Dating European women over American w...

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#48 Nov 26, 2009
I could not agree more! I was married to a German woman for three years and she was amazing... American woman think the man owes them a dinner, a gift and an attitude of entitlement. My German woman was beautiful beyond belief, independent, a hard worker, sexy and on and on.

Also, being with a European woman opens up doors of opportunity for travel, family from another culture and gives you an opportunity to literally get out of America and be "part" European...its worth it.

I totally advise men to look for European woman and only have Ameircans for the "hokey-pokey"... if you want someone for something lasting and deep, go abroad to Europe... in particular, Germans and Dutch woman.
European in US

Denver, CO

#50 Nov 28, 2009
American women are never treated like a women. They simply are not familiar with romantic love.

Pompano Beach, FL

#51 Dec 1, 2009
Alyssa ... very nice comment chere. I have been to france and their food... amazing (most of it). I drank nearly every day (was in college) and I was still healthy and losing weight .. due to to closeness of the town and the quality of the food. As in I walked everywhere almost.

You could spot a foreigner a mile away there. They were bigger than the rest of the crowd... it was odd.

Pompano Beach, FL

#52 Dec 1, 2009
European in US... that is a confusing way to put it, or its what I am drinking. Women here what I have noticed is if you are mean and a pric (when they are young and very very attractive) then you get the girl. If you are rich .. you get what gal you want practically.

It doesn't matter how nice you are to an american girl... they will walk all over you... and if you (at worst circumstances) talk back or get into a fight... they will win.. either with their ego or the law (unless they like being dominated vs independent). USA is too politically correct and therefore.. the american man suffers (if he is any majority... I am. heh) ok blogging more than agreeing.. so I will stop.--- I prefer any woman outside of the usa... because they are more kind, interesting, and understanding. They appreciate (in general, not all) others and have fun... but I have met some snotty people from germany and france. So, its sort of a demographic thing, but overall, it depends on the age and social niche a person is in or wants to be like.
from here to there

United States

#53 Dec 1, 2009
What's ironic here are how many European men I have met recently that are extremely interested and quick toward winning this American girl....
homo sepian

Scottsdale, AZ

#54 Dec 8, 2009
I have lived in the US for almost 5 years now.. I am neither american nor european (not a white guy).. here is my 2 cents of observation based on interaction with american and european women (except brits)..

In general, I find european women are more friendly, open minded and down to earth. American women are more reserved, most are cocky and hard to talk to. I used to think that american women are racist, but from this discussion it seems that its got to do with the more conservative american upbringing and/or the society and media which feeds stereotypes into americans.

I dont want to create any stereotypes here and not all american/european girls have the respective qualities I have mentioned... but majority of them do. Just an observation.

United States

#56 Dec 11, 2009


ps. we love sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Louisville, KY

#58 Dec 25, 2009
I certainly have to say after doing some traveling American women are by far the worst. That said, in some instances American men are quite bad too, such as fitness and health..and if you're talking about Walmart clientele we can throw in hygiene as well. But overall it's a downright disaster how materialistic American women are. That is the single biggest problem. I mean we even have TV commercials where the princess gets rescued by the RICH prince...good grief.. whatever happened to the handsome brave prince.. American women killed him.

Coronado, CA

#59 Dec 26, 2009
I am a eastern european former yugoslavia guy and I think that buth continents have beautiful women.. some say american women are fat, well I live in san diego LA area you should come over here and check it out...40 year old women look like the 20 year olds. And where I come from ex Yugoslavia we have also a lot of beautiful women so... thumbs up fo EU and US ;)

Mesa, AZ

#61 Jan 1, 2010
Dear Hami.
The reason polish chicks like me look for other men, is that unfortunatley most of polish guys became douchebags that i wouldnt EVER date.
it became harder to find a nice guy with manners,values,etc. now most of teens my age (18)
want to be "cool" so they look at all that propaganda in american movies, start dressing and behaving like douchebags, thinking they're cool.
i used to have a polish boyfriend, but since i left for US,we separated.
He was nice, attended a music school,had good grades, manners etc.
But im a picky kind of chick :)
most of eastern european chicks look for guys that will love them with real love, care about them , and be there for them. unfortunatley, most of this kind of guys "died out".
now ,most slavic girls migrate,and find nice people of other races.+ some think they will be happier with a guy of a different race.

but there are some like me who would rather wait until they finish universities, get a well paying job, and then find a decent guy, and not take the first douchebag that pretends to be nice before marriage.(i prefer polish guys.+ i rarley find any guys attractive.(as i said before, im picky.)

Mesa, AZ

#62 Jan 1, 2010
PS: im not being racist, i dont have anything against other races & i hav a lot of friends from different races-mexicans,americans,black s,asians etc.
i think racism has no point.
there are idiots and geniuses in every race.
+ stupidity is international.

i just prefer polish guys for some reason.

Tucson, AZ

#63 Jan 7, 2010
I agree, dual citizen. I have heard European women and men generalised in a negtaive manner before, also. You cannot generalise an entire continent or country. The Italian and Greek cultures tend to be more traditionally based, but this is not mentioned. Anyone who claims to have lived all over should know how culturally diverse it is. Interesting, enough--I have heard complaints that American women are too independent, career driven, too loose, etc. Each is ridiculous. It just goes to show a person can travel and live abroad.....yet remain highly ignorant. The only thing on this thread that really has basis is the United States has a high obesity level, but so do many European countries.

Tucson, AZ

#64 Jan 7, 2010
*negative even

Tucson, AZ

#65 Jan 7, 2010
Saying the majority of *insert nationality* has *insert characteristics* is a generalisation, sir.

Tucson, AZ

#66 Jan 7, 2010
Indeed. I agree with you 100%. Aesthetically, I tend to find Japanese and Chinese men more exotic than Caucasian men, but I don't think they are superior in anyway. I also don't stereotype any people because it is for the insular mind.
American Woman

Fort Collins, CO

#68 Jan 8, 2010
I've found this thread in general to be pretty interesting. Sure its culturally biased, but then again it is talking about which country's women are better.

What HAS surprised me is that the coin hasn't been flipped. I've read so much complaining about how American girls are loud and rude and obnoxious and how Europeans are so much better and more caring.

Wanna know something American men? European MEN are better and sweeter and more caring than American men. I've been with my lovely French man for years and he treats me like a goddess. Does that automatically make European men more attractive? Not necessarily. Does it mean I'm never ever going to look at another American as attractive? Of course not, namely because I pride myself in valuing an individual, not a culture, when it comes to romance.

So yes, men go on and bemoan how great the girls are in other countries, but don't pretend you're perfect either. I feel no need to defend myself as an American woman because I know my worth. I just wish the men in the forum would realize theirs as well as every woman's worth.

Jacksonville, FL

#69 Jan 11, 2010
Southern Boy. I went to school in Italy for a year during college. I made an effort to serial date girls from different countries.

4 years later and I don't know if European women are superior to American women. I think they are not near as competitive so dating them seems to be less of a puzzle. I've noticed they aren't as controlling or antagonistic as American women. But they do tend to be more affectionate and even more jealous. However, American women are very fun to date casually.

I would advise other men to date American, but marry European. Throw out the exotic qualities of them and they consistently are better lovers, better business partners, and better confidants.

Los Angeles, CA

#70 Jan 14, 2010
THANK YOU Alyssa. It is SO HARD to unlearn all the crap they teach you growing up in America, and some of it is simply ingrained in your being and almost impossible to undo. American women are trying really hard to define themselves with a new mentality dichotomy that unfortunately must meld both pro and anti American standpoints. And it is really difficult when they are completely contradictory. It's no wonder everyone is depressed and feeling hopeless when you simply do not respect many of the inherent social qualities of what you are, and feel like overcoming them will not only be a massive uphill battle but most likely not even satisfying, due to the fact that you will alienate everything you love.
CV Compton Shaw

United States

#71 Jan 14, 2010
I have traveled to Europe on several occasions. I have, also, traveled to Australia three times. I have, also, traveled to New Zealand, Mexico, Central America, Egypt, Turkey, and South Vietnam.
I am an American man. I, generally, agree with European men and American men who have traveled abroad such that women outside of the USA tend to like those characteristics in men which American women dislike and tend to treat men much better than American women. Men, outside of the USA, have, in general, much greater status and are treated with much greater respect. American women tend to demonstrate a disrespectful attitude towards men. Women outside of the USA, in my opinion, tend to like men who are truly "gentlemen" and who have good "breeding". In the USA, both of the same are not in vogue in men.
On almost every trip that I've made to Europe, Australia, and other countries, a foreign woman has asked me to marry her! Women in the USA are simply not interested in me!Interstingly enought, foreign women find me significantly more sexually attractive than American women. One of the reasons why I want to emigrate out of the USA is the aforementioned extremely hostile misandrist environment created by American viragos.

United States

#72 Jan 19, 2010
hahahaha there is person who said america is diverse country but no one mention that Europe is not a country but a continent and I would say that america of USA is not that diverse but rather almost identical region to region. american cities don't have diverse and almost like multiple copy of one city.

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