sterling silver ring has turned my fi...

Elkhart, IN

#22 Oct 2, 2007
I was hoping to gain further insight after reading the response regarding the reaction to the skin once the gold plating rubs off of the ring over time. Would there be any additional explaination other than the ring being orginally plated and now wearing away? The ring that has been causing the skin on my finger to blister and peel away is my engagement ring, which was quite expensive. Consequently, this has me very apprehensive. Should I take my ring to a Jeweler other than the one my fiance purchased it from to have it checked? Can the Jeweler tell if it was once plated gold but is actually nickel just by looking at it? These questions may seem silly, but any insight would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Seffner, FL

#23 Oct 11, 2007
Does it make your pinkie toe shrink??
Thats what i heard

Gladwyne, PA

#24 Oct 21, 2007
How do you get rid of green ring marks around the neck area?

Bangkok, Thailand

#27 Aug 30, 2008
Yeah I thibk it is because of allergy

Since: Sep 08

Yiwu, China

#28 Sep 11, 2008
I love silver jewelry very,silver is not somagnificence as gold,but i like its simple and elegant.It's a pity that you bought a counterfeit,you should more careful next time.

Dublin, Ireland

#29 Dec 12, 2008
i got my nose pierced about two months ago and my skin reacted to the metal in the stud. it was only in my nose for two weeks then i got it taken out. now i have a huge black dot on my nose and it's been 6 weeks since i got the stud removed but the dot has not faded at all. i have been cleansing the area and using makeup remover on it and salt water but nothing seems to work... what is the best way of removing the black stain on my nose???

Maidstone, UK

#34 Jul 19, 2009
Marty P wrote:
Do you also write for under the pen-name Carly Wickell?
Erm: It is widely KNOWN that people from rip off their material from everywhere, left, right and centre!

I've found my very own recipes and other works posted there under someone else's name!

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#35 Aug 6, 2009
The myths of the metal not being real just because your finger turns green needs to be dispelled. Sterling silver jewelry that has a metal stamp of .925 means that the metal the jewelry is made with is at least 92.5% pure silver. The rest of the mix is another alloy, usually copper. The copper mix CAN turn certain people's skin "green" or "black." It does not mean that the metal is not "real" sterling. It is. I have a 14K gold wedding band from a reputable jeweler in business for years and years. Every once in a while, my body chemistry goes whacko, because I will get black on my finger under my ring! Does that mean my ring is not real 14K gold? NO! It means my body chemistry is reacting with the metal making my skin turn color. I simply take off the ring and wait for a week or so, then start wearing it again and it is fine. Other times, my skin will get tiny blisters and peel underneath the ring as well. This is because the ring is quite wide and I wash my hands frequently, so sometimes soap gets built up underneath and the skin doesn't dry thoroughly. Again, the solution is to not wear the ring for a few days, let the finger heal, and try to make sure your finger is completely dry prior to putting your ring back on after washing and bathing.

So, just because a metal reacts with your skin it NOT a tried-and-true test for metal purity. If you are in doubt, take the piece to a trusted jeweler and have it tested. A simple rub of the piece on a stone and a few drops of testing solution will tell what the metal mix is, whether sterling silver or not. The same for gold, and how many karats are in the gold.

Richardson, TX

#36 Aug 26, 2009
I have the exact same problem with a ring I bought. I have to buy white gold now. Even with watches. They have to be fancy watches, like this one:

Napanee, Canada

#38 Feb 16, 2010
eachfashion wrote:
I love silver jewelry very,silver is not somagnificence as gold,but i like its simple and elegant.It's a pity that you bought a counterfeit,you should more careful next time.
Your A Moron silver is 92.5% SIlver N 7.5%Copper Its Just Some The Copper And Your Sweat/Acids In Your System,Everyones Diferent I Have Some I Cant Wear BUt My Bro Can Wear Fine.

Trenton, NJ

#39 Feb 21, 2010
laura wrote:
i wear a lot of silver jewellery and have never had a problem, but today i bought a ring with the 925 hallmark and it has turned my finger green. i have bought jewellery from the shop for years with no problem, but this is very suspicious. my finger also smells of copper.
apart from it being fake silver, is there an explanation? such as, i have heard that this can happen when a ring has been polished and some of the polish has been left on it.
Hi Laura
Sterling silver never made this kind of problems.
Maybe is copper silver plated only.
From my expirience i know it can't be happen.

Trenton, NJ

#40 Feb 21, 2010
Hi Laura
Sterling silver never made this kind of problems.
Maybe is copper silver plated only.
From my expirience i know it can't be happen.

South Jordan, UT

#41 Feb 23, 2010
If your read this article you'll find out why its green, its from cobalt if you want the short answer.

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Alameda, CA

#42 Feb 26, 2010
Hmmm...i deal with a lot of silver jewelry and have never ran into this situation before. I do suspect that it's not pure silver and it might just be another metal with rhodium plating. I would definitely have it checked out.


Milford, MI

#44 Mar 16, 2010
I wonder if you can cote the ring with clear nail polish? try it! that prevents things from getting a rust ring in the bath tub!!

Leitchfield, KY

#45 May 9, 2010
Excuse me, but it is sterling silver. Sometimes, depending on our body chemistry, the copper that is naturally added to the sterling to make it hard will cause a reaction. Also, if you eat a lot of garlic this may do it too. It's not that the metal is fake or cheap it all has to do with your body chemistry. Or, if you have had the piece of jewelry in or around bleach, amonia, or alcolhol and some harsh detergents can cause this reaction too.
Don't take it back, just polish it & maybe coat the inside of the ring with some clear nail polish to put a barrier between your skin and the metal.

Leitchfield, KY

#46 May 9, 2010
Sterling silver jewelry will indeed turn some people's skin green or gray. It's a chemical reaction. If your body is real acidic this will cause the green skin. All sterling silver jewelry has some element of copper in it to make it hard and not so soft. So it will hold up. If not your jewelry will lose it's shape. Sometimes their may be a little more copper residue on the outer surface of the piece of jewelry that may cause the green effect. Just use a polishing cloth over the piece of jewelry, gently. This may take several polishing attempts over time to element the problem. Also, if you consume a lot of garlic this can cause the green skin. And, again over time your body chemistry changes, as everyone's does eventually, and periodically. Your body chemistry may be more acidic at times. Mine, in the winter months causes even my expensive, best quality gold jewelry to turn me gray to black. It's not that your jewelry is fake or cheap.
You need to, however, remove your sterling jewelry while applying tanning lotions, skin creams, and swimming in chlorinated or salt water! Also, NEVER, & I repeat NEVER wear while working with detergents, bleaches, amonia, or alcohol. These will discolor, & damage the metal and loosen stones. Remove while taking baths & showers.
I hope this helps.

Pittsburgh, PA

#48 Feb 12, 2011
Seriously...I had this problem...coat the inside twice with clear fingernail polish. Nobody can see it, and if you have it laying around, or can ask to borrow is completely free.:)
Good luck!
P.S. It worked for me!

Pittsburgh, PA

#49 Feb 12, 2011
BubbleGum...I just read your comment...hahah...we had the same thinking!:)

Pittsburgh, PA

#50 Feb 12, 2011
Ali...try vegetable not know if ti will work...also try lemon juice and a quarter cup of salt mixed together....they use this to clean spray tans of those that went too far.

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