Texas Man Offers $1 Billion For Cance...

Texas Man Offers $1 Billion For Cancer Cure

There are 15 comments on the KWTX story from Jul 27, 2008, titled Texas Man Offers $1 Billion For Cancer Cure. In it, KWTX reports that:

Austin consultant Mike Dewey, 48, has a plan to eliminate breast cancer; he's offering $1 billion to the person who discovers the cure.

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Gail Perry

Bradenton, FL

#1 Jul 27, 2008
"The cure?" Doesn't he realize it's at least five different diseases, most with their own subtypes?
Thomas Risko

Marshfield, MA

#2 Jul 27, 2008
hi. im a student at the global college of natural medicine. through my studies i came across a a natural way to cure many types of cancer. its called essiac tea. the reason no one from the big hospitals and research companies will not tell you is because its made of all natural substances. they cant patent it. so theres no incentive to promote it. in other words there's no money in it to interest big companies. the name of the tea is the name of the nurse who discovered and was cured of cancer by the tea. thousands of others with cancer have been cured by the tea. it was a canadian indian who gave the ingredients to the nurse to cure her cancer. it worked! i hope this info qualifies me for the 1 billion dollar reward.
Thomas Risko

Marshfield, MA

#3 Jul 27, 2008
or you can email me at trisko60@comcast.net hope to hear from you mike dewey. hope your daughters dont get breast cancer i will also pray for you and your family for good health. warmest wishes
Tom Risko
Gail Perry

Bradenton, FL

#4 Jul 27, 2008
Folks, all natural products CAN be patented. Please don't be duped by untruths. Please guard against unsubstantiated claims if there are proven (really proven) options for you. In fact, this product is listed by the FDA as one to avoid under their list of "fake cancer cures."


Plainfield, NJ

#6 Aug 18, 2008
the point is human beings are sick savage organisms that realize they could cure the world of aids types of cancer and many other diseases but they'd rathr be rich temporarily even though we're all going to die. This world is sick and fucked up
Gail Perry

Bradenton, FL

#7 Aug 20, 2008
I think that's nonsense. MY point would be that over and over, research and medicine has gone for cures over profits. Over and over. It's absurd to argue that they could suddenly cure or prevent all the many different diseases that come under the group called "cancer." They're widely varying diseases, you know.
Dennis Chapman

Sacramento, CA

#8 Oct 17, 2008
Doesn't ANYone 'out-there' realize that this Wonderful gift from our Creator, that we call a body, has been given the Awesome ability to 'Cure' ITSELF if only given the right 'ingredients'(?)- and that there is a miriad of 'right-ingredients' in this ALSO Wonderfully provided Earth that we've been given.. Actually I am truly 'sick-n-tired' of all the Ignorance of so MANY supposedly intelligent people about this - when, in FACT, ALL of what I'm saying here, and a whole LOT more, is SO available on the internet in this incredible day of technology - THERE'S LIVING PROOF OUT THERE PEOPLE - And You don't have to look all that far to find it --- HTTP://WWW.NAT-CANCERCURES.COM
Gail Perry

Spring Hill, FL

#9 Oct 17, 2008
What I believe, Dennis, is that God gave us the intelligence to learn about medicine and science and that it is an affront to Him not to use it.

Anyone can make any claim they want on the Internet.

By the way, I wasn't mutilated, and I most certainly haven't been humiliated. Your website, however, is a sales site. Mr. Chapman has a book he would like us to die.

I believe that our 'Father'(quotations yours, from your website) will require you, one day, to answer to Him for coming into a support blog just to sell your book.

Hollister, CA

#10 Nov 9, 2008
I looked up Essiac Tea. The few scientific studies done with Essiac Tea showed little to no antitumoral activity.

Don't be disheartened though. We are close to a cure and there are many drugs and therapies that extend the lives of cancer patients.

I've read some interesting articles on how scientists are using the body's own defenses to combat cancer. There are several groups of scientists who are finding ways to retrain macrophages to attack cancer.

One researcher, Dr. Yamamoto, has claimed a one hundred percent remission rate using a cloned Gc-MAF to reactivate macrophages that have been turned off by tumors. For some reason, though, Yamamoto is still tinkering with his process, telling me that there might be some bugs in his process.
Gail Perry

Spring Hill, FL

#11 Nov 10, 2008
There is no "one cure." Cancer is actually thousands of different diseases.

The reaason Yamamoto is still "tinkering" is that he has no proof. If he had a 100% remission rate he would be too busy receiving his Nobel Prize in medical research to do any more tinkering.

WHY would he think there are aome 'bugs" with a 100% remission rate? I'm sorry but what you say makes no sense.

In fact researchers have tried -- for decades -- to use the body's own defenses to combat cancer. It doesn't work, just as our immune system can't fight anything else off all of the time. This is why we get colds, and the flu.

In fact, the company that developed Herceptin nearly went out of business over the expense of developing Interferon, which turned out to have very limited applications. They, too, thought they had found the "magic bullet" against cancers.

This is a place where people who have cancer, or who have a loved one with it, come to these boards looking for hope. They don't need such snake oil.

We really need to be very, very careful. Genenstein, now being added to various products women consume, is being trumpeted to help bone growth.

It also helps certain kinds of breast cancer tumors to grow. But not others.

Cancer is a GROUP of diseases that share the trait of cells that grow out of control. They are each individual, unique diseases. There will be no one cure for them.

Remember the line "Life finds a way" from Jurassic Park? This is true of many tumor cells. They actually build defenses.
The Teacher

Wellington, New Zealand

#12 Dec 4, 2008
As a long term (20 years) survivor of terminal (fNHL non-hodgkins lymphoma)I can tell you home brewed from scratch using the 4 herbs Essiac is a powerful anti cancer remedy. In numerous cases it Essiac tea has turned back stage 4 cancers.

I will also tell you no-one survives stage 4 cancer long term (15 years plus) without learning the secrets and cures available through alternative medicine.

If you're looking for a simple, magic remedy it does not exist in traditional western medicine. If you're willing to study, look and learn any cancer can be overcome with alternatives readily available to all. Essiac is but one of those alternatives that really does work for many.
Gail Perry

Spring Hill, FL

#13 Dec 4, 2008
Really, Teacher? NO ONE? Except for the two people I know who have used mainstream cancer all the way. Yes, Stage IV. Yes, surviving for 15 years.

However, I would be looking at alternatives also if I had Stage IV and had essentially tried all the mainstream treatments.

Caution is important, however. I've seen several things recommended for breast cancer that actually encourage tumor growth in some cases. Just because something is alternative does not mean it's safe.

Milwaukee, WI

#14 Jan 27, 2009
born wrote:
the point is human beings are sick savage organisms that realize they could cure the world of aids types of cancer and many other diseases but they'd rathr be rich temporarily even though we're all going to die. This world is sick and fucked up
I could'nt have said it any better. Stage IV met.

Varna, Bulgaria

#16 Oct 23, 2013
No substance on Earth can be more powerful than Nature in erasing any diseases from the face of the planet.
Nobody will ever in his/her life get sick of any cancers or any infectious diseases, as well as diabetes, once everybody starts doing my discovery - the PCK - The Personal Cancer Killer - the complete prevention and cure (for those now sick) for kids and adults of any diseases - from the common cold to cancer - just an exercise for a minute a day for prevention and for 2 - 3 minutes a day for the cure - in the comfort of your home - away from any vaccines, drugs, doctors, hospitals, clinics, surgeries, radiation and chemotherapies, etc. Nature has provided us the enormous power of being as healthy as Gods, we just gotta activate it. Cancer Killer is by far more powerful than the immune system itself, keeps it intact, while vaccines devastate it by adverse side effects. No killer viruses, bacteria, germs and cancers on Earth got any chance against the tremendous power of the Cancer Killer - they just die the moment they touch you.
The price of the Personal Cancer Killer for the whole world is US $900 Billion (much less than the $50 Trillion, estimated by economists from the University of Chicago for the discovery of cancer cure, for the USA alone). I accept checks of $5 Million to describe or to show the Cancer Killer personally and how one can stay absolutely healthy all the time, all life long (like a living God - just like me - never getting sick even for a second).


#19 Jul 1, 2017
What happened to this effort? Did Mike raise the money?? How can I contact Mike and inquire?

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