Dating European women over American w...

Prague, Czech Republic

#502 Oct 13, 2012
Merikaaaa haha wrote:
I'm an American male from southern U.S.A. I personally think all other accents are sexy except Indian and Asian accents. I think other people like our accents but aren't very intriqued sexually because they think we're all selfish, idiotic, greedy, over bearing, over exaggerative... blah blah blah. It's the way things are. Americans hold nothing back. Whether it be laughter or anger. We're loud with it. Only because we're wanting you to feel the emotion we're showing you but at the same time keep our grit. If America is so bad....why do people want to move here from over seas?? Our women are sexy and southern accents are sexy. Loud southern accents.... NO!! Any person who is loud is annoying....WTF Btw Any European accent is sexy. So is southern african
This is a good example why you should stay where you are at. I do not know anyone that wants to move to your country... Be happy where you are at.


#503 Oct 15, 2012
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Potsdam, NY

#505 Oct 17, 2012
Hey everyone, there's this tiny country in Europe called Albania. The place is a paradise and the women just the best

Newark, OH

#507 Oct 20, 2012
i just met a woman from the netherlands recently,i live in ohio and i must get i dont know how many texts from her.We both thought it nice to start out friends take our time and by herself she figured out my last name just talking thru yahoo instant messenger i dont have my last name listed anywhere on that so that means she knows where i live.Lol she demands to know what im up too where im at why im doing it.Yes i could change my number delete my yahoo accout but shes figured out everything else bout me on her own just wanna sell everything and run and hide in the rockies :S

Altadena, CA

#508 Oct 27, 2012
frankhou77 wrote:
- I am not trying to offend anybody with this posting and in case I do I apologize -
Through my company, I haven lucky to have had the opportunity to live in different corners of the world and experience many different cultures. Getting to see multiple cultures ads more knowledge but also sometimes makes you ask questions.
While living in Europe I was lucky enough to have meet a very smart and gorgeous women, we dated for a few years when I asked her to marry me. After getting married I was relocated back to the US and my company took care of the paperwork and she moved with me.
One of the things that I can say happened personally to me and to some other co-workers is that we started preferring dating European women and no longer even consider dating American women.
Trying to figure out the cultural difference's between European and American womens to try to figure out "Why?", why we don't date American women. So we decided to post a topic to find out more.
Here is a comparison of what we have come up with, again this are just general and some of them might be a stereotype. But that is why we want to discuss them here.
- Most European women are very Independent, they want to have some life outside of the relationship. American women want to do everything as a couple.
- Most European women prefer to be financially responsible, like they would rather pay for their own dinner when in the US, its automatically expected that guys have to buy gifts and pay for dinner.
- European women prefer to be healthy, have very active lifestyle. Going to the gym, biking and walking is the thing to do. I am not saying that all American women are not into a healthy lifestyle but its certainly a small percentage in comparison. Unfortunately for some of my friends who married American women once they got married they gained weight... blaming it on childbirth and things like that when I can say for a fact from my and my friends European wifes that after child birth after some months they where back to their previous weight without even trying but just because of their healthy lifestyle.
- In Europe, its common for couples to live together and of course have sex before they are married, I think thats great because you get to know what it is to marry someone, no surprises. But I noticed in America that is a taboo specially around Christian's who look down at those who live together or are sexually active with their loved ones before they are married. How can someone make a lifetime commitment before knowing what they are getting into.
The guys I work with have discussed this greatly, which I think its great to know people I can be that comfortable with the only negative thing that has come out of it is that we have discussed this with other's at work who have divorced their American Wife and re-married European. I don't think thats cool but they are happier now.
All I can say is that I am madly in love with my wife, my wife means everything to me.
Please, I am curious to discuss this subject here on Topix.
sounds to me like your in favor of sex any way you can get it well you stink and i'm a happily married man from the motor city and my wife is from jerusalem and she's not jewish we're both armenian. god gave her to me and i worship her and like wise.

Minneapolis, MN

#510 Nov 4, 2012
I guess man who posted this story is very much missed the point becaue European woman expect man to pay thus man has to be a man in terms of good provider, European women are not looking for stupidity of "church wedding", but looking for being courted and being respected. Yes European women are independant in regard to desision making and interests and social life choices because that is how women are if they have mind of good level of intelligence and education, but never the less man has to be good provider.

Buffalo, NY

#511 Nov 11, 2012
Hmmm this is all very interesting... Must have read ten pages of various plus and minuses from all over the world. I am an American girl, 26 years old. Independent since 17. I've always worked to support myself. Certified and educated because I like to be. Very active (soccer and bicycling) and I work full-time. I absolutely love to cook and to treat my man like a king. I am not loud or selfish. In fact, I can't stand to be around obnoxious people. Ive never expected anyone to pay my way for anything and that includes dates. I do, however, stand up for myself if i am disrespected and i have an opinion tk share if anyone asks for it The point of all this is? Stereotypes come from half-truths so the American vs European nature of women isn't entirely false, but rather exaggerated. Every country has stereotypes. And why is that? From mass misunderstanding mixed with false presentation. They are stories amplified. Yeah, a lot of people in America are fat, but does that mean everyone only eats McDonald's? Absolutely not. You can blame society or if you are like me... Blame the person because they are who they make themselves to be. As for the loud-mouth, lazy, gold-digger comments..... You can find those people every where. There are a lot of very rich and immodest people here in America (10%....the rest of us are struggling middle class workers trying to afford healthcare for our families and getting trampled by the rich). What you see of popular American media is not real life. So, I do understand the disgust, displeasure and disinterest in American culture, because a lot of it puts me off, but please try to have an open mind... Labels can be misleading. Every country with its own people has its own ups and downs. People from all over the world behave in a way that is controlled and manipulated by their homeland. This has been happening for thousands of years and will continue for thousands more. No one is better than anyone else... We are all equal yet uniquely different. Yes..... American And European women, too.

Oklahoma City, OK

#513 Nov 21, 2012
What a bunch of pathetic insecure people you are. And to the OP, you meant for this post to insult. That's why you posted it.

Oklahoma City, OK

#514 Nov 21, 2012
Easterner wrote:
<quoted text>
It is basically not your fault. You were brought up with the american culture.
You're just a hateful anti-American bigot. You shouldn't be criticizing anyone else with your low life attitude.

Lauf, Germany

#515 Nov 22, 2012
cxcx wrote:
<quoted text>
You're just a hateful anti-American bigot. You shouldn't be criticizing anyone else with your low life attitude.
I would not say anti-American. IF your feelings were hurt because you read the truth, too bad. You sound like one of the vane ones... that have artificial breast... clitoral hoodectomy done, lip surgery, etc. Lazy, bitchy and whiny as you have already begun....You sound inexperienced and proud. I will criticize as I see things. American girls are the worst!(my apologies for the few good american girls) Best for you to accept your countries attitudes and ignorance. Than to come here blind and you have no idea or any world experience whatsover. So go back to watching Oprah and Ellen, continue eating at fast food places and keep the vanity mirror facing towards you (all three) at all times.

Lauf, Germany

#516 Nov 22, 2012
cxcx wrote:
What a bunch of pathetic insecure people you are. And to the OP, you meant for this post to insult. That's why you posted it.
In the U.S.? why don't you call toll free: 1-800-Wahh :)
Ken and Barbie

Scottsbluff, NE

#517 Nov 25, 2012
I have lived in both Europe and the States, and I have seen both ugly stinky women and strikingly beautiful women on both continents.

Also, I am an American and I am considered quiet, shy, and un-assertive by my family and friends (although they may misinterpret un-assertive with humility).

There are different parts to Europe and there are different parts to the States. Stereotypes and over-generalizations usually have the solidity of Swiss cheese, and you commenters who do those things are no better than those psycho- women you supposedly dated.


East Lansing, MI

#518 Nov 28, 2012
Phillipinas are a robust quantity here in suburban Md.
The are toward American women snotty and patronizing and will never let them in . Just like Hispanas. American husband grabbers if they can make that work too.
You know the conventional bs is that it is the other way around. Look harder.

United States

#519 Dec 3, 2012
Bill wrote:
It isn't a matter of American men wanting to remain "boys" as it was put here previously.
The problem that is largely occurring with American women stems from several generations of entitlement mentality. It comes from the fact that the dark side of feminism, largely pushed by lesbians, has made women hate men and see them as nothing more than vehicles to wealth. The court system backs this up by automatically paying a divorced woman child support at sometimes ridiculous rates and in many states alimony. So, often women marry with the intention of cranking out a kid or two then telling the guy to take a hike so she can get a free pay check every month.
Now I'll be the first to acknowledge that there are many dead beat Dad's and abusive men in America, and I hate them just as badly.
But what I have found with European women much more often is a very generous, kind and romantic attitude that hasn't been so contaminated with a perversion of fairy tales. Most often, the bitterness just isn't there and so you can freely express your feelings or confide your inner thoughts without having them used as a means to crucify or belittle you later.
In a nutshell, european women have class and American women hit below the belt in a self-opportunistic, egomaniacal and coldly calculated way.
So perhaps my views will be offensive to American women, but, frankly I don't care, because I spent the first half of my life dating women in the U.S. and my views is based on a pretty good sample of American women.
In the end, despite the belief that whoever cares less controls the relationship held by American women, they need to learn that it isn't about who controls the relationship, because control doesn't bring happiness, love does.
Well said my friend, well said.
I think that all American men should take the attitude of to heck with American women and dating or searching for a European women.
I am telling if we stopped pandering to the wishes and whims of American women then maybe, just maybe they'll start growing up and start appreciating what they have.
But we diffently need more European women to show them the way.

Basildon, UK

#522 Dec 5, 2012
Check out they will help you find people all over the world :-)


#525 Dec 8, 2012
indeed a friend, confidant is what it is all about not an interrogation game. Tough to find someone with that kind of thinking though.
hotsex need

Kathmandu, Nepal

#527 Jan 6, 2013
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Culpeper, VA

#529 Jan 15, 2013
I think this entire thread is ridiculous! Many women are gold diggers, many are spenders, many are clingy, and many are opinionated and loud. It's not a matter of nationality, it's a matter of how you were raised. I am an American women, I could care less how much the man I'm interested in makes, so long as he is able to support himself, amd i am most certainley not fat. Most of my friends aren't, granted I am still in highschool, but I think to say that all American women are fat is a rather harsh generalization. I, as well as many of my friends (and my mother's friends) are very athletic. And I could hardly be considered clingy, all of my past boyfriends drove me nuts because they were so ridiculously clingy, and many of my female friends have had similiar experiances. As for being financially responsible, many of my older female friends are exceedingly careful with their money-I think to call all American women massive spenders is unfair. And I often have my guy friends try to buy my lunch for me, my movie ticket for me, or such things as that and I always insist on paying for it myself- many of my friends are the same way, we certainley don't expect our every whim and need to be catered to by men. Last but not least, is the comment about how stingy American women are about sex. Being a Christian, I don't want to have sex before marriage. I think it's ridiculous to place European women above American women merely because they are more promiscuous. There is nothing wrong with having self respect.
It's silly to try to generalize American women because America is incredibly diverse! We are the world's melting pot, we have thousands of subcultures and people groups. So stop being so judgemental, every American is different, you never know what you're going to get, diversity is what makes America beautiful!

Houston, TX

#530 Jan 15, 2013
I agree with the person who has lived in both the US and EU. I'm an independent and educated woman and I expecpt to be with a MAN. Pull out my chair, open my door, pay the bill, BE THE MAN. a man is a provider and protector. Treat me like a lady. If I'm not even worth a plate of food, why should I waste my time on you? And what's wrong with waiting to have sex? I don't want to spread my legs for just everyone.

Fargo, ND

#532 Jan 21, 2013
Jpl wrote:
I am a British women living in the US and I have found consistently that the views of mine versus American women are very different. I have been on my own for a few years now. The half dozen dates I have been on dont work. I still am optimistic that a man will come along who actually ENJOYS the fact that I am different and appreciates my gentle charm. Yes, I am considered attractive, great figure and well groomed with hair and eyes to die for. I AM smart, educated, amusing and out going so what could be wrong? A close American woman friend offered this:- My dear, American men like controlling loud obnoxious American women. The American male wants to be asked his income and spend every last dime on his woman. They just dont know what to make of you.....
You are the one I am looking for! After spending 3 years in Europe in the mid eighties for the USAF I am wishing I would of stayed over there. I am not into controlling American women. Don't get me wrong They are bossy and controlling. I am not one to be a dominant jerk male. What drives me crazy is they are not sure if want to be with a man or woman! Feminism in this country is causing major chaos and problems in the family unit. Take care and good luck.

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