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#352 Apr 16, 2011
If we can get all vehicles to run E85 which is 85% ethanol and 15% gas, maybe we'll be getting somewhere. Our cars would suffer gas mileage but, we would cut our dependence on oil from foreign countries and it should be a lower price on it. 15% ethanol is just spinning our wheels getting us back to square one buying the same amount of oil.

Charlotte, NC

#353 Apr 16, 2011
It seems to me if we are putting 15% ethanol in our vehicles and they are getting 15% less milage out of a tank we are using the same amount of gas (oil). So how are we helping the green house gas situation or cutting back on petroleum use?
bob hooper

Camano Island, WA

#354 Apr 19, 2011
Washington wrote:
You global warming freaks are going to ruin this country, and starve the people
of course..........global warming is a few decades away, our economy is on the verge of collapse. we need to get off of alcohol and the other green stuff and get drilling.........particularly in the gulf of Mexico, the North Slope, the Artic and other off-shore areas.
Using alcohol drives the price of corn up and has not been proven to be cost effective. The higher corn prices drive up the cost of feed for farm animals.
Joe Jones

Tyrone, PA

#355 Apr 20, 2011
Theirs goverment people getting rich over this ethanol Bull Shit.They pass laws makeing us use this stuff just so a few of them can get rich. Just like the N.A.F.T.A. agreement.The big problem in this country is trade. We need equal trade. It needs to b the way it was befor Bill Clinton and the DEM.signed the NAFTA agreement. Look at the mess that they put this country in No Jobs . No good jobs no tax dollars. Gas prices We have Americans dieing in these foreign countries we geet our oil from u think it would be cheep or free. Our governement is by far our worst enemy.

Gadsden, AL

#356 Apr 23, 2011
WKO wrote:
There is no solid dota that shows ethanol to help with global warming, but plenty to show it hurts the performance and gas mileage of your engine.Give us our gas back or find something better than ethanol!
The data is in "ETHANOL" is a bust. Algee is a better option NOT our food!!!!(CORN)

Gadsden, AL

#357 Apr 23, 2011
EES wrote:
So you'd rather speed up global warming than maybe have your engine last a few days less?
And you would rather starve! Algae is a better option not our food! Ethanol is a farce.

Gadsden, AL

#358 Apr 23, 2011
Keith wrote:
<quoted text>
The data is in "ETHANOL" is a bust. Algee is a better option NOT our food!!!!(CORN)

Manteo, NC

#359 Apr 24, 2011
ethanol actually produces more co2 emissions than gasoline, it produces less power than gasoline and ruins everything u put in it I.e. chainsaws weedwhackers 4wheelers...

United States

#360 Apr 24, 2011
If anybody wants to find gasoline that does not have ethanol in it, all you have to do is buy gas that has at least 92 octane. 92 octane gas does not contain any ethanol, only the mid grade and regular, even when a station says "Contains 10% ethanol". Ask a station owner if their 92 octane gas has ethanol in it. I am quite certain they will say it doesn't.

Daytona Beach, FL

#361 Apr 26, 2011
EES wrote:
So you'd rather speed up global warming than maybe have your engine last a few days less?
Global warming has been going on long before man was on this planet. It is a cycle, we have warming then an ice age, then it starts again. Before you accept information from the government as truth, check it out on your own. You'll be surprised how many "truths" they tell us that aren't the truth at all.

Chandler, AZ

#362 Apr 26, 2011
EES wrote:
So you'd rather speed up global warming than maybe have your engine last a few days less?
In many engines, E85 ethanol causes MPG to drop by about 30%. So this means that these engines will use about 30% more fuel than when running with a non-ethanol blend.

This means vehicles running E85 will use 30% more fuel and therefore create 30% more greenhouse gas. Unless you have a brand new car which is designed for ethanol, you will actually pollute more than if you used a non-ethanol fuel.

“Ethically confused ”

Since: Feb 10

Culturally aware

#363 Apr 26, 2011
Man made Global warming is a myth,,, Has every one forgot East Angelia and the Russian hackers exposing this Global Warming hoax ? Ethanol actually produce’s more pollution then normal fuel,,, Oh yes ITS ALSO OUR FOOD!!!! Don’t become sheep and believe this rubbish,,,
Aj Prufrock

United States

#364 May 7, 2011
I like WKO's comment. Of course, it is possible for H2O and Air based cars to function... And if they'd hurry up on that we would be able to have those cars be able to go at desirable speeds.:)
CO2 does do a little number on the Ozone layer, but truthfully it's mostly pollutions from multi-billion dollar companies who are greedy, and want to be trillion dollar companies.

United States

#365 May 10, 2011
Conoco used to be ethanol free and I was getting 27 to 28 MPG. Now with ethanol I get 20 MPG Please tell me how that is saving oil.

Charlotte, NC

#366 May 10, 2011
Geno, you are ablolutly correct. Paul

Cincinnati, OH

#367 May 11, 2011
No hay ningún calentamiento global, es lo contrario, existe un enfriamiento Global, cada invierno es más frío que la anterior.

Cincinnati, OH

#368 May 11, 2011
There is no global warming, is the opposite, there is a Global Cooling, every winter is coldest than the previous.

Tampa, FL

#369 May 19, 2011
All station have ethanol in it. The lover the price of the gas in your area the more ethanol. Hess uses 30% ethanol in their fuel I bet you guys. Ethanol is not good for the cars. As I am M3 driver can't find the gas with no ethanol. It's known that ethanol eats up the buna orings on the pumps and other car parts. So good luck paying more for the car repairs because of cheep fuel... I am thinking to buy golf cart now and drive it to work... f**k this ethanol crap.
Same thing with synthetic oil.
Diesel proves to be the best fuel now.

Charlotte, NC

#370 May 19, 2011
M3power, I hope you are wrong because there are SUPPOSED to be two stations here in salisbury NC that sell high test non ethanol gas. There story is they have it for boats and lawn equipment. I have been using it for about 6 months in my vanden Plau with no problems. Before that the car would just stall out. Paul

San Clemente, CA

#371 May 22, 2011
EES wrote:
So you'd rather speed up global warming than maybe have your engine last a few days less?
I can tell that you still believe in the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunnie and that you will win the lottery. You are rated aone as a "sheeple" or a "land plankton." Unable to think or see thru Al Gore's biggest con. So sad that Americans are sucked in by this.

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