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#1191 Aug 11, 2013
Jayleen wrote:
How woild i lnow is a real silver? I have milor 925 made inItaly. Need asap .. Thanks
Hi Jayleen,
Following are three quick ways that can help you detect if it is a real silver or a fake.
1)Silver has a nice ringing sound when it is tapped. If it is a coin, you can flick it into the air. Alternatively, you can gently tap it with another coin. In both instances, you should hear a high-pitched bell-type ring that lasts about 1-2 seconds. The silver quarter ring will be much higher-pitched compared to the dull ring of the copper quarter
2)If you place an ice cube on a silver coin or bar, the ice will begin to melt immediately. Obviously, ice will melt if placed on anything at room temperature, for example, but if placed on silver it will melt much more quickly and impressively. Try it!
3)Silver is not magnetic. If you place a strong, rare-earth magnet called a Neodymium magnet on a silver coin or bar, it should not easily stick to it.
For more information you can consult the pawnbrokers at NextPawn.
Dam rising

United States

#1194 Aug 14, 2013
On one side stamped 925 an the other side has stamped 6 NV whats the NV stand for

New Zealand

#1197 Aug 21, 2013
Hi there. Have a ring stamped 14k and also has 992. Does anyone know what that means? Purchased as Art Deco. Cheers.

Sutton Coldfield, UK

#1198 Aug 23, 2013
I have a very heavy gold coloured rope chain but the hall mark says 777 is it real or fake ?
Ed Meyer

Liberty, MO

#1199 Aug 23, 2013

"777" is a logo mark, the company is known for cheaper jewelry, Not saying that yours is not real, but All pieces that I have come across marked 777 have not been "real".
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
Ed Meyer

Charlotte, NC

#1201 Aug 25, 2013
Dave wrote:
<quoted text> The 417 just means its 10k gold. Each karat of gold has a number to go with it. the 417 is the amount of gold in the object.:)
If 417 means 10k gold my ring has 14k HSN 7. what does that mean. I thought I paid for 14 k
Ed Meyer

Liberty, MO

#1202 Aug 25, 2013
Angie, 14k is .586 pure gold, HSN is the makers mark and the 7 is likely the size or pattern/style number.

Ed Meyer

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#1204 Aug 26, 2013
Dee wrote:
I have a very heavy gold coloured rope chain but the hall mark says 777 is it real or fake ?
I consulted the pawnbrokers at NextPawn and according to them 777 is a European mark meaning 77.7% pure gold.

Lawrence, MA

#1205 Aug 27, 2013
mollie wrote:
My bracelet says jdk 925 10 k what does this mean the letters jdk

The 925means its silver with 10 karat gold not sure about the jdk part but my guess is its gold plated silver witch is worthless

Croydon, UK

#1206 Sep 1, 2013
did you everfind out what this hallmark was

Croydon, UK

#1207 Sep 1, 2013
Russ wrote:
I have a very very long necklace which goes back in my family as far back as I can remember i would like to know if this is gold it has what looks like a bell shape BAR then 375.
Can anyone help.
did you ever find out?
Ed Meyer

Liberty, MO

#1208 Sep 1, 2013
SHAL wrote:
<quoted text>
did you ever find out?
Shal, your mark "375" is the europaean mark for 9 karat gold.

Ed Meyer

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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

#1209 Sep 2, 2013
You can read some tips on Internet and try it. But maybe at risk :(

Taguig, Philippines

#1210 Sep 3, 2013
Ed Meyer wrote:
Amazing how many people on here that I have helped, and yet not one single "rating" received.....We live in a "gimmee" world apparantly and help is EXPECTED and yet not generally appreciated!
Ed Meyer
Sir what PG 750 stand for? Is it Pure Gold 750.This is the stamp on my diamond pendant.the chain has Italy and 750 stamp.

Taguig, Philippines

#1211 Sep 3, 2013
I do have a diamond pendant. i'm curious whats PG 750 stands for? Its a white gold jewelery. The chain has Italy and 750 stamp.
Ed Meyer

Liberty, MO

#1212 Sep 4, 2013
The 750 means 18k and the PG li likely a makers mark.

Overland Park, KS

#1213 Sep 4, 2013
So Grouchy and one of those know it all's! If you don't like something then just ignore it and quit acting so high and mighty! Some of us do read the other post and use our brains on broadening our horizons! Simply IGNORE! Life is to short to be freaking out over the small stuff! I am assuming that you understand that everyone is different and may have different answers. An individual might not understand the information shared but might understand another persons because they explained differently. Plus, they're a lot of us that go to work, care for our family by having to cook, clean, help with homework. We might not be on the forum as much as others. After everything I do in a day gives me hardly anytime left to read all of the ?'s & answers. So you feel free to disagree and we will to. Unless the question concerns you or the answer, then just ignore. Chill out and quit sweating the small stuff in life. I am so sick of everyone being so judgmental for no reason? Try not to sweat the small stuff. Nobody enjoys it even you. Maturing helps be more independent, and to not care if someone is repetitive. You have no idea what that person is feeling. There could of been an accident, lost someone, and etc.... I think you are better than that comment. I have learned to put just worry about yourself. Thanks :)
Ed Meyer

Liberty, MO

#1214 Sep 5, 2013
Fine Rach, You've been so helpful, I will now unsubscribe and you can get your kicks out of screwing people. And by the way you self righteous DA, You are the one being "judgemental" over the "small stuff", You seem not to care that some of the "suggestions" offered by some of the more ignorant people here, are going to cost some of the readers of this forum to LOSE BOTH MONEY and some actual relics!
Ed Meyer

Liberty, MO

#1215 Sep 5, 2013
And by the way you self centered piece of feces, I DO actually work for a living, long hours and manual labor, so get your head out of your posterior and have facts before spouting off.
I come to this site to HELP people, I done make any money off it, get no recognition and yet have helped many, so SCREW YOU!

Greenville, MS

#1216 Sep 5, 2013
Ok I have a necklace took it to a place here he said it was real diamonds all around the charm but its not marked silver or gold! An it didn't test for either so how do you figure that one out? It looks to be white gold to me but do they put diamonds in stuff that's not real?

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