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Delta Dawn

Lady Lake, FL

#22 Jul 8, 2008
So you are another idiot that thinks that Global warming is a fact. It is not. Read, read, read! Even the scientist, who have entered all their data in their mega computers say that they are "puzzled" because it is not showing humans have caused global warming. And Al Gore, that idiot who's movie is one big "fake"! Why do you think they come down on public schools? Because most people like you can't make an intelligent statement!
Bob Dalzell

Spring Hill, FL

#23 Jul 13, 2008
EES wrote:
So you'd rather speed up global warming than maybe have your engine last a few days less?
Ethanol has caused the fiberglass tanks on boats (and fuel lines) TO DETERIORATE and has caused serious explosions. The residue from the fiberglass also destroys engines.

Northridge, CA

#24 Jul 14, 2008
the real problem with "global warming" hysteria has caused major problems in other areas across the boards and even plays into why we are in Iraq!
back in the 1980s the global warming lunatics launched their own doctrine which went like this... we don't need to have evidence in order to take action to prevent something bad from happening.

see if you can relate this idea to any of the following...
stripping away of habeas corpus in America
preemptive war doctrine

and aside from that, global warming can not be implicated in a single death to date, only speculations about Katrina and Sri Lanka etc.

but the sudden shift of growing crops for energy instead of food as mandated by Bush's 2007 energy program will kill 10-20 million this year due to starvation!

meanwhile there is a real solution to increasing gas mileage and it is not expensive and it even transforms your vehicle's emissions into water!
no, not something miraculous from on high... just something that has been heavily suppressed by corporate interests for the last 100 years or so.

you can find out more about it at www.water4gas.usafastway.com

Lake Mary, FL

#25 Jul 16, 2008
DDW wrote:
The earth has been warming and cooling and warming and cooling for eons. It is a natural cycle. The latest warming cycle ended in 1998 and the earth has been cooling for the past 10 years. All the insane government environmental policies will have no effect on climate but they will cause massive unemployment and widespread poverty. And I mean REAL poverty, not the American version, where poor people get fat and live in air conditioned homes with big screen TVs.
I give u kudos for that comment! well said!
Patrick slatery

Powder Springs, GA

#26 Jul 18, 2008
Ward Cleaver wrote:
I want to find a gasoline brand that contains no ethanol, for use in my motorcycle.
There is a Hess station close by that is open 24 hours and that I frequent often.
Does anyone know if Hess uses ethanol in their gasoline?
Or, can someone please tell me of any brand or company that uses no ethanol whatsoever in their gasoline.
Thanks in advance for any answers and advice.
See if you can find a VALERO station .
Same problem in S. Fla. None of the media is reporting the damage ethanol does to outboard etc.
Patrick slatery

Powder Springs, GA

#27 Jul 18, 2008
Valero has no ethanol yet.
if you can find one, maybe Shamrock since they seem to be related somehow.
Nothing but silence in S. Fla. about ethanol damage.
I have a water separator between my fuel tank and my outboard. Still would like to find some station with none because the Valero here is always out of gas.
I also would not like to put it in my generator if we get hit by a hurricane. Considering converting it to LP gas. Ethanol does not store well , needs to be used up.

Summerville, SC

#28 Jul 20, 2008
EES wrote:
So you'd rather speed up global warming than maybe have your engine last a few days less?
Uh yeah! So my engine lasts days longer and the planet warms a nanodegree in decades....sounds like a fair trade.
Tony Soprano

Herndon, VA

#29 Jul 21, 2008
We got a guy over here on the East Coast named Pat Goss, who we put a lot of trust in. You see, Mr.Goss tells us that Ethanol ATTRACTS moisture which mixes with the gas and dilutes the fuel making it weaker and also causes rust to form in the tank.So,us Wiseguys prefer gas WITHOUT Ethanol.Capize?
Ryan Lee

Kelowna, Canada

#30 Jul 21, 2008
Climate change is very real guys... But mixing ethanol with gasoline is a no no... It's not friendly to your vehicle and to the environment...


United States

#31 Jul 22, 2008
I've been using Costco gas which is labeled as 10% ethanol and I just had a fuel injector go bad. Ethanol is known to be hazardous to 300ZX and 350Z injectors. Also, there's not as much energy per molecule in ethanol so it takes more to make the same output as pure gasoline which reduces the MPG your car will get. It's just bad and it's not the ultimate answer to our energy/climate problems anyway so we shouldn't be using it. We should be putting our efforts and resources into long-term solutions, not quick-fix band aids to make the eco-liberals happy. It's just common sense, not political. We need to take the politics and Gore's sky-is-falling mentality out of the public discourse and get down to the business of taking the Saudi Royal Family's hands out of our national coffers.

Pompano Beach, FL

#32 Jul 24, 2008
There are big plans in the works that convert garbage into ethanol. One company that i know of is called InEnTec. In years to come, there will be very little use for landfills, it will be much cheaper than gasoline, it will dramatically reduce greenhouse gases, get better mileage than gas, not hurt your cars engine in any way (it's already being used in race cars), will stop ourselves from funding terrorists, and better our economy by keeping our hard earned money in the US.

Union City, NJ

#33 Jul 29, 2008
unless the fuel we use is 100% ethanol, it does nothing for Global Warming. Our vehicles dropped an average of 12-15% gas mileage with the 10% ethanol/gas blend. Do the math. If you're putting 10% of ethanol and you're using 2-5% more gas due to fuel in-efficiency, you're actually HURTING your "environmental" cause.

From what I understand, a gas station has to put up a sign or sticker on the pump indicating that there is some form of ethanol in it. Most of the stickers read "MAY CONTAIN" up to 10% ethanol. Sometimes it is, sometimes it's not. Round the Lehigh Valley, PA/NJ, Hess/Shell/Delta/USGas all have stickers. The only station I've not found to have a sticker yet is Exxon. Still searching.

Estero, FL

#34 Jul 31, 2008
I went to many station bp, chevron, Hess all had the sign in sw fl. My suburban doesnt like it. Mileage down. Global warming is non existent

East Berlin, CT

#37 Aug 4, 2008
Is it mandatory for stations that sell
ethanol/gas to label their pumps as so ??
Ed K

Pompano Beach, FL

#38 Aug 14, 2008
According to Chevron's website, Chevron is using ethanol:
"Chevron currently blends about 350 million gallons of ethanol each year into the gasoline it sells in the United States."

Spring Hill, FL

#39 Aug 15, 2008
We just spent over $1,000 to have the fuel pump, filter, etc. replaced on my BMW thanks to Exxon premium E10 gas. Florida law requires all stations to use nothing but E10 (gas with 10% ethanol) or worse by 2010, and lots of stations have already converted. I'm hearing it really depends on the station because of the condition of their tanks and the newer the station, the more likely the tank isn't ruined by ethanol contamination. I'm thinking of investing my life's savings in fuel pump manufacturer stock.

Eau Claire, WI

#40 Aug 18, 2008
Joan did you find no ethanol station in madison yet?

Lost Hills, CA

#41 Aug 20, 2008
10 percent ethanol is a federal requiement for motor fuel. You will not be able to buy motor fuel without it, legally.

Lost Hills, CA

#42 Aug 20, 2008
RICK wrote:
Is it mandatory for stations that sell
ethanol/gas to label their pumps as so ??
The answer is YES!

United States

#43 Aug 25, 2008
I just took a Al Gore and on accident I farted ,do I have to take my hard earned money and go to Gore World and purchase carbon credits to off set the smell of b.s.

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