Mobile Marketing Strategies
Donít Get left behind Mobile Marketing is the new Gig!
In times where billions are spent on advertising and effectiveness is crucial; in fact modern day managers are learning how to save on advertising dollars by using mobile marketing. From my research most companies offer a limited service:
SMS Texting
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Voice Mail Forwarding
The difficulty I had was using and paying two many companies. I wanted a better way to advertise and reach my customers. Waiting for customers to check their mails with all those restrictions and Anti-Spamming Laws, I had to find another way hence I started to such for a company that would offer me an all in on formula in Moblie Marketing. What was striking was that most people do not read your emails, they are bombarded with too many emails everyday saying the same thing. I get over three hundreds everyday, I only read a few. However research has shown that 95% persons read their text messages. So what happens if I can run a mobile campaign, collect leads, run contest and send out special announcements in real time. Mobile marketing allows that , imagine being able to send a personalized voice mms message to your preferred customers or even collecting payments from a mobile phone. The potential is endless for affiliate and companies. Hence I have selected TRUMPIA to assist me with my marketing and now I am able to stay in touch with my team members and customers. Imagine the possibilities that this can do for you.