Which Gasoline Companies Do Not Use E...

York, PA

#249 Aug 1, 2010
in central pa, im pretty sure citgo and choice dont have ethanol. ive been told not to use ethanol gas in my dirtbike by someone who knows alot about it, so im not gonna.

Hempstead, NY

#250 Aug 7, 2010
I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee I bought in 1999, it displays average mpg's. I only drive it on weekends and alway's the same route and the average mpg's has dropped almost 2 mpg's since ethanol. I have a 6 cylinder motorcycle and ethanol is to blame for ruining all 6 carbs. If we are using more gallons someone is making more money and destroying our vehicles........

Birmingham, AL

#251 Aug 8, 2010
I've been searching for two answers but found nothing but websites that tried to steer me off in another direction.

First I wanted to know what United States Brand of gasoline has the highest octane and where to find that brand in Alabama, but all I got was websites that tried to answer every question in the world that I did not ask. The Mobile website was the worse about harping on engine cleaning rather than octane WHEN THE SEARCH WORDS THAT I USED WERE VERY CLEARLY ABOUT OCTANE AND THE SEARCH RESULTS CLEARLY IMPLIED THAT THEY HAD THE ANSWER TO THAT AND ONLY THAT QUESTION, BUT THEN THEY TRIED TO WASTE MY TIME WITH SOME MOVIE ABOUT ENGING CLEANING.

The second question was about finding brands that had No Ethanol.

Where is it possible to get a straight answer with only three words Octane - Brand - Location?

I only want to know the list of octane ratings and name of the brand and locations of stations, but I also want absolutely No Ethanol.

Ethanol causes serious damage to yard garden and lawn equipment by eating up the rubber and plastic tubes and hoses.

Birmingham, AL

#252 Aug 8, 2010
Also I don't care about Al Gore and his global warming Fraud.

I want what I want.

United States

#253 Aug 8, 2010
Umm...let me think. yEa! global warming or not I want the gas mileage I paid 4 not that wak crap ethanol.

Charlotte, NC

#254 Aug 13, 2010
EES wrote:
So you'd rather speed up global warming than maybe have your engine last a few days less?
If you are a real "Tree Hugger" (no offense intended), you would only travel by mass transit or bicycle. Do you?? You would use no electricity in your home. Do you?? You would not have a computer because there is no place to dispose of it. Do you??

Charlotte, NC

#255 Aug 13, 2010
If you are a real "Tree Hugger" (no offense intended), you would only travel by mass transit or bicycle. Do you?? You would use no electricity in your home. Do you?? You would not have a computer because there is no place to dispose of it and it takes electricity. Do you??

Concord, NC

#256 Aug 15, 2010
EES wrote:
So you'd rather speed up global warming than maybe have your engine last a few days less?
Will If your car runs like s... You will speed up global warming. so I guess you have something to think about.

Riverton, NJ

#258 Aug 19, 2010
I took my car to my Chevy Dealer because my car would smoke blue when I would first start it up. He recommended that I buy Shell gasoline. We have two dealers in Bethlehem that advertise no ethanol. Check out this web site. pure-gas.org Click on your state and it will give you listings of gas stations that do not add ethanol. I can't prove this site because I try to buy gas at the Shell stations.
Good Luck
Shirley Jackson

Loganville, GA

#259 Aug 20, 2010
the ethanol in gas is BS,,it not only messes up your vehicle it also messes up your lawn equitment and the gov. don't seem to care..just adds more expenses on a person to replace all the yard equitment..not only that mechanical expense's also to the vehicle...
Steve in sandpoint

Marion, SC

#260 Aug 22, 2010
If you happen to live in the ponderay/sandpoint, Idaho area, you are in luck the Co-Op in ponderay has premium fuel....I was getting anywhere from 19.8-21.1 mpg in a 2003 subaru 6 clynder,,,using premium as recomended by subaru. It had ethanol in it. After a couple of tanks of the fuel W/O ethanol I now get 26..1-27.7 MPG!!!! SO I am helping the enviorment,,,I am burning A LOT LESS FUEL,,,not a little,,A LOT. And my car runs better also.

Marietta, GA

#261 Aug 27, 2010
Another brainwashed Liberal

Jonas Ridge, NC

#262 Aug 27, 2010
"The Chevron by me has no enthanol."

Can I PLEASE have the address of this Chevron? That 10% ethanol has reduced my mileage by 30%(not a typo - THIRTY PERCENT). Not to mention the damage it did to my cars fuel system...

Port Clinton, OH

#263 Aug 29, 2010
I just burned up my second chainsaw with enthanol! from now on I will buy cheep ones and throw them away when they blow up.....that is a sure way to keep the economy going (making chain saws).........and keep the landfills working too!

Panama City, FL

#264 Sep 1, 2010
Ethanol was nothing but a cheesy way for John Kerry to get Iowan votes when he ran for pres. It is the dumbest invention since New Coke. You can't put the sheit in your lawn mower or weedeater without them stalling. Damn Kerry and damn stupid Democrats for introducing this slime!

Mableton, GA

#265 Sep 9, 2010
Here is List of Dealers without Ethanol Gas

In my area of Central Virginia its the Sunoco in Massaponax That sells Non ethanol gas. This info will help save my 2 Cycle & 4 Cycle Power equipment & my Lawn Mower. I still recommend MIXING your power equipment fuel with STABIL.

Seattle, WA

#267 Sep 12, 2010
Just took at trip from NJ to NE with a 5.4 F250 towing a 30 foot enclosed trailer with a 2600 pound car in it. Used ethanol based gas on the way there not on the way back. The truck could actually pull the trailer uphill on 80 on the way back and got 3-4 mpg more without that garbage. Range went from 220 to 330. I need to find a gas station without ethanol fuel. Ill pay more for it, I dont care. I can just imagion what a car that is supposed to get good mileage will get and run better...
Anyone (essex county preffered)

Brentwood, TN

#268 Sep 15, 2010
Ward Cleaver wrote:
I want to find a gasoline brand that contains no ethanol, for use in my motorcycle.
There is a Hess station close by that is open 24 hours and that I frequent often.
Does anyone know if Hess uses ethanol in their gasoline?
Or, can someone please tell me of any brand or company that uses no ethanol whatsoever in their gasoline.
Thanks in advance for any answers and advice.
I was just at the dealer ship to have my car worked on because of many months of issues that no mechanic could find a problem. Hundreds of dollars later, I was told to use no ethanol fuel. I found a Citgo station that uses 100% fuel, and no ethanol. "WOW",
It was like driving a new car. Say "NO" to ethanol.

Charlottesville, VA

#269 Sep 15, 2010
KAK from Franklin, TN, what is the car that ran so much better on no ethanol gas? Just curious. I can't say my car runs better on it but, I for sure get better gas mileage. I drive a 2008 Ford Mustang GT and get 30-33 MPG on trips of 200 miles or more regularly. It drops to 27-30 mpg if I use ethanol gas.

Sterling, PA

#270 Sep 21, 2010
I have been using Gas mixed with ETHANOL in it.
I hate it ,because, I don't get the gas mileage
that the book that came with it stated I would.
I wish I knew of gas stations around here
that have ETHANOL FREE GAS .
If any one in this area knows of any
please post a comment
Thank You

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