Looking For Buyer/Copper Or Gold.
KOFIANCO 48R 27 D 117 M


#143 Dec 28, 2010
tangi wrote:
Dear sir,
SOCOMINE sprl(cooperative miniere de Dikulushi). The Group's principal activities are the copper and gold mining and processing, mine development, mineral exploration, prospecting and the evaluation of mineral acquisition opportunities. The Dikulushi copper mines produces a high-grade concentrate of copper ,gold andsilver, which is smelters in D.R.Congo, trucked to Zambia for further processing. On September 11, 2006, the Group completed its acquisition of an additional interest in many small copper producers in D.R.Congo.
country of origin: D.R.Congo
loading country : Dar es salaam/Tanzania
-our commodities:
1-1. Product: Copper Cathodes (Electrolytic Grade)
Min. Cu-purity: 99.99%
.Size: 914mm X 914mm X 12mm (appr.)
Weight of each sheet: 125kgs +/- 1%
Net weight of each pallet: 2M/T +/- 1%
Min. weighs in each container: 20 M/T appr
Gross weight of each container: 22.2M/T appr.
Packing: palletized banded by aluminum bands
capacity per month 5000 M/T
2-Gold nuggets,+22 carats, purity 97% min
capacity per month 150 to 200 kgs
price USD 15,550.00 per KG FOB
if interested please contact us for more information
e-mail address: [email protected]
Sales Director
isaiah namba

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, United Republic of

#144 Dec 30, 2010
gold,diamonds,uranium,copper,i ron ores,mines needed
forwarded details at email:internationalprojects12@ yahoo.com

Chevy Chase, MD

#146 Jan 10, 2011
I have several buyers who are looking for Copper Cathode(From Chile),Gold Bars/Dust/Bullions(swiss Procedure) on a long term contractual basis.

Our Buyers know this business very well.
No Upfront payments
CIF rates with simple procedure

Seeking offers only from confirmed sellers only.
If not it will be waste of time for us.

[email protected]


#149 Feb 5, 2011
hello all,

I have read lots and lots of ad who cliams they sell gold , listen carefull i only no of 1 person who you can get gold dust or bar from in Bamako Mali his by name Samuel Ciko his email address is [email protected] if other do sell i have not confirmed but ciko i directed someone and at the end of the day my cliant got the gold down here in UK.

Thanks Samuel for making me proude good luck hope to send you more buyers but please you have to add something on the commision

Bamako, Mali

#150 Feb 10, 2011
Dear Sir / Madam

We representing a gold mining here in Mali in West Africa we are looking for gold buyers all over the world
Commodity: AU gold dust
Quantity: 3000 kgs
22 carat plus
Purity: 99.9
Commission to who link us to buyer to 2000 USD per kilo and it will be mention in agreement that will be involve
Price: 20.000 $/ KG
Origin: Rep. du Mali in west Africa

1_ Buyer or his representative have to come and verify the evidence of the product in Bamako Mali.
2 _ Buyer have to support expenses of exportation as: custom fees, fiscal fees, insurance, and fret, transit from Bamako Mali to his destination (Refinery)
3 _ all those fees must be paid to the shipper by the buyer after sample test and weight accordingly.
4 _ Seller or his representative have to follow the buyer with the consignment to the refinery and take in consider the quantity of impurity to be deducted from the initial total quantity.
5 _ all expenses made by buyer must be refunded from what he will pay to seller after refinery.
7 _ In case of intermediary who links us to a buyer, his commission 6%.

If you are interesting in our offer we are ready to send our export lincens to you certificate of origin. Etc.

Marketing Manager
. Sule musa
Reply here
[email protected]
Yoshio Sahara

São Paulo, Brazil

#151 Feb 15, 2011
Reqired: Gold Nuggets 24 carats, purity 98.8%+, Qt. 100 to 500Kgs Monthly, let us know urgently your price CIF ASWP airport.



#153 Feb 17, 2011
i'am gold dealer and am looking for buyer and i will the buyer to contact my email adress:[email protected] om...this email.
Kwasi Asomah


#154 Feb 17, 2011
i'm Kwasi Asmoah and a gold dealer obuasi mining company ... am looking for buyer here, so if you are interested in the business try to contact me here on this email address gmail:[email protected] m...and i will link you through the detail .. This my number you can me so phone to have some talk..+233261671320..we can talk about the business..You can check the company website.http://www.mining-tech nology.com.

Bamako, Mali

#155 Mar 7, 2011
Dear sir,we are gold seller and we will like to business with you,We are seeking for a serious buyer who can be taking our gold on every
month. Our price and condition is negotiable and comfortable for any serious
buyers that really want to do business with us.

We deal on FOB and CIF provided the buyer can meet up with our requirement for the FOB or CIF.

Kindly confirm your interest and quantity and also specify your choice either FOB or CIF and area of delivery to enable us send you details.

Below is our procedures.

Seller issue FCO to Buyer, buyer will check the FCO and make amendment if needed and send back to Seller for approval.

Price and details of the gold will be furnished in our next mail upon your response and confirmation of your delivery option either FOB or CIF.

Seller will issue SPA to Buyer after signed FCO copy received from buyer, Buyer will check SPA and make amended if needed and send back to Seller for approval.

Seller will assist buyer with letter of invitation to secure visa to visit Mali if the transaction is on FOB.

Buyer will issue the required or agreed instrument such as BG, SBLC or LC to Seller nominated bank account with 5 working days of signed contract if the transaction is CIF.

Seller will send delivery schedule to Buyer after confirmation of buyer instrument swift copy.

Seller will send complete export documents to buyer via email before the departure of the gold from Mali .

If the above is ok for you, then kindly revert back to us for transparent business.

Best regards,
please contact us directly [email protected]
Paul Abah

Lund, Sweden

#156 Mar 9, 2011
Dear sir/madam

We are willing to deliver AU Dust CIF to UK ,USA. NO UP-FRONT, PRE-PAYMENT, etc.

- 22+ CARATS
- Price $28,000 per killo
starting 50KG
We can also sell through PMMC OR AA REFINERY


(1) Seller delivers CIF to UK/USA and HONG KONG
(2) Buyer meets Seller representative and do random test of Gold Dust.
(3) On successful random test, Buyer to pay 20% of value.
(4) Seller representative and Buyer take Gold Dust to refinery for smelting and assay.

(5) Following satisfactory assay report from refinery, Buyer to make balance 80% payment to Seller.FOB PROCEDURES:Terms and condition: buyers or his representative will come down to (Accra-Ghana) for the inspection and random sampling of our Gold Dust. or make

planes for the goods to be shipment to he/she destination.
Please call me as soon as you get this mail for further information.

mail:[email protected]

Best Regards.
Paul Abah

Accra, Ghana

#157 Mar 15, 2011
My dear respectable one,

Good day I am Brain Smith, the only son of Late, Mr/Mrs Yonli S. Anyaaorah and also originally from liberia but currently live Ghana here. a licensed solid mineral (Gold, Diamond, Cocoa merchant Importer and Exporter) during his days. Recently before my parents passed away in the Hospital due to a ghastly motor accident, my dad called me privately and informed me that he had a deposited valued of ($4.5 million USD) also with 250 kilos,(22 /24 Carat) ALLUVIAL GOLD DUST which he intended to move abroad for investment on my behalf before his sudden death.

Please if you are interested to assist me, get back to me so that I can tell you more about myself and the reason why I am contacting you in this regards for your assistance.

Thanks and kind regards to your family.

Sincerely yours,
Brain Smith,
[email protected]

Bamako, Mali

#159 Mar 29, 2011
Dear Sir,
We are seeking for a serious buyer who can be taking our gold on every
month. Our price and condition is negotiable and comfortable for any serious
buyers that really want to do business with us.

Below are the details for our Gold.

Commodity - Au Gold Bar

Quantity - Buyers choice

Purity - 93.6%

Carat - 22+

Price -$26,000usd.

Payment Term – 10% Up Front & 90% after delivery and Assay of the gold in
buyer destinated refinery

Procedures –

1). Seller issues FCO and send copy to Buyer.

2). Buyer study FCO and send back a signed copy with his Passport copy with
his flight details to MALI .

3). Seller will assist the Buyer to open a Bank Account in any of BANK
international Bank in the name of Buyer for transfer of FUND 10% up front to
enable the Seller pay for charges for the first shipment trial order.

4). Buyer will inspect the 100kg and sealed up the box with his padlocks
and sign on the boxes before sending the boxes back to custom.

5). Seller pay for the exportation documents arrangement which will be
ready in maximum of 72hours.

6), Seller or his representative or his Transitter will fly with the Buyer
on the same flight with the 75kg to 100kg from Mali to buyer destinated refinery
for assay of the gold.

7). The Buyer will pay Seller by SWIFT the 90% cost for the 100kg in
72hours after delivery and assay of the gold and other shipment can follow
immediately based on Buyer schedule for delivery and his availability to
receive shipment.

You are also welcome for partnership agreement with us in our mine if you
are interested and all we need is a reliable buyer, partnership and long
last business relationship.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Looking forward to do business with you.
[email protected]
Margaret Prescod


#160 Mar 30, 2011

we have mining equipment from india , can give for cheap rent .
interested parties can apply

Bamako, Mali

#161 Mar 30, 2011
ZenithGold, an association of miners from the SENSO MORILLA district of Sikasso, region of the Republic Of Mali.
We are into gold mining and marketing, we source for buyers for Gold and companies, individuals or corporations interested in partnering with us in the mining business, as investors.
Our Terms of trade. we do not collect any form of up front payment for our gold until the buyers satisfaction with the refinery assay report tat confirm the said quality of the Gold.
commodity : Au (Alluvial Gold)
Quantity : 350 kg
Quantity 22 carat
Origin Mali.
Purity 92.3%
Price:$ 23.000 par kilo
for more information contact us.


#162 Apr 5, 2011
Dear Sir,

We have some quantity of gold dust we would like to sell to serious buyers.

We have large quantity of gold dust that we would like to sell to intrested buyer/s, only serious buyers are welcome for negociation.

We have at present the followings..........

Alluvial Metal.

Form: Gold in dust.
Quantity: 350kgs
Purity is 92.95% plus
Price based on shipping procedure ( CIF or FOB ).

We would like to go into a long term supply contract with intrested buyer and or firm, we do not want time wasters, only serious buyers are welcome to shipping negociation.

We also ship on CIF and FOB procedure which will be stated in our unsanitized Full Corporate Offer,( FCO ) which will be sent to buyer if intrested in our offer, then we can negociate about our shipping processes.

Most buyers request samples from us inother to test the quality of our product before placing their order, you are welcome to request for sample from us which we are covery much willing to send to serious buyer (SERIOUS BUYERS SHOULD CONTACT US AND NOT TIME WASTERS)

Give your reply for us to start a long term business relationship, also we would like to have a buyer that is willing to invest in the mining industry here as joint venture with serious buyer.

I await your response is you are serious.

Daniel Koroma
[email protected]
james sangi

Tanzania, United Republic of

#164 Apr 30, 2011
im looking for buyers who are intrested in gold bars, we are ready to supply 200kg of gold every month or more on CIF or FOB basis, we are located in tanzania,dar es salaam

bet regrads
[email protected]

Ajah mariam


#165 May 4, 2011
am Ajah mariam agent in two mining companys we are looking for sirous gold buyers cantact [email protected]

Satellite Provider

#166 May 5, 2011
Dear Sir
We are direct seller of scrap metals and scrap coppers,Gold,used rail,scrap battery,hms1/2 ,Aluminum,Gold Dust , Diamond, we sales at a good rate,any interested buyer should kindly contact us for more details,
Looking forward to hear from you
[email protected]
Guinea Conakry
Musa Camara

Montréal, Canada

#168 May 9, 2011
After we will agree on the final price then I will send you our FIRM procedure and schedule.

It will cost me over 41,5% of taxes and multiple fees before even I will be able to release your gold dust from Customs (make sure your price will be as near as 15,000USD/Kg), then we will talk procedure and regular bi-weekly schedule

Thank you
[email protected]
Gege Tony


#169 May 12, 2011
Dear Sir
We are private small-scale mining company, duly registered with Government for extraction/mining and export of gold dust out of Ghana. We have about 700 kilograms of gold dust for sale.
The specification of the alluvial gold dust is as follows:
Quantity: 700 Kilograms
Quality: 22.4 carats or better
Purity: 92.7% or above
Price: USD30,000 Per Kg
Commission: 3%
Form: Dust
Origin: Ghana
Commodity: Alluvial Gold dust
Payment Term: KTT
We can ship the gold dust to USA, UK, THAILAND and EUROPE with no upfront
Payment from the buyer if he/she is ok with the terms and procedures of the shipment.
If interested, get back to us for more details. All our company documents are available for verification.
Please for inquiry about our offer please add your email address to your message for our reply.
[email protected]

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