Penn State extension educator, Dave Messersmith came to Brooklyn Township and spoke about European shale gas development, itís complications, and how the continentís governments are working to develop their shale resources. He also discussed shale development in Pennsylvania and exactly what itís meant for the agriculture industry.

Dave Messersmith recently visited Northeastern Pennsylvania to speak to a Brooklyn Township landowners group. Messersmith is an extension educator at Penn State and his job focuses on natural gas development in Pennsylvania as well as throughout the Marcellus Shale play. Messersmith recently returned from a trip to Europe where he presented on shale gas development in the United States and how similar benefits can be accrued to European nations that embrace natural gas development.

European Shale Development

While in Europe, Messersmith spent a majority of his time in Poland, educating citizens there on shale gas development that has occurred in the United States. He also noted (see video below) the difference in how mineral rights are handled in the U.S. as opposed to overseas.

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