How Could U Tell If Jewelery Is Real ...

Laughlin, NV

#378 Mar 28, 2009
hi ,i got a bracelet with diamond that stamped 14k wic what does it mean..

Opp, AL

#380 Apr 6, 2009
Unkown Person wrote:
ok i have a square peice of gold and i wanna no if its real... on the front it says "Credit Swiss 1oz FINE GOLD 999.9" and at the bottom of this square piece of gold it has some numbers that are "198010" and than theres a lot of lil boxes on the back that say "credit Swiss" in it and i used a magnet and it doesnt stick 2 it and i was wondering if u guys would know if it was real or fake?
It's real. Real gold will not stick to a magnet. What you actually have is a piece of 999.9%(almost pure) gold ingot. The numbers on the bottom, if followed by a slash somewhere between the numbers, means it could be a limited edition piece. Credit Swiss would be the company the gold ingot was made at. Quite frankly, I could be jealous because it is real, but it takes 16oz. of pure gold to make $930.00 (at time of economy: 4-7-09). The gold ingot is only 1oz and definantly worth keeping.
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#381 Apr 8, 2009
u mavar fakar wen u buy the ring first chek it out init u stupid kutaa na pudaa

Elizabeth, PA

#382 Apr 11, 2009
I also have a piece of jewelry with the same markings and was wondering the very same thing

Superior, MT

#383 Apr 16, 2009
does anyone write down real shit anymore.

United States

#384 Apr 23, 2009
I have a ring that is stamped 14kt 88
Does anyone know the meaning of the 88 at the end?

Bunnlevel, NC

#385 Apr 27, 2009
Patty wrote:
I have a question for someone, and have repeatedly hit a dead end, in searching. I have a necklace that says 24K,(I understand that one) then next to that it has the letters GB, I want to know what does GB stand for.... HELP
Probably is GP--means gold plated they plate 24K gold onto cheap metal and call it gold plated

Bend, OR

#386 Apr 29, 2009
JohnDeere255 wrote:
Silver base, 14K Gold Engraved. There is a ton of this out there. It is good for dress up but worn continuosly gold plating will wear off and expose the Sterling underneath. Hope this helps.
I think the "E" means electroplated.
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Fuzhoushi, China

#387 Apr 29, 2009 friend
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Owatonna, MN

#388 May 8, 2009
I have this pendand and it doesnt state the amount of K on it, all it has is an "N" on the back and Laciok on the side. It looks pretty real but not sure because its missing the karat number. Any info on this???? Thank you

Visalia, CA

#389 May 9, 2009
how can you tell if it's white gold or silver? what does 925 italy mean? does it have white gold in it?

Dallas, TX

#390 May 12, 2009
If it has a stamp 925 it is sterling silver only.If it's gold(any color) it will always be stamped 10k,14k etc.If it has a 925 stamp it will never have gold in it.Hope that helps.
Dave UK

Darlington, UK

#391 May 15, 2009
In the UK most of our gold is 9ct (375) and is stamped with a full hallmark including the date letter. If it is fully hallmarked it is almost certainly genuine. If it has no hallmark at all you can be 99% sure it is not gold. Be careful at boot sales or yard sales and be aware of marriages (where a hallmarked link is attached to a fake chain or bracelet). Can you trust the person you are buying from?
If you have numerous pieces a strong magnet is a handy tool. Just hold it above the pile and if the metal jumps on to the magnet and sticks put this lot all to one side for further investigation:
Examin it for metal wire on bracelets and chains (these may have been home repairs), remove the wire and see if the magnet still LIFTS the item if it does it is not gold.(Be aware the clasps almost always have a tiny metal wire inside as do some round shaped earings, these are attracted to a magnet and can lift the item, this can be removed with wire cutters. As you are doing this you will find the metal is very plyable if it is gold).
Before discarding scratch the surface to make sure, if it is a different colour below it is plated. If you are still not sure leave in white vinegar overnight and the scratches will go black.


East Haddam, CT

#392 May 16, 2009
I have a simple gold cross that was my grandmothers. Im not sure if its real or fake the box says Christian Jewelry but i googled it and I'm pretty sure that not in business anymore. Is there a way i can tell at home?
Dave UK

Darlington, UK

#393 May 16, 2009
Bre wrote:
I have a simple gold cross that was my grandmothers. Im not sure if its real or fake the box says Christian Jewelry but i googled it and I'm pretty sure that not in business anymore. Is there a way i can tell at home?
1) Look for hallmark. If absent 99% sure it is not gold.
2) Look at the colour and compare to other real gold items.
3)Try a magnet if it picks it up it is not gold.
4)Scratch the surface, is it gold colour below the surface? If it is a different colour ie silver, it is plated, remember the scratch may be cleaner and brighter than the surface.
5) Put a drop of white vinegar on the scratch if it goes black overnight it is not gold.
If there is no hallmark and any of the above tests are negative it is not gold

Goleta, CA

#394 May 18, 2009
There's also the possibility of spectral analysis- have someone in a science lab check the spectrum when electrons are fired at the item. gold will give a distinct value. Alternatively, you could drop it in the ocean and see how much water it displaces while it floats ;)

Novosibirsk, Russia

#396 May 27, 2009
I have a very very long necklace which goes back in my family as far back as I can remember i would like to know if this is gold it has what looks like a bell shape BAR then 375.
Can anyone help.
baby blue

Murfreesboro, TN

#397 May 27, 2009
how can you tell if a piece of jewelry is real gold/silver?

Braintree, UK

#398 May 27, 2009
Read 393 above
ruby mariam

United States

#402 May 29, 2009
I have a eagle pendent with the marking of LACIOK on it,is this real gold?

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