Hello all
I am looking for suggestions as to where to find the following described service.

I have 6 delivery trucks on the road servicing the entire state of CT. What I would like to find is a logistics system that allows me to at a glance locate all of my trucks. Additionally I would like to be able to see how much product is still on the truck. Ideally this would be integrated with a route planning system that I could edit from my office.

What ever combination of technology it requires, I want to be able to receive a call from a customer and have the system tell me exactly where the call originated from, and then I want to know which of my trucks is closest, and if it has enough product to make the delivery. Lastly I want my drivers to receive a notification via on screen display of the change in route accompanied by GPS guidance.

If any one can guide me here it would be greatly appreciated. Our business is growing and we are sadly still using a written route setup and we are simply too busy to not streamline our system