How Could U Tell If Jewelery Is Real ...
arlene roberts

Christchurch, New Zealand

#404 Jun 4, 2009
i have this necklace,there;s stamped of 383,what this mean,how many ct it is reply pls.
arlene roberts

Christchurch, New Zealand

#405 Jun 4, 2009
what is 383 stamped means,how many carats reply pls.

Buffalo, NY

#408 Jun 21, 2009
I think you just need to polish the one that's turning black or have it tested because silver does not have a rhodium plate. Silver is silver...ahh beautiful silver.
Nimit wrote:
<quoted text>
I think the one of the items stamped 925, that isnt changing color still has a rhodium plating over it. This method is used to keep the item white, and avoid discoloration. With out the rhodium plating, silver would turn dark after time.
Jim R

Richmond, IN

#409 Jun 30, 2009
The magnet text is not conclusive! I tried it, while gold doesn't attract to a magnet nor does, copper, nickle, silver or zinc.
maria viner

Carindale, Australia

#410 Jul 9, 2009
jessica wrote:
hey i just bought a gold has417 AP on the clasp, it also says made in italy, what does this mean and if the 417 means its fake is the whole thing fake or just the clasp?
hi jessicea 417 is 10ct/kt gold so it is probably real

United States

#411 Jul 10, 2009
i have a bracelet that has w germany stapmed on inside what does that mean

Minneapolis, MN

#412 Jul 11, 2009
You can usually tell if its real gold by either a marking stating what its caret quality/quantity is or by its coloration. If a "gold" piece of jewelry does not have a sheen or a luster to it, then most likely its not real gold, or even plated. If your piece you are looking at does not have a sheen or luster even after you clean it, and has no visible marking stating that it is so, gold. Then the piece is of a lesser valued medal.
If you want great jewelry at a low price, you should check out this website I found. I have bought some really nice pieces that should have cost me hundreds, and some cases thousands, for pennies on the dollar.

Eugene, OR

#413 Jul 16, 2009
Unkown Person wrote:
ok i have a square peice of gold and i wanna no if its real... on the front it says "Credit Swiss 1oz FINE GOLD 999.9" and at the bottom of this square piece of gold it has some numbers that are "198010" and than theres a lot of lil boxes on the back that say "credit Swiss" in it and i used a magnet and it doesnt stick 2 it and i was wondering if u guys would know if it was real or fake?
ya that is definetly real and worth between 900 and a 1000 dallars

Ingram, TX

#415 Jul 25, 2009
curty wrote:
<quoted text>
search under GOLD HALLMARKS you will find it there...I probably is real
PD is a company called Premier Designs and they do sell jewelry, and their logo is a crown. go to the website and compare the logos, i don't know if they sell solid gold but they do sell very high quality costume jewelry.
sarah h

Bournemouth, UK

#416 Aug 1, 2009
I have a milor italy bracelet but it has a magnetic clasp and I cant find it anywhere on any websites does this mean it isnt real,, need answer as quick as possible please =)
Dave UK

Colchester, UK

#417 Aug 1, 2009
Bracelets and chains with a sprung clasp have a steel spring inside which will be attracted to a magnet this is normal

Noblesville, IN

#418 Aug 3, 2009
when looking for hallmark's it also is important too remember the letter c was also used to denote gold caret..example 14c or 18 c esspecially in antique piece's..
Raene Read

Cheyenne, WY

#419 Aug 10, 2009
Siobhan in Ireland wrote:
I just bought some jewellery which I was told was Lebanese. It is a lovely piece which nearly looks like rose gold, but I am not sure if it is real. It has a 777 stamp on it? Does thing mean anything to anyone? I paid very little for it so am not concerned as such, merely curious!
777 means 77.7% pure which I think is 18k... 14k is 58.5% or 585

Somerville, VA

#420 Aug 10, 2009
Kris wrote:
Hi all,
I have a bracelet that looks silver but instead of the usual 925 stamp it has 10k, does anyone knoe what this means?
Hi 925 10 k means 10k silver or 10k gold plated silver.

Timisoara, Romania

#421 Aug 11, 2009
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Kent, WA

#422 Aug 13, 2009
Someone wrote:
K guys if it is real gold it will have a stamp somewhere on it saying 10k 14k 18k etc. and if it doesnt i would be almost sure its not real gold
I have to disagree with you there, I have a lot of older rings that either were never marked or the marks have worn off. Just bring a ring etc into a jewelers and have them test it, i have never had to pay for this service.

Kent, WA

#423 Aug 13, 2009
ssss wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi 925 10 k means 10k silver or 10k gold plated silver.
There is no 10k silver. 10K means gold, I'd gather that the bracelet is white gold. If it were gold plated silver it would say 10k plate or 10k and sterling.

Kent, WA

#424 Aug 13, 2009
arlene roberts wrote:
what is 383 stamped means,how many carats reply pls.
approx 9karats

Kent, WA

#425 Aug 13, 2009
m7babykitten wrote:
<quoted text>
It's real. Real gold will not stick to a magnet. What you actually have is a piece of 999.9%(almost pure) gold ingot. The numbers on the bottom, if followed by a slash somewhere between the numbers, means it could be a limited edition piece. Credit Swiss would be the company the gold ingot was made at. Quite frankly, I could be jealous because it is real, but it takes 16oz. of pure gold to make $930.00 (at time of economy: 4-7-09). The gold ingot is only 1oz and definantly worth keeping.
actually gold is $930/oz........not $/lb, and there are only 12 troy oz in a troy lb which is what gold in weighed in. A troy lb is about 80% an american pound

East Weymouth, MA

#426 Aug 17, 2009
i have a gold necklace and the pedant is saphire with diamons surounding it. On the back of it is stamped 'ROMAN' but no 14k or 18k etc. Is this even real or fake? Please help A.S.A.P




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