Regis lays off 150 to cut operating e...

Regis lays off 150 to cut operating expenses

There are 75 comments on the Star Tribune story from Nov 4, 2008, titled Regis lays off 150 to cut operating expenses. In it, Star Tribune reports that:

Hair care giant Regis Corp. has laid off 150 employees as part of its effort to trim $20 million in operating expenses this year, CEO Paul Finkelstein said Tuesday.

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#22 May 29, 2009
I managed a Regis salon for 4 years. Truly managers are only needed at a Regis salon to dictate clean-up duties, open mail, do re-dos, and log their numbers. They are so micromanaged to the point of such extreme that they cannot hire, fire, or give write-ups without supervisors ok. I left the salon when it became clear that my supervisor would not support my better judgement. I had a stylist who had a severe drug problem, Would take many bathroom breaks and emerge with powder on nose, would doze off while working on clients,would blatantly exchange money for SOMETHING from a tweaking "friend" every single payday while IN the salon, it could be proven that this stylist was stealing not only from the cash drawer but from co-workers and clients! My boss was more concerned about any reprecussions that might come about from this should be fired druggie than the safety and integrity of our clients and employees. It was when a local policeman came to the salon and gave me a heads up that our salon was being watched for drug activity that I got out because I wanted NO part in that. Regis is TOO big, TOO many chiefs.Very dissapointed.

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#23 Jun 3, 2009
anybody have anything to say about supervisor randy tnsley for smart style over tulsa,ok ggod or BAd???Heard there was dsome drama with him

Wilkes Barre, PA

#24 Jul 26, 2009
I worked for a division of the Regis Corporation
for over 10 a Supervisor,,,one day I
walked in the salon and got a phone call from the
Eastern Regional Manager who told me that I was
terminated (as were others)......This guy was my
friend and colleague, I might I went
into a spastic rage over the phone, he was trying
to calm me down, and I wouldn't let him talk....
Finally I calmed down, as he was repeatedly repeating my name over the phone in an attempt to
continue to calm me....."Tom!!!....Tom.... .Tom,,,,
will you please calm down!!!!!!...They let me go
too", he wife was pregnant at the time so of course I was panic stricken......
about a week later I happend to be at the desk
handling the phone, as the receptionist was out to
lunch......(I hadn't left yet, and had a week left)....I answered the phone and a voice on the
other end said to me,,,,,"Who is this?....I told
him, and then said,,,,"and who is THIS????"....
It was Finkelstein......he didn't identify himself,...he just said..."This is your new
daddy" (Regis had just bought the salon chain)..
I felt like saying, "NO, you mean this is your new
jerk, you jackass..."

United States

#25 Aug 21, 2009
Mis tetas estan ricas mamamello

North Miami Beach, FL

#26 Aug 22, 2009
J Bavota wrote:
I suggest to everyone to check out ... It's a new social network for salons, stylists and clients. You can make a profile and you'll be able to view salons in your area, maybe it will help you all find new jobs! Good luck!
Thanks u good
Great -No more Gorden

Delton, MI

#27 Aug 22, 2009
Regis Corp. is going down! Their arrogance and greed has come back to bite them! Everyone who got screwed by Regis need to pull themselves up and move on to a private salon or start their own! We can help put these corporate hogs out of business. Never go back.. tell everyone how rotten to the core they are. I worked there, and saw all the corruption mentioned. There were hairdressers who worked for this salon for 15 years prior to Regis bying them out, then were fired! They had built up the shop. They safted them one by one then brought in unexperienced new girls for half the pay! Regis thought they could just come in and take over this busy shop and all would be well. Well it back fired on them. None of the patrons came in anymore! The salon was booming, now is dead.. dead... I hope Regis loses its pants and shirt and tie and loses everything. When big business thinks that they can grow and profit by treating their employees ( who make their business ) like horse crap, and pay them like sweat labor shops, then they deserve to go under. They can write up all they want about how
they are the biggest salon chain in the world.. well that is about to change and I hope it is soon. I am so glad I do not have to watch that sickning Gordon DVD's anymore! Gorden do you even know that the hairdressers gag everytime we had to sit though your demonstrations. If we took as long as you do to cut hair they would have fired us for slow productivity on the spot! I would love to be a fly in the corner to see the corporate hogs when they get shafted and the company folds!

United States

#28 Aug 25, 2009

Miami, FL

#29 Aug 26, 2009
Who are these retards from Pine Lake Ga.,They are writting on every single blog, including the sesious discussions. Apparently someone that works @ Todd Jameson salon in Miami...Perhaps that Eddy caracter.

North Miami Beach, FL

#30 Aug 27, 2009
Spanish I like it

North Miami Beach, FL

#31 Aug 28, 2009
I'm a
regis shame on you

Gainesville, FL

#33 Oct 26, 2009
They work you like dogs!Regis doesn't care nothing about their stylist(let me just say this slavery is over with).Not to mention I was let go because I wouldn't leave my license at the salon. Well here's a clue I paid for that license, so it's mine not Regis Corp. Until you put it in your so called rule book,you can't tell stylist what to do with their licenses.When you start paying all the renewal fees then you might be able to say something!! Regis Corp needs to cleanup their own back yard before coming into someone elses. Regis needs to learn how to pay their stylist some real money instead of that pocket change.
regis sucks

Foley, AL

#34 Nov 29, 2009
I've worked for this freakin company for 7 years and they don't even give a rats ass about their employees. They come in on that day and let you know this is your last day the store is closing. That's it, Regis Corp. can go straight to hell.
jb former employee

Salisbury, NC

#35 Jan 21, 2010
regis sucks wrote:
Typical really. Many of the managers are friends of supervisors and have little to no previous experience. Many supervisors are afraid of performance management because that would actually make alot of them have to work or cover a shift or two! If your happy your gone. Learn from it, move on and never ever work for a Regis salon again!!
regis sucks if you do say anyhing good about them its because you still work for them,the supervisors are the biggest ass kissing mf i have ever met in my life. you never get to take breaks so my advice is yes move on don't look back and consider yourself lucky that you didn't get screwed anymore than you did.more people need to get together and make them pay for treating stylist like slaves. i just wonder how they get away with all the shady shit they do!!
ex manager

Saginaw, MI

#36 Mar 24, 2010
Boy I'm glad I left that company when I did. Managed for 10 years, 5 supervisor changes and so many corporate changes (policies, salon closings,benefit changes) which were always to my financial disadvantage. I watched the salon and clientèle grow (from a 2 stylist salon to a 10 stylist salon) and produce gains each year. It was NEVER enough. Clients and stylists were treated as revenue and not people, work, produce, work, produce, sell, sell, sell! I am happy to be on my own providing service and not sales and kept every client!
Regis REALLY Sucks

Manchester, CT

#37 Apr 12, 2010
I've been working for Regis for the past few years and it's gotten worse and worse. Seems like the more you do $$ wise and the more you love your job and put your all in to it, the more they want you out the door and treat you like crap. They hire these "managers" who know nothing about managing. Guess you gotta give 'em a break, they're schmucks who are being paid crap and Regis doesn't care about them, either. Still doesn't give them a license to treat you like a pin~ata at a party, screaming at you every day when they come in late and hung over. The district/regional manager is a complete joke - just like other posts have stated - out in the mall shopping, taking long lunches, doing their hair, etc. Bragging about the trips, prizes and especially shoving the infamous CAD week down everyones' throats - because they get their BONUSES from it. Do the grunt work, pions, we'll reap the rewards, then the heck with you until next year!
They run the salon/company with dictator tactics: tell you how bad you are, how many mistakes you make, how you can be fired at an instant. They NEVER give compliments or praise for work well done. They expect to get more work out of you by bullying you than anything else.
The salon itself is a DUMP! Everyone says it. Color on the walls - broken down color processors and styling chairs. Unchanged lights everwhere. Stained ceilings. You wonder how people come back, once they've been in and seen it.
The list is too long to go into how poorly the salon is run - people sitting around doing their hair, on cell phones, out in the mall shopping, smoking, etc. etc. etc. It's a depressing joke.
I so much look forward to leaving, almost as much as they look forward to my going!
Regis REALLY Sucks

Manchester, CT

#38 Apr 12, 2010
I got a new job at a private salon and have just handed in my resignation! Happy Days are here!
Angie Stewart

Tampa, FL

#41 Apr 24, 2010
Sooo... are there any happy Regis Stylists out there? or is it all that bad?
smartstyle sucks

United States

#42 May 16, 2010
I just want to say that I have known a member of the smartstyle "family". They were employed for over 5 years. She had been late only 4x in her whole career. She was a manager and had that position for over 2 years. She worked her ass off to build up the stores clients. She moved to a store that has a higher volume of people and made more money. She had been nothing but supportive and kind to all of the employees she managed in the new store, however one stylist on a power trip took it upon himself to write a letter to the district manager full of lies and things she never said or did. He wrote his name on services that he did not do and she was going to talk to him about it. She is supporting a family of 4 on a smartstyle salary which is not easy at all, now just because some nasty employee with no teeth btw decided to be petty she now has to start from square one! They also fired her over the phone! This company is a horrible company ! Karma is a bitch and I hope joe from the butler store gets his!
f guido

Stroudsburg, PA

#43 May 17, 2010
any one in district manager north east pa salon would love to chat
Annette Harney

Zephyrhills, FL

#44 Aug 9, 2010
I went from stylist to manager, and to supervisor. I gave all I had to Regis, Smartstyle division, won the Directors award. Then out of the blue I was let go by a phone call. And now for the last 2 years, I've been black-balled. I honestly don't know what I had done. I have not been able to move own. I so sorry for all of you. Knowing I'm not the only one that has been though this does help me realize maybe it wasn't me. I think the new Regional Manager had it in for me. She was not the one who hired me. My favorite saying is what goes around, comes around.

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