I am currently working on a project in India, where the situation has so developed that we need to do Major Heavy Lift Installation in the vicinity of Drilling Operations.

To explain more, there is a Wellhead platform where a Modular Rig is performing drilling at the reservoir level. This particular field is High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) with high ppm of H2S.

We need to install a new process platform about 60-70 meters away from this Well Head Platform. This installation will involve deployment of very big Crane Barge (of capacity ~ 10,000MT) which would install Jacket (3000MT) with Piling and lift several other modules weighing in the order of 4000MT.

Can anybody let me know

-Whether such SIMOPS have been done anywhere in the world ?
-Is it safe to carry out this kind of simultaneous operation?
-What are the major risks involved?
-What are the risk mitigation plans available?

It will be a great help if I get an expert opinion on the subject matter.

Suvadip Das