why are asian girls so easy?

South Yarra, Australia

#605 Sep 10, 2013
Why are you guys wasting your time talking about this crap? Come to that,what the heck am I doing here? Look peeps, it's not that Asian girls are easy. That shouldn't really figure in the discussion anyhow. It's only that, when she does let you have her, you f***** feel like you've won the lotto. My GOD have they got that done pat! I'm an ASEAN born Indian with a whole lotta liberal Western education. I earn good coin and can punch way above my weight class. I eat conflict for breakfast in my work. I've dated Asian (inc Indian) and Caucasian women. But this Asian (Khmer) woman I'm launching a charm offensive on at the mo, she can make me break a sweat at 10 paces just by looking at me. WTF? She knows how to put up just the right amount of resistance. I'm done for...seduction is the movement, sex is just the clock face.
Rusty Shackleford

Marion, AL

#606 Sep 14, 2013
Kevin wrote:
Kevin, I've come here today to say that I've just had rough, dirty, nasty sex with your mom. On your bed. Wash them sheets.

Fredericton, Canada

#607 Sep 14, 2013
Asian girl is easy? Hell no..... I think Asian girl are generally more like to be virgin before 20 (even before marriage) than White girl & Black girls... For example, look at the Maury show!!! You see all the people over there are either Black women or White women...

Just think about it... and some statistical data are not true!!! I heard that Asian women have a higher rate of STD's than White women. But I don't think it is true......because.... I also heard that Asian American ARE more likely to get DIABETES than White American... It was from real statistical data.... I absolutely could not believe the data because I hardly know asian people with diabetes....

Diabetes is not a common disease in Japan & Korea... It is a really scary disease to be honest because most people do not have the disease. But in America? It is way more common. Just look around you. Most east asian people are skinnier and thinner than white American...And White are generally more likely to store fats than Asian due to the harsh, cold, and long winter (Physically). Asian diet has less fats and more vegetables/fruits. For example, I do not eat porks & beefs. I only eat dairy (milk, eggs) for my meat alternatives. I eat green vegetables and fruits regularly....hum.... where the statistical data came from? I do not know... I haven't done any survey about diabetes in my life.

I believe that some statistical data are biased and gathered using a mathematical probability. People just cannot gather real data from real people...It is too expensive and complicate to do that. So, they have to assume... or they have to use a sample. But the sample does not represent a whole nation or a whole racial group. You gonna have to judge. Not all the think on the internet is true. Not all the articles are true. Not all the craps scientists and media told us are true. Yes, they are educated. But I found that some are really judgemental about others and make a huge mistake....

A random stranger cannot know better about yourself than you or your mom or dad. As an Asian woman, I believe that know more about Asian women than White woman or Black woman. So the answer is : Asian women are not easy !!!!!!!

Sittingbourne, UK

#608 Sep 15, 2013
America has a massive asian population there are loads on sites like pof and giggadate
Asian girl

Brisbane, Australia

#609 Sep 15, 2013
Most Asian girls aren't easy to get, the only easy Asian girls that are easy are usually the visa girls (overseas workers) they would try anything to get a citizenship to stay in the country no matter what.

I'm an Asian girl and I don't think I'm that easy :/ I hope lol. I've been single for 4 years and don't have a bf or a husband and rather stick that way till I actually have a future and career. Being easy makes you look cheap.
asian guy tres

Stony Brook, NY

#612 Sep 25, 2013
they so easy. like calculus. i luv it <3. i thoroughly enjoy how the dark nipple is contrast to the silky white skin of their bossoms. <3<3<3<3<3. and i dont need a calculator to do these chicks. wad up ^
Words of justice

Endeavour Hills, Australia

#613 Oct 13, 2013
Asian women are retarded flat face that suck up anything for money. They have low self esteem and would back stab their people or their men any given time in front of you to prove to you that they are a good girl.

And when they have sex they moaned like a little retarded down syndrome -I should know about this, i fukked one last night.

Asian are shit they are self haters they are full of hates but they are cowardice so they ended up getting picked on and bringing home all of their angers and rages against their family members.

Asian are flat face shit eaters. My god they eat anything from fetuses to ballz these people are like lotuses they never stop trying to deplete the world's resources with their population.

They are pure scums and so nasty. They are pure evil except for the fact that they are greedy and cowardice they only ended up sucking up to everyone and hate on their asian race.

Asian are shit

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#614 Oct 14, 2013
Why are so many Aussie's so racist?......
MenFearNoWomenDe sireThem

Selkirk, Canada

#616 Oct 28, 2013
With women in the work force, they have their own jobs, their own wealth, and their own priorities. With this women are encouraged to seek partners that are equal or greater to themselves. Women from any race will rarely go for men who are less successful than they are, it's instinctual. Woman want a man that's taller, stronger, wiser, wealthier, have a higher social standing and is healthier than they are, it's called natural selection. Reproduction is costly for women, and they have a limited amount of time to do so as well. Logically they must choose an optimal mate.
Now western women are expected to become more educated = smarter, wiser women. They're expected to make lots of money which puts them at a higher social standing. They're expected to always be beautiful which means that they're focusing more on their health by working out more. However, the bar moves with their success, if their only standard is that you must be at least equal or greater to them, and you can't keep up, that's your problem, not theirs.
Why would a woman want a man who comparatively has a shitty job, is unhealthy, is uneducated, or is a bum compared to her in general? No female mammal would desire that, let alone a woman. When women accept males they are accepting their courtship, accepting the possibility that you may father their children. It's an investment, and a costly one at that. White western women are becoming more and more socially and economically affluent and are as a result becoming harder to obtain with the bare minimum.
You can complain about white women being "too picky" but they could inversely complain about men being "too lazy". Most women would seem like easy pickings when women couldn't get educated, or have a job. Men shouldn't complain about women becoming better than low hanging fruit. These are the possible mothers of your children, do you not inversely desire the best traits in them as well as they will contribute 50% of their DNA to your possible children as well? I for one despise lazy women, they are leaches and gold diggers, or I guess the rest of the world calls them "stay at home moms". Get off your broad ass honey, you've got kids to feed.
Many Asian women are becoming educated, but not in the proportion that white women are due to the fact that Asian women are often still raised with Asian traditional values. These values that state that once married she should stay at home, depending on her husband, especially in many Chinese, Korean, and Japanese families. In this circumstance an Asian woman seems like easy pickings. All one has to do is work, and you qualify as a mate. Don't believe me? It's one of the main reasons why Japan's population is plummeting. Strong working women don't want to give up everything they worked for for some slob.
Frankly this is not what I would want. Kudos to the men who aim for the top tears. This is natural selection at work. The low hanging, and quite frankly low quality fruit (women) are taken by the low quality males. As a result they have low quality children, who get the low quality jobs, and the low quality lives. Have fun with that.
The rest of us will swing for the top tear. For top tear lives, and top tear wives. My mother worked as hard as my father and I admired the fuck out of that woman. She took shit from no one. Weak women raise weak children. You can keep you quiet subservient wives, for your quiet subservient lives. You'll have quiet subservient children who will in turn seek easy low quality mates.
At the end of the day you weren't man enough to get the best. You wanted the quiet girl, rather than the strong woman because you were afraid of her. Afraid that somehow womanhood could ever override or challenge manhood. Boys want girls because boys can't handle women. They're too strong, too smart, too ferocious and it scares you into hating them. You blame them for being strong, instead of blaming yourselves for being weak. Typical betas.
MenFearNoWomenDe sireThem

Selkirk, Canada

#617 Oct 28, 2013
So in short. Many Asian women seem easy compared to White women because White women proportionately have more expected of them. So as a result expect more from their mates, and as such typically have higher standards. This doesn't just go for White women though. There are plenty of hard working, educated, and affluent women from every creed, however, White women simply had a head start in the freedom race so to speak.

Me, I'm only interested in taking home the gold, and quite frankly speaking, there are barely bronze metal winners in the Asian class division that I've personally met. There are a few gems, I know they're out there, but trying to find them... It's all this "family oriented", talking like a chipmunk, looking like a 12 year old bullshit. They're mating strategies designed to attract weak little boys who are intimidated by grown women, and would rather be with a girl/child because they feel they can dominate them.

Weak, sad little beta males, so so afraid of women. So content on blaming the big bad feminist for all of your problems. Wishing to go back to the days where the little woman was there to be your replacement mother so you would never have to grow up. Wanting her to be your unquestioning little servant/mother. Pathetic. Grow up boys, time to put on your big boy pants. Stop blaming successful women for your inadequacies. Stop hating them for rejecting you when you fail to measure up. Take it as an initiative, take it as a challenge and stop settling for those low hanging fruit.

Go get some gold, get that powerful jaguar of a woman between the sheets. Trust me, you'll never go back to whining, subservient, crying little inferior creatures. They're not worthy of being the mother of your children.

Arlington, VA

#618 Oct 30, 2013
Strange...people in Asia think white women are even worse than easy..s(luts), w(hores), t(ramps) etc.

Male, Maldives

#619 Nov 3, 2013
Asian girls are attractive but not south asians(Indians,Srilankans,Bang ladeshis,Maldivians....).After the first baby south asians become fatty,unshaped, older look.But chinese,koreans,japanese.Thais , not like that.

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#620 Nov 3, 2013
George wrote:
Strange...people in Asia think white women are even worse than easy..s(luts), w(hores), t(ramps) etc.
Hollywood and porn, haven't likely helped.....

Ballwin, MO

#621 Nov 3, 2013
sex bomb wrote:
well here the truth. most asian girls r uglier than white girls, u cant deny the fact cos i hav been travel around the world n only 1 in 20 asian girls r able compete to an average white girl. i know i know its sad but theres nothing u can change it, thats why so many asian girls out there wearing a lot make up everytime they go out, why becos they know this ugly truth...
I have married Korean and white and dated more women than you have probably ever met. Your comments reflect the ugly racism so strongly associated with the uneducated, inexperienced and inbred white trash afflicted by a low IQ. Your claim of having traveled is highly suspect, my guess is that you have never left the state of Mississippi (apologies to the citizens of Mississippi).
Asian man

Koyang, Korea

#622 Nov 19, 2013
yeah but I'm an Asian guy and I know Asian chicks and there are so good Asian girls I admit it but also there are so many slutty evil Asian chicks in the world I'm the one of the vitum like Asian call me a loser cuz I;m short??? that is so rude and you think Asian girls are so calm and quiet but that is wrong,they are so loud and so rude,but for me white,black,and hispanic girls? they are so angel to me they treat me really good with respect unlike Asian chicks pluse except white,black and hispnic girls asian girls looks so flat and look more like jap solider in WWII like chick eyes,big head,pasty face short legs lol so don't judge white,black,and hispanic girls are so sucks pluse my gf is white(even her dad half Chinese but mostly she is Italian and Greek)i don't care you like asian girls cuz matter of fact look or race doesn't matter~!!!

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#623 Nov 19, 2013
Too many BS posts on here......
Words of justice

Endeavour Hills, Australia

#625 Nov 19, 2013
Asians are shit and morally corrupted. They only cared for money they would marry a 80 year old man just for money and have a bunch of ugly children.

They are morally corrupted, evil witches that would kill their father and mother for inheritance. Scamming amongst family members is also common in the asian race.

They are pure evil selfish greedy scums that doesn't care for anything but money money money and more money. They are socially backwards and stupid and unable to comprehend simple things in life. They like to life in their own little world and make more money.

They are too afraid of everyone but their own race so they ended up killing and hurting each other. It's easier for them to self-hate than hating on any other ethnic.

What a bunch of low class, self-hating, greedy, backwards, retarded monkeys...

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#626 Nov 19, 2013
Selling themselves and their future, in order to keep their family safe and fed......is even more common in the Asian Community.......Aussies often compete with South Africans to see who are the most racist.....
Words of justice

Endeavour Hills, Australia

#627 Nov 19, 2013
well the truth hurt doesn't it?

Asian are cheap and irritating...it would be sad if we let our people marrying the asian because their offspring will be self hating, heartless and greedy just like the rest of the asians.

Since: Oct 12

Location hidden

#628 Nov 20, 2013
Oh, i forgot....and terminally narrow minded and uninformed.....

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