I will never deal with this company again nor recommend to anyone. I received 4 different statements from them when I moved out. First letter showed that they owe me, second I owe them and the 3rd letter showed that the money I owed them was greater than in a second letter. With the 4th one they gave me lil part of my deposit.
Right there I could sue them for false statements.
We were moving from SF to LA and every weekend would go back and forth moving stuff. We decided to give building manager 6 weeks note instead of 30 days just in case we are not in town. He didnt accept it, he told us to bring it when its 30 days and not to worry if we are late. My hubby lived there for over 2 years and never been late with rent or had any issue with other tenants. Week after that when hubby was back to SF he went to manager with the note. Surprise, surprise the guy manager was gone and there was one unpleasant woman that didnt give a crap about why note wasnt given on time.
It was few weeks of frustrating calls and phone tags with corpor office. which I would have loved to avoid since I was pregnant and didnt need more stress which I already got with moving. Anytime I called them one is on vacation, other one doesnt know anything third one will forward my complain etc etc like any unprofessional company with bunch of people pretending they work and get paid.
To get maximum of our deposit me and my hubby cleaned apartment squeaky clean (bathrooms, windows from inside, fireplace, balcony, kitchen, stove and oven had no signs of use and looked cleaner than when we moved in) And I was 5 months pregnant kneeling on the kitchen floor scabbing it to shine. We even found and cleaned some stuff left behind the drawers in a kitchen that didnt belong to us. The only thing they had to charge me is carpet cleaning.
Those people charged me for painting and cleaning. Which they dropped after I reminded them that by low they should not charge me for repainting apartment if I lived there for over 2 years.
This management lucks with professionalism. Ugh still get upset thinking about all that experience