Islam. If they were following Islam, women would be getting equality and education like they're supposed to.

Peshawar, Pakistan

#65 May 23, 2014
I think everyone here is SO lacking in education about this. Muslims are portrayed around the world by the uneducated ones in third world countries who have no idea that their Muslim wife is allowed to work and speak and be strong. They follow culture as oppose to Islam. Look at the *practising* Muslims in first world countries who are very much in tune with their religion and know their rights. There is a massive difference. In an Islamic marriage, men are to treat their wives with affection and respect and it is their duty to provide for them and make sure they are happy. A Muslim woman must treat her husband with respect and not be ungrateful to him (and him to her) and they must both be kind towards each other. Both have freedom and they must take equal part in raising the children. Women in Islam are *supposed* to be treated like Queens and mothers have a highly esteemed position. The reason you aren't seeing this is because people portray the uneducated Muslims who think praying everyday (maybe even absent mindedly, which is not comsidered prayer) is enough, then they can abuse their wife/husband and be a nuisance all day. There are Christians who were born into Christianity but do not practise i and treat women like dirt. Don't judge the people by the religion or the religion by the people. We never know what TRUE faith someone has in their hearts. And look at Hijabi Youtubers, the ones that are married enjoy great freedom and recreational activities and go out to dinner and have dates with their husband because that's fully in their rights and they know their rights. You jyst have to be educated and if people followed Islam properly, women would also be educated. It is the duty of a Muslim, male or female to seek new knowledge and learn.

Toronto, Canada

#66 May 23, 2014
I am seeing a muslim woman and i am a white atheist. It is different than seeing a typical Canadian woman, but she is kind, polite well spoken and moral. It might be frowned upon in her faith, although i have learned alot about Islam. It is a fine religion and it is similar to jewish/christain faith in many ways. I think there is alot of hate between non-muslims and muslims that is unneeded. Its a religion like any other, i think the most important tenet of any religion is to respect and love other people. Honestly i enjoy her more than i did western women, our relationship is less physical but more honest. Bottom line love is love, be happy to find it and dont panic over the other person's faith. Just be yourself and let what ever will be, be.
Zane 1963

Bandung, Indonesia

#67 Jun 8, 2014
There are no bad religions only bad people, if a muslim woman finds non muslim more interesting it's down to culture My girlfreind is muslim I am a Christian I love her muslim values especially towards her mother, I treat her with respect and put her needs first emotionally physically spiritually and the sexually my woman always comes first. Lol maybe that's why lol

Since: Jun 11

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#68 Jun 22, 2014
The great debate of nature vs nurture. In truth all people are alike regardless of what we choose to follow. Women and men date each other for a myriad of reasons based of ideas, thoughts and emotional cues. Very little to do with "religion" as for the question of marriage look it up before speaking on it. It was a Started by Abraham the father of Isaac and Ishmael. So know what you're talking about. Those in the east who practice it, do it as an honor and a way to help provide for those who ordinarily would be able to provide for themselves. Islam is one of the most beautiful religions on this planet. But like everything few men have corrupted parts of it. Don't go with everything you see on tv....travel the world and see for yourself.

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