Which Gasoline Companies Do Not Use E...

Hull, GA

#497 Jan 14, 2013
EES wrote:
So you'd rather speed up global warming than maybe have your engine last a few days less?
I'm all for the environment... But not I have to pay $1800 to replace two O2 sensors and a catalytic converter... Which I was told burned out due to ethenol in the gasoline. I would accept a few less days, but reoccurring repairs at 70,000 miles is unreasonable...

Charlotte, NC

#498 Jan 25, 2013
I have an older engine motor and would like to run gas in it not a corn conglomerant push to corninize everything. They feed it to animals who never ment to eat therefore E.coli in meat, I don't want run corn syurp in my engine. It carmolizes and sets up sticy goo in my carborater, so I still have buy an agent to undo what is going on in the engine, is that sound. I think it is a corn scam. So Mosantose or Carthil have a stake is this hooey? You see I am a believer that they should allow me to recive the longest life outta my ride as possible , esp in this economic crunch rather than expect me to buy another car I can't afford. So y rather me die because you believe corn dose the enviroment good, don't believe a few cars not doing anymore damage or as much damage as the pollution in third world countries where manufacturing is heald to no standards.?This is my story and I sticking to it!
EES wrote:
So you'd rather speed up global warming than maybe have your engine last a few days less?
Joe Morgan

Canton, OH

#499 Feb 3, 2013
Sunoco Stations are usually free of ethanol
Sammy Harrell

Turbeville, SC

#500 Mar 1, 2013
First off there is no proof of global warming.Second it takes 400 bushels of corn at $10.00 a bushel to get 40 gallons of ethanol.It is terrible for anything it is put in except a moonshine still. Also there is never the same percentage of ethanol in any one tank of gas you buy.If your car has a computer it never can get adjusted to the air fuel ratio as ethanol sucks up moisture thus returning lower gas mileage.
It knocks 4 miles to the gallon off my vehicle.
Buddy Jacobi

Albertson, NC

#501 Mar 4, 2013
EES wrote:
So you'd rather speed up global warming than maybe have your engine last a few days less?
You cant speed up global warming. The earth has been warming since the ice age. You cant stop it.

United States

#503 Mar 14, 2013
these are the green idiots of today Al Gore and Hollywood flying around on their private jets living in there 30 room mansions quit making these idiots richer

Charlottesville, VA

#504 Mar 16, 2013
EES wrote:
So you'd rather speed up global warming than maybe have your engine last a few days less?
Your an idiot. Ethanol degrades engine performance and speeds up the deterioration of engine parts. As a result ethanol in gasoline has you fill up more often because you are getting less gas mileage per gallon. More gas used more global warming. Ethanol helps deteriorate engine parts therefore having to replace the parts more often, therefore supporting the manufacture to produce more engine parts that eventually leads to using more energy to make those parts which in turn leads to more global warming. Wait a minute, this is good for the economy though ;-)).

Atlantic Beach, FL

#505 Mar 21, 2013
Check this site out for ethanol free stations:


Olmsted Falls, OH

#506 Mar 31, 2013
All Shell stations I know around me -4 of them- do not have the ethanol sticker. I only gas up V-power for that reason. If they have ethanol in gas them they've been deceiving me for more than 7 years!

Riverhead, NY

#507 Apr 3, 2013
(Reply to Steve, Olmsted Falls, Ohio)
E10 Gas Pump Labeling is NOT Required in OHIO (and never was): http://www.fueltestkit.com/state_guide_ethano...
I know of no Shell Stations left in the US that are not adding 10% ethanol (E10),
other than those who are clearly advertising and posting ethanol-free + charging more for this now "specialty" fuel.--Although the simplest method to determine if gas contains alcohol or water is to use Quik-Check Solution (1 drop instantly reveals positive or negative result),
nowadays it's always safer to assume gas contains alcohol (over 90% of gas sold is now E10).
BTW, even most Shell Racing Fuels also now contain ethanol alcohol!

Ethanol laws & distribution are very confusing, and although I also highly recommend "reviewing" station lists at pure-gas.org , site, it is UN-official and posts (station names) listed by the public are never validated or confirmed (by testing or official report documentation)…
So like you, those who are not familiar with the labeling + distribution laws can INCORRECTLY post stations as ethanol-free, solely on the WRONG assumption that E10 STICKER Not Present on Pump.

The confusion, inconsistencies, improper labeling + over-blending (and lack of E0 availability) now present in the USA, supports those who believe "E10 gas has become one big government supported SCAM, intended to solely profit the ethanol producers, without any concern for the needs/wants and preferred fuel type of all engine owners".

Until the EPA makes efforts (legislation) to assure availability and CHOICE for all, to buy "Pure-Gas" E0 ethanol-free fuel in every town, FOR THOSE WHO REQUIRE OR PREFER ALCOHOL-FREE, we are on-our-own to take all necessary measures (precautions) to protect our engines. Sadly, I expect that until we reclaim our right to (choose) to buy E0 fuel, all the E10 controversy and unnecessary engine damage/problems will keep rising.-- Gail, Owner Fuel-Testers Company--
P.S. Please sign our "E0 Fuel-Choice Petition" which has been on our websites for 1+ year -(Which I may need to discontinue soon due to lack of time).

Riverhead, NY

#508 Apr 3, 2013
More information On (SHELL) Gasoline Brands & Ethanol Composition:
1) Ethanol is a VERY strong SOLVENT & CLEANSER;
2) 10% ethanol is more than enough to keep your engine clean and free of deposits;
3) Like ethanol, all gasoline CLEANSERS lower BTU energy (decreases performance + lower MPG=Higher gas costs);
4) The MSDS sheet, required for all gasoline and additives registered with the EPA, usually will indicate the expected percent alcohol/ethanol composition;
5) Adding extra “CLEANSERS” and “ALCOHOL” to E10 fuel will increase risks for water absorption, parts wear-down and will also decrease energy;
6) Over 90% of gas sold now is E10 type,“contains up to 10% ethanol”…

Now, knowing that almost all gas sold (2013) is E10 type, read the statement below from Shell’s website and tell me why anyone would choose to buy “E10” Shell V-Power???

Statement from Shell’s website (Shell V-Power), still present as of today April 3rd, 2013:

“…With five times the amount of cleaning agents required by federal standards, Shell V-Power Premium Gasoline cleans up engine gunk faster than Shell Regular grade gasoline…”.
(See paragraph 3, line 2): http://www.shell.us/products-services/on-the-...

Personal Note: Shell is a Top Tier, high quality gasoline, but until they reformulate their gasoline and get rid of the “five times the amount of cleaning agents” which are unnecessary and contraindicated when gas contains 10% ethanol, and which will also further dilute the fuel’s energy & mpg, I choose never to buy Shell E10 gasoline, and would NOW only purchase Shell gas brand when it is tested & confirmed to be ethanol-free.
--Let’s just say I lost my Shell credit card (once used very often) since the E0 to E10 transition in my states about 5 years ago.
Examples of Gasoline MSDS Sheets,(often hard to find, but required by law to be available upon request):

(click on gasoline name and then “technical details” to find % ethanol content). E.G.“Sunoco GT” Race Fuel 100 octane, street legal (except CA),

AND, Shell Brand MSDS Search Page Here: http://www.equivashellmsds.com/
Interesting News Article on Topic of Shell Brand & Ethanol:
“Shell bets on ethanol in $21 billion deal with Brazil's Cosan”, Feb. 2010:

To Steve, Ohio who said,“If they have ethanol in gas them they've been deceiving me for more than 7 years!”-Although Shell would not agree this is deception,(Ohio does NOT require E10 pump labeling), I’d be glad to send you a courtesy bottle of Quik-Check Solution,(ship cost only $5.20 USPS small flat rate box) so you will know, and can let me know if it is actually ethanol-free; (I’d be very surprised if it was).

Paterson, NJ

#510 Apr 15, 2013
EES wrote:
So you'd rather speed up global warming than maybe have your engine last a few days less?
Do you realize how much energy it takes to turn an ear of corn into ethanol!!!!

Woodstock, AL

#511 Apr 20, 2013
my new mower calls for ethanolfree gas. hunting a station that sell ethanol free gass.
DMGoddess - Los Angeles

Corona Del Mar, CA

#512 Apr 24, 2013
The only reason there is a high demand for corn for ethanol, is because the oil companies won't allow anything else to be vetted to make ethanol. In Brazil, they make it out of sugar cane. Lots of other things can be used, but the gas companies want people to associate ethanol with people being deprived of food.

Bel Air, MD

#513 Apr 29, 2013
EES wrote:
So you'd rather speed up global warming than maybe have your engine last a few days less?

Shoemakersville, PA

#514 May 23, 2013
WKO wrote:
There is no solid dota that shows ethanol to help with global warming, but plenty to show it hurts the performance and gas mileage of your engine.Give us our gas back or find something better than ethanol!
ethanol causes more CO2 then gas it takes more energy to make then it produces it degrades engines which makes them less efficient hence more polluting! The only reason its still used is it makes money for Big Agra, & politician's are scared to stop it!
Scottie- Baltimore Md

Cockeysville, MD

#515 Jun 11, 2013
I found Citgo gives me 2 MPG more, I started checking after my MPG dropped from 25 to 17.9, still not great but better.2009 chev colbalt.

New York, NY

#516 Jun 16, 2013
Byrne dairy 's 91 or 93 has no ethonal but cost about four dollars a gallon. Fastrac also doesnt have ethanol.

Chico, CA

#517 Jul 10, 2013
EES wrote:
So you'd rather speed up global warming than maybe have your engine last a few days less?
Ethanol is the worst thing we could do for the environment. The stresses, high use of deadly banned pesticides, and worst of all, a complete onslaught of gmo crops invading our lands.
Joe Miller

Mankato, MN

#518 Jul 19, 2013
Global warming and the Ethanol scam.

Al G. and quite a few other wealthy people in our Country are raking in millions of dollars with global warming and ethanol.

The Earth runs through a 25,000 to 35,000 year cycle of warming and cooling. At this time we are nearing the peak of this warming period and the Earth should start cooling in about 200 - 500 years, ocean levels are going to increase as glacial ice decreases adding more fresh water to salt water. New York, Florida, Louisiana, and other low coastal areas will be under water. When the Earth begins the glacial ice will return and ocean levels will drop again. In about 10,000 years land masses will look like they do today. 600 years ago water levels were 300 to 600 feet lower than they are now. Global warming is happening, but not because of man.

Ethanol ... Oh boy, this is a big scam.
You do get less fuel millage with ethanol forcing you to buy more, which forces ethanol plants to produce more which drives up the price of corn which people like Al G. are invested in. Like DUH!

Did you know we can make a high octane fuel out of HEMP? That's right, back around the turn of the 1900's they did make fuel from it but them Black Gold was discovered. Guess who invested in the oil... You all know the truth. Guess why hemp is illegal....You know why.

It's all about greed, and keeping the people dependent on the wealthy.

Do the research yourselves, it takes time but it's rewarding in a way.

I did a study on global warming back in the 80's for school, yes it's been around that long.

You are a free person, do not let yourselves be led astray by the greed of the wealthy.

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