We are offering complete business, your own gold mine, for less than US $40,000.

The initial investment shall be around US $20,000 for equipment, tools, gold recovery plant, accommodation, pumps, and other basic expenses necessary for production. The other US $20,000 you should keep for operating expenses such as labor, fuel, and daily mining expenses.

We offer full and complete consulting, guidance and startup in Tanzania, including company incorporation, license, bank account, local director, investment plan and incentives, contract with the local license owner, more than 30 lands available, and it includes guarantee that there is gold. You are going to produce 3 kilogram of gold before you will be required to pay our consulting fee, amounting to 2 kilograms of gold. We are managing the business, and you are learning. After you have produced 3 kilograms + 2 kilograms, you will know there is gold and may continue or expand investment into larger operation.

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