they need to leave social security disability and survivors benefits alone. for many americans its our only means of income and paying our bills and our only means of survival and if they do away with that there will be millions of homeless hungry and desperate people some will die if its gone others will fight to survive or perish in said fight while trying to survive or make ends meet.

its completely wrong ignorant and abhorrent our government cannot stay on task budget and keep a financial collapse from happening because the potus and his family just wanna be jet setters or vacation and play around and send a huge crap ton of money to foreign countries when that money is needed more in america to fix our problems, its no wonder we are in the mess we are in.
the idiocy in washinton dc has gone way to far and we need to stop their behavior before social security and everything else come crashing down and an entire population are on the streets, and a true civil unrest begins because of the ignorance and dishonesty and everything else coming out of dc. we must nullify and stop their decisions and change their behavior before its too late.