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gold necklace

Ronan, MT

#780 Oct 2, 2011
I got a gold necklace that is stamped 14k and 585.
On a 14k acid test on test stone the streak does not dissapeare. If the acid is put on the chain it will eventyally turn a brown color, does not turn green.
what say you

Houston, TX

#781 Oct 4, 2011
Ed Meyer

Kearney, MO

#782 Oct 5, 2011
Gold necklace, Your acid test turns brown likely since your item may only be 12 or 13k. The statek gold content of marketable items is basically a "guideline" 14k marked pieces generally fluctuate between 12 and 15k Items marked "warranted 14k" ,(along with other karat values) is a guarantee of the stated gold content.
otherwise, the standard deviation applies.
So yes, your item is gold, and would likely sell at the stated karet value.
David, If your item is marked 14k, in all liklihood, it is gold, but remember, there are quite a few counterfieters out there waiting to take advantage of unwary buyers. As I have stated before here, the one REAL way to test your gold is to buy an acid testing kit, These are available throughout the web for around $25, a search on Google will yield plenty of reputable companies that sell the test kits.
Also, remember, there are a lot of artisan made jewelry pieces out there that are not marked at all!

Olney, MD

#783 Oct 8, 2011
okay so i have a gold chain an it doesn't have any numbers on it ,but it does say sabry ,is it real or not, i did the make up test an the mark was black but wat is sabry?

Kathleen, FL

#784 Oct 15, 2011
i got a necklace that say 14k on the clasp is it real or fake ? i no nothing about jewelry

Kathleen, FL

#785 Oct 15, 2011
i have a chain that says 14k i=on the clasp hook thing is it real gold ?
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Upper Marlboro, MD

#786 Oct 16, 2011
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Crawley, UK

#787 Oct 17, 2011
Patty wrote:
I have a question for someone, and have repeatedly hit a dead end, in searching. I have a necklace that says 24K,(I understand that one) then next to that it has the letters GB, I want to know what does GB stand for.... HELP
gold based I think

Since: Oct 11

San Jose, CA

#789 Oct 24, 2011
The only way is to melt it down, but of course it will destroy the jewellery.http://www.jewelryma

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#791 Oct 25, 2011
The best thing to do is to take it to a gold jewelry store. The color of the metal will tell you and it should not have any tarnish on it as gold does not tarnish.

Indianapolis, IN

#792 Oct 28, 2011
I have a ring and it is gold colored but i dont know if it is real. It has the initals CWR on the inside. Does anyone know what CWR stands for give me someone who can tell me what it means?
ughh confussed

Worcester, MA

#793 Nov 3, 2011
I had a question what does it mean when a gold chain has Bj18k printed on it does this mean its fake


#794 Nov 4, 2011
I forgot to mentsion that its also quite heavy....16grams


#795 Nov 4, 2011
It seems my previous message didn’t post ???
Someone gave me a thick plain gold looking band ring and said it is fake and made from brass.  It is stamped 18k and .750. inside. I did a couple of home tests just for the heck of it.  The makeup test left a black mark on my skin, the streak test on unglazed porcelain made a gold colour streak, no matter how hard I press, it won’t scratch glass.  It seems soft and peels easily with a sharp knife and is not attracted to a magnet at all.  I also heard that if you hold the gold against an open flame until the gold blackens and it wipes off easily with no “after stain” then it’s real???  Also if I look carefully I see a few tiny dents and bumps on the surface of the ring.  I took it to a small time jeweller who told me it is actually solid gold just by looking at it with some type magnifying glasses helmet thingy, then weighed it in at 16 grams.  My only concern is that it leaves a slight greenish decolourization/mark around my finger where the ring is, can this happen with real 18k gold??? Could the person that gave it to me be mistaken and if so should I offer to give it back???

Fort Worth, TX

#796 Nov 4, 2011
Unkown Person wrote:
ok i have a square peice of gold and i wanna no if its real... on the front it says "Credit Swiss 1oz FINE GOLD 999.9" and at the bottom of this square piece of gold it has some numbers that are "198010" and than theres a lot of lil boxes on the back that say "credit Swiss" in it and i used a magnet and it doesnt stick 2 it and i was wondering if u guys would know if it was real or fake?
go to WWW.swissamerica put in the info on the gold square, I do believe that it is valuabe and I have recently gotten involved with Swiss America and have learned alot!!
Ed Meyer

Kearney, MO

#797 Nov 4, 2011
"Unknown Person", sounds like you have an authentic gold bullion "bar" The ""Credit Swiss 1oz FINE GOLD 999.9" is self explanitory, the number underneath is the serial# and the "boxes" on the back are Tax Stamps. Sounds like you have a 1 oz pure item.
Ed Meyer

Kearney, MO

#798 Nov 4, 2011
If you want to test the piece yourself without buying a test kit, you can go to the hardware store and purchase a bottle of Muratic Acid,(AKA Hydrochloric acid) If you drop your item into a small dish of the acid, it will react to any non gold "base metal" by changing the affected spots to either dark brown, black or even green. If your item is left soaking for about 8 hours, you should have your answer.
Muratic/Hydrochloric acid will not have any effect on gold, but will discolor as stated above any base metals.
The 18k mark is self explanitory, the .750 is the european mark for 18k gold. As far as the ring turning your skin green....this is indicative of either copper or brass....dont get me wrong, some people do have the skin reaction to karat gold due to the alloy/mixture of gold. 18k is .750% pure gold, and the alloy making up the remaining 25% could very well be copper or brass. I suggest that you have the ring tested or do the muratic acid test yourself just to be sure. WARNING Muratic/Hydrochloric acid fumes are VERY STRONG, I recommend that this test is done in a WELL VENTALLATED AREA and avoid breathing the fumes.

Auckland, New Zealand

#799 Nov 6, 2011
i have a key it says 24 ct ,,i really want to know if its gold,,i try the magnet doesnt stick to it,,what else i can try to find out if its real plz

Canmore, Canada

#800 Nov 6, 2011
Ed Meyer wrote:
The 14k does indeed tell you that it is gold, the either 8 or B inside the circle would be the makers mark, whithout seeing it or a picture of it I cannot identify the maker.
Hope this helps.
Ed Meyer
Hi Ed,
My wife found a nice ring today that has the 14KT and Italy stamped on in along with a capital B inside of 2 concentric circles. We'd like to find out who made it if you have any ideas please shoot me an email and I can send you a photo. [email protected]
Ed Meyer

Kearney, MO

#801 Nov 6, 2011
Lynn, I would be very interested is seeing photos of your key, Never have I seen a 24k key.....pure gold being seemingly too soft for a key...unless it was strictly an ornamental piece. I would be happy to look into it for you if you'll send photos to [email protected]
Ed Meyer

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