Lawsuits filed over Lipitor side effe...

Lawsuits filed over Lipitor side effects

There are 847 comments on the The Associated Press story from Jun 8, 2006, titled Lawsuits filed over Lipitor side effects . In it, The Associated Press reports that:

Two men who believe they suffered lasting muscle damage from taking the popular anti-cholesterol drug Lipitor are suing medication's maker, Pfizer Inc., claiming the company didn't issue loud enough warnings ...

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United States

#334 Nov 20, 2007
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Toronto, Canada

#335 Nov 28, 2007
After taking Lipitor for three weeks I realised
something was wrong :could't walk straight,and always tired pain in my arms,I read about sideeffect
from lipitor,and took Coq10 to reverse the hell I got from lipitor .I am back to normal,and feel great.You can read about Lipitor's sideeffects and
get the facts from all the mails. Lipitor and all statins makes much more harm than good.
Sonia from Chicago

Chicago, IL

#336 Nov 28, 2007
My doctor recommended Zetia to lower my cholesterol, has anyone in this forum tried that medication? I got this last Saturday and have been wondering whether I really want to take this or does says something about muscles and pains, etc. and to let your doctor know right away.
Let me know if any of you folks have used this medication and if you had any side effects like your are talking with Lipitor.
Sue cleveland OH

Aurora, OH

#337 Nov 29, 2007
this is the first time I have visited this web site and was amazed to see what people were saying. I had been on a large dose of Lipitor for about a year when I had a heart attack and then all hell broke loose. I have experienced the onset of peripheral neuropathy two months after the heart attack and it has gradually gotten worse over the last six years. I stopped taking Lipitor 6 months after the heart attack, took Crestor and then Vytorin. they have juggled me around so many different specialists and noone has any answers, they just want to put me on antidepressants to ease the pain, which I won't do. I would rather live with the pain than to walk around in a fog the rest of my life (I did try them). Anyhow, no where on the Lipitor information did it list possible nerve damage, which is what I have now.
Very frustrating!

United States

#338 Nov 30, 2007
I have been on lipitor for 2 years, before that Pravachol for 2 years. I have suffered all this time with numb and tingling hands, constant explosive diareha, leg cramps, night cramps in my legs, headaches, blurred vision, speech slurring, vertigo, memory loss is my most recent complaint, I mostly noted that I cannot remember if I have taken my medicines each day. Muscle pain and upper and lower back pain is a constant. I have just read tonight that all these symptoms may collectively be caused by lipitor, and I am pissed. I have told my doctor of all these symptoms, and I guess she figured the benifit outweighs the risk so left me on it, I don'tknow. I just kinow it all these problems have been written off as other problems,( carpel tunnel, restless leg syndrome, diverticulitis, my heart beats crazy and they have given no explaination for this, back pain attributed to my job, but why would that start up when I have had the same job for years?) I trusted my doctor was looking out for me, and I don't think that is true now. I would rather have a normal life without all these side effects, and work on my cholestrol through diet, which, btw, might be why it is perfect right now, I modified my diet seriously when I started taking lipitor.

United States

#339 Nov 30, 2007
nene: I have the same stomach problem. I feel extremely bloated at times (most of the time) and my stomach will look distended/swollen, I noticed that just above my navel it is sore as though bruised and lumpy feeling sometimes. Haven't brought this particular problem up with my doctor, seems when I go to see the doc these days so much is going on, we get stuck on one or two of the symptoms and don't cover them all, I am thinking now that they are ALL attributed to lipitor!

United States

#340 Nov 30, 2007
I am not from perry ks. I have no idea why that always shows up like that when I post here. I am in Georgia.

Since: Sep 07

Schoharie, NY

#341 Dec 1, 2007
i have been on Lipitor for about 3 years now and have had no problems with memory loss or anything. Lipitor has actualy been great for me, my cholesterol has gone done and stayed down.. I only take 10mgs and that is all i have ever needed.

Greensborough, Australia

#342 Dec 1, 2007
What happens if you suddenly stopped taking Lipitor? Is it best to reduce the dosage eg cut the 40mg in half

Orange, CA

#343 Dec 1, 2007
Sue cleveland OH

Aurora, OH

#344 Dec 4, 2007
anders wrote:
After taking Lipitor for three weeks I realised
something was wrong :could't walk straight,and always tired pain in my arms,I read about sideeffect
from lipitor,and took Coq10 to reverse the hell I got from lipitor .I am back to normal,and feel great.You can read about Lipitor's sideeffects and
get the facts from all the mails. Lipitor and all statins makes much more harm than good.

United States

#345 Dec 6, 2007
alwaysanthea wrote:
I have very swollen right hand, left ankle swells..feet very painful upon arising...weakness and pain in right arm near outer bicep..sometimes can barely raise arm..had brief sharp stabs of pain in right uper head..have had x rays, mri, etc...been told by doctor to take 2 ibuprofen a day, told it's arthritis, etc..have tingling in lower legs periodically...then discovered this sight..can't believe it's a list of what I thought were unrelated symptoms..was thinking I must have ALS, or something else since this has been getting worse...Now I realize it's probably the Lipitor...stopped taking it 1 week ago..but hand still swelling...Can anyone tell me how long it takes for Lipitor to leave your body ..and what experience they have had with side effexts subsiding?..I am so releived to see all this info. as I have always been very healthy, til now!
To your question, Hopefully, you will feel a little better as time goes on. I took in a lot of protein. That was the only way I got my muscle back. My legs and feet still hurt and my ankles still swell, but at least I can get the top off of a pop bottle now. I feel bad for the people, who didn't make it. Imagine the rest of your life in a wheelchair. EAT RIGHT, AND DON'T TAKE ANYTHING ELSE FOR CHOLESTEROL.
Cheryl Florida


#346 Dec 11, 2007
I am an RN. My labs revealed my triclycerides were in the 400's. My doctor prescribed Lipitor but told me to do myself a favor and NOT read the potential side effects. After years of witnessing what the side effecrs of some drugs can do to people, I decided not to immediately predjudice myself and read the literature as my doctor had suggested. After being on 20 mg of Lipitor for one month, I no longer had to wonder what the side effects might have read. I suddenly began experiencing muscle weakness, fatigue, numbness and tingling in my legs and feet, pains in my hands that soon radiated up into my arm and elbow, making it difficult to extend my arm. My lower extremities ached so badly I could not do much of anything, let alone sleep. I just stopped the drug so I cannot tell you if my symptoms will disappear. However, I will say this....when a drug makes you want to dial Dr. Jack's time to QUIT!
Evaluate everything you consume, be it food or medication. You never know when it may cost you your life.

United States

#347 Dec 12, 2007
I took Lipitor (20mg) for a few years. It worked very well to drop my total and "bad" cholesterol without any side effects. However after a while my "good" cholesterol dropped as well to 30!!.
After that my doctor switched me immediately to Zocor.

Chilliwack, Canada

#348 Dec 13, 2007
My husband is finally off Lipitor !!!!This is the 3rd consecutive day and I can see improvement already!!!! He only stumbled a few times today as opposed to being only a few pills away from never walking again I'm sure!!!! Most of the pains in his extremeties are disappearing but we still have severe pain in his left hip area .....He only choked on his food once today and only had one incidence of not being able to speak !!! I was sure he was turning into a vegetable....poor memory ...loss of cognitive thinking and almost lapsing into seizures at times!!!!!
I'm soooo glad to have my husband back again as opposed to the "Lipitor Zombie" he was becoming!!! We are now on CoQ10 !!!! I hope we are not too late????? His heart is healing nicely from the triple bypass surgery....I think we'll bypass all that prescription medication far he's been allergic to Beta Blockers...Calcium Channel Blockers...Lipitor ...and the Ace Inhibitor doesn't seem to be doing anything at all!!!!!
He is 63 took him 63yrs to have heart problems !!! If he makes it 30yrs longer he'll be 93yrs !!!! That's good enough for me...we'll take it!!!!

Chilliwack, Canada

#349 Dec 13, 2007
Manuela wrote:
What happens if you suddenly stopped taking Lipitor? Is it best to reduce the dosage eg cut the 40mg in half
What happens???? You start taking CoQ10 and start getting better!!!!!

My husband was on 40mg and the doctor cut it in half to 20mg ....but when he started having so many bad side effects the doctor just said to stop it for a few weeks and see if he got better??? We're finished with Lipitor forever!!!!!
We're doing modified diet ..salmon oil and organic oatmeal plus CoQ10....

Dayton, OH

#352 Dec 16, 2007
I finally got my doctor to lower my doseage after several years. My cholesterol went from 240 to 150. I get a blood test every 6 months but I have constant muscle stiffness. I have other medications I take as well. My goal was to exercise more which I did for years, but now find movement painful. Hard to attribute all my side effects to anything specifically like Lipator. As we get older we take more drugs than necessary to counter act aging. We are sold by the drug companies's ads on T.V. They should be right up there with alcohol ads as something to avoid. I knew from the start that I could not take this drug forever and I hope to stop all together soon. Tendency for high levels of cholesterol is heriditary. If you take anything that works this fast, expect side effects and limit its use. Diet and exercise changes are harder, take longer but will improve your whole body in the long run.

San Francisco, CA

#355 Dec 25, 2007
I sincerely hope no one buys anything from this SPAMMER

United States

#356 Jan 1, 2008
Carmen San Diego CA wrote:
I was on Lipitor from l999 into 2003. I experienced sharp pains in the bottom of my feet, then went on to tingling in my feet, then had trouble walking straight with legs aching. Having been off Lipitor since, these symptoms gradually disappeared. I no longer have serious problems, just occasional leg weakness that makes me wonder if I am walking straight. I met a lady in a restaurant last year and she was having difficulty walking (far worse than I had)- I asked her if she was on Lipitor and she said yes. Peripheral neuropathy would be one way of describing many of the symptoms.
I have been on cholestering lowering drugs for a long time(lipitor).(more faithfully so during the last couple of years). Lately, I have been experereincing extreme pain at the sole of my feet that will run up through the calve of my leg. The pain is so acute that I do not know what to do. Also, continueing intestinal problems (nothing wrong was found) and nausea at very inopportune times that keep me housebound or weakness that force me to hurry back home when I am out or prevent me from running errands. Also, a great deal of loss of hair (after every shower). Sometimes I have a little more energy. I still look and am young but feel as if I have aged 10 years in the past 2 years and have lost my femininity.

Saint Cloud, MN

#357 Jan 2, 2008
I was on Lipitor for about eight months. I was feeling dizzy and my mental capacity was failing. I am a professional and had to give speeches. I felt like I was going out of my mind. I thought I was starting menopause. I started getting accupuncture for my hormones and the doctor asked me why I was taking that "poison" (Lipitor) My LDL was 160 when my MD prescribed it but other numbers normal. I stopped taking it. I started feeling better immediately. I thought it was due to the accupunture but after reading more about Lipitor I tend to think it was the culprit!
My LDL is back up to 150 and now my cholesterol is 223. I am not the typical candidate for high cholesterol. I am 52, 130 pounds and 5'3". I exercise regularly. I am going to try diet and more exercise before I take another drug.

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