Which Gasoline Companies Do Not Use E...

New Bern, NC

#185 Jan 30, 2010
I know,(I also know I posted the same comment 3 times, not familiar with the site) is there an ethanol free station in New Bern, NC?
sandy PA

Grenloch, NJ

#186 Feb 5, 2010
ethanol just eat up my car so yes it does hurt the car also boats, chain saws, weed wacker ect. Get the 100% fuel NO on ethanol! Are garage just go 7 cars in this week with fuel pump eatten up by ethanol!

Troy, NY

#187 Feb 10, 2010
EES wrote:
So you'd rather speed up global warming than maybe have your engine last a few days less?
Would actually slow down the global warming, making my engine last longer and my car also gets 5MPG more per gallon. You do the math before you reply!!!
Captain Rich

Chambersburg, PA

#188 Mar 1, 2010
03-01-10 Just returned from Key Largo Florida and a nubmer of Gas stations in the Keys are selling REC 90 fuel for the boaters that trailer their boats. This fuel has no ethanol but cost .25 cents to .35 cents per gallon above regular 10 % ethanol gas. I am told by some boaters that fuel such as that is starting to appear at a limited number of marinas around the Chesapeake Bay. There is one on the lower Potomac in Virginia on the Yeocomico River. Most marinas only have mid-grade.

United States

#189 Mar 4, 2010
reddd wrote:
Does BP gas have ethanol in it? And if so how much as they do not state it on the pumps like many have?
all gasolines have ethanol; sticker only required if it's 10% or more.

United States

#190 Mar 4, 2010
all gasolenes have ethanol; sticker required only if it is 10% or more; another sly move by Washington

Bronx, NY

#191 Mar 10, 2010
oldgnu wrote:
all gasolenes have ethanol; sticker required only if it is 10% or more; another sly move by Washington
1st for clarification, most states do require E10 sticker labeling -While Ohio does not, a decision made by your state, not Washington, even states that require stickers can be very misleading.
There still is plenty of gas being sold in Ohio withOUT ethanol -Ohio is NOT a mandatory ethanol blending state.
If you were testing gas at the pump (literally takes 2 seconds with Quik-Check indicator solution), you would have realized that often gas is ethanol-FREE (Presence and percent of ethanol changes with each and every delivery)...Most important is to avoid gas over-blended = above 10% legal limit, for this you would use a fuel tester (takes about 2 minutes) and gives exact percent alcohol from zero to 30%. Hope you are successful in finding pumps that are ethanol-free. Feel free to contact our company if you need assistance.

Bronx, NY

#192 Mar 10, 2010
Ed Tinney wrote:
As a pilot with a Cessna O-200 in my plane I will not burn ethonol in my engine. It can be damaged due to detnation.
Boys you ask for information on certain dealers without alcohol in their gas.. Check for the label on the pump.. If it has alcolho they are supposed to display it.. If it has no display of alcohol content then simply buy you a small test tube, mark the outside of the testube with a black line about 1 inch from the bottom.. fill with water up to that line.. now add your sample of gas to fill the rest of the test tube.. If the water line rises then you have alcohol in the gas.. If not, no alcohol use it. Alcohol and water mix thus increasing the level of the premarked water line if alcohol is present in the fuel..
Fly safely.. Our governemt is trying to kill us..
ET Alabama
Quik-Check indicator solution is a whole lot quicker (and reliable) than what you are suggesting people do to confirm gas is ethanol-free. Simply put one drop Quik-Check, shake specimen - if gas remains yellow/straw colored it is ethanol-free (and water-free). If specimen turns blue it contains alcohol/ethanol. Even less than 1% ethanol will cause a positive blue result - much more reliable than your home-made method. Quik-Check indicator solution was developed by our company -visit fueltestkit (dot com) for more info. Test requires only 1 drop - costing less than 5 cents/per test. Test takes about 2 seconds to complete.
Royce Pierson

Lutz, FL

#195 Mar 19, 2010
Looking for ethonal free gas in Winter Haven Fl. area

Montgomery, AL

#196 Mar 20, 2010

Since: Mar 10

Location hidden

#197 Mar 21, 2010
Such a shame ethanol is put in gas. There are ethanol free gas stations out there for most of us. Here:

Chris Taylor

Philadelphia, PA

#198 Mar 21, 2010
EES let me clue you in with a little math

"So you'd rather speed up global warming than maybe have your engine last a few days less? "

1996 Plymouth Voyager is my example for you. I drive 40,000 miles a year. I get (got) 28mpg solid in my voyager.

Thats 1428 gallons of gasoline.

On E10 I MAX at 19-20mpg 21mpg is I REALLY REALLY try hard. I will use 20mpg.

Thats 2000 gallons of fuel

so on average I will now burn 572 MORE GALLONS of gas every year now costing me an EXTRA $1487 dollars a year.

Please explain to me how burning 572 MORE gallons of gasoline than I was before is good for global warming?

Exactly who is speeding up global warming?

Since: Mar 10

Location hidden

#199 Mar 22, 2010
Chris Taylor, I agree with your math. Burning more fuel can't be better for the environment. Unless fuel companies can come up with a fuel that emits much less emissions. Ethanol is not that fuel.

Washington, DC

#200 Mar 23, 2010
EES wrote:
So you'd rather speed up global warming than maybe have your engine last a few days less?
Not a few less days. The ethanol causes corrosion and has cost me two top end rebuilds in 5 trips to the track.

Adairsville, GA

#201 Mar 25, 2010
EES wrote:
So you'd rather speed up global warming than maybe have your engine last a few days less?
Global Warming has been prooved to be a billion dollar scam! It was based on a graduate students final paper.( Not your best scource of scientific evidence.).
So give us our gas back, please.

Duncan, OK

#202 Mar 26, 2010
EES wrote:
So you'd rather speed up global warming than maybe have your engine last a few days less?
Global Warming My Ass, You been drinking
The cool aid ??
Daniel Tidwell

Charlottesville, VA

#203 Apr 5, 2010
People should have the freedom to choose what they believe is true about global warming. Ethanol should not be shoved down our throats.

United States

#204 Apr 5, 2010
Anyone looking for the best premium fuel to run their vehicles should be looking for E-85. It's a 106 Octane and you can run it at much higher compression than you can with any gasoline. If any of you are THINKING out there, gas is crap and always has been. Why do you think it needs additives to run in a car anyway? because gas has an avg octane of only 65! Try running really straight gas in your vehicle, even low compression ones and see what happens. You won't like it. If you want to stop losing the little 1-2% mileage from E-10, than do a little tuning. Did any of you morons think that you could change the fuel without making a few minor mods?

United States

#205 Apr 6, 2010
Jay wrote:
<quoted text>
come on man global warming is BS Nasa even said so! You suckers would believe anything coming from the mouths of idiots like Al Gore, Al Sharpton, Nancy Pelosi, and Pat Robertson. Listen, most people who are the slightest bit intelligent will take information coming from other people (especially politicians) and cut it in half , and then only believe and eighth of that.
Jay, You get to keep Pat Robertson. He's your idiot!

Fairfield, CT

#206 Apr 7, 2010

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