Publix to offer 7 popular prescriptio...

Publix to offer 7 popular prescription antibiotics for free -- ...

There are 135 comments on the story from Aug 6, 2007, titled Publix to offer 7 popular prescription antibiotics for free -- .... In it, reports that:

Seven popular antibiotics will be available for free from Publix supermarkets for people with prescriptions, the company and Gov.

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Winter Garden, FL

#44 Aug 6, 2007
anonymous wrote:
I don't know why I've been dropping all my prescriptions off at walgreens all these years. They tell you to come back in a few hours. At publix atleast I can get my prescriptions filled while I shop!
I have had the worst luck with Walgreens. They tell me 1 hour, that turns into 1 day, then 1 week. But the real hassle came about when they mis-filled my child's prescription antibiotic and when I tried to get them to correct the mistake, they accused me of both stealing my child's pills and of overdosing my child. After discussing it with the Corporate Office, they agreed to refund me the money for the prescription.

The pharmacist at that branch later told a friend of mine that he was glad I wasn't coming back.

I understand that they have a liability if they admitted a mistake, but don't accuse me of stealing antibiotics, or worse, knowingly overdosing my kid to make him act sicker.

United States

#46 Aug 6, 2007
This is great news - there are so many people who cannot afford to buy their drugs and we should all applaud Publix for trying to help the needy.

And for those of you who don't read and yet ask question, go to the press release if you want the complete list. It's included in the article.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#47 Aug 6, 2007
A lot of times when you need these meds, you need other things... you can buy them at publix instead of walgreens or cvs

Brooksville, FL

#48 Aug 6, 2007
hey "west palm"...publix doesn't have to give anything away for free you idiot! why can't you just say "thank you" and be on your merry little way!?!?
Recipe lover

Indiantown, FL

#49 Aug 6, 2007
John wrote:
Now what are they going to do with those $6.00 a gallon Milk?
I just went to a Target Supercenter, so much better and cheaper, Can someone tells me why people keep shopping at Publix?
Yeah. It's called CUSTOMER SERVICE and QUALITY. The produce at Publix is guaranteed good. If it's not, they take it back, no questions asked. Same for their meat.

Pompano Beach, FL

#50 Aug 6, 2007
If we could get the Dr's to only perscribe them when they are truely neccessary we will be all set.

Denver, CO

#51 Aug 6, 2007
Why in the world would anyone complain about Publix doing this?Some are never happy.
Why do I shop at Publix, it's clean and it is not any more expensive than anywhere else. Publix' milk is more expensive now because they are not using hormone laden milk anymore, it' not $6 a gallon,however.

Winter Garden, FL

#52 Aug 6, 2007
Kristy Kelly wrote:
Forever? Why doesn't it say how long or if it is forever? And what about prescriptions that were wrote before this started, actually WHEN did it start? Or has it? Thanks Publix but 2 thumbs down to the reporter who wrote this. Not much information was given & that information was the factual important info.
There is an attached link that has Publix's Press Release. It will answer some, but not all of your questions. For example, Publix began offering the free prescriptions on the day the press release was issued, which is August 6, 2007 (or today).

Your best bet is to contact Publix. They are really great about answering questions or finding the information and letting you know. Where I live, Publix is the only decent and clean place to shop. It is lower in price that Winn Dixie (and MUCH MUCH cleaner). And you can guarantee that the Publix brand (which is usually pretty cheap) is the exact same quality as the name brand. Target is the only other grocery store that can make that claim.

Lincolnshire, IL

#53 Aug 6, 2007
John wrote:
Now what are they going to do with those $6.00 a gallon Milk?
I just went to a Target Supercenter, so much better and cheaper, Can someone tells me why people keep shopping at Publix?
1. Friendly employees
2. Better variety
3. Cleaner
4. Great sales (buy one get one free)
5. They give back to the community (this article is a perfect example)

Plus many other reasons. Publix is just a great supermarket.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#54 Aug 6, 2007
Universal health care is a fraud

Preventative care should be the focus. Of course then there wouldn't be enough docs to meet demand (see the mess in Massachusetts)

United States

#55 Aug 6, 2007
Why is it that nothing is ever good enough for anyone? We have become self absorbed money hungry people. People want to complain about what it is going to cost them for people that need help to be helped. What ever happened to just doing things because they are the right thing to do? I think what Publix is doing is wonderfull and if I have to pay a few cents more so that people can have prescriptions that they need and could otherwise possibly not have then so be it. It is the mentality of the money hungry that have posted on here that make this world such a nasty place to be. They care more about how much money is in their pocket than how it affects others. Very sad way to be. Or are they just so bored with their lavishness that they need to find something to whine and complain about? Either way what Publix is doing is great!
purr purr

Jupiter, FL

#56 Aug 6, 2007
Axl wrote:
Universal health care in the USA now!!!!!
Yes, Yes, Yes!
Come on

United States

#57 Aug 6, 2007
Lets just legalize all drug dealers!!!
Joe Schmoe in Davie

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#58 Aug 6, 2007
Axl wrote:
Universal health care in the USA now!!!!!
Why??? So I can break my back working everyday to cover someone elses lazy azz? No thanks.

Miami, FL

#59 Aug 6, 2007
Well, it seems to me that publix and me are gonna have a little problem. See in my neighborhood I give out the free drugs also, then I start chargin when you want to begin your "better living thru chemistry" phase. How come the cops are always harassing me, Oh thats right Publix has doughnuts!

United States

#60 Aug 6, 2007
Lets just legalize all drug dealers!! The overutilzation of these drugs are creating antibiotic resistant strains and will one day kill us all because they will be ineffective. Although I applaud publix for their marketing effort I worry about more zombies in our over medicated society.

United States

#61 Aug 6, 2007
bobbyb wrote:
<quoted text>
Maybe this person cares more about everyone than about what they take home for a, maybe they aren't an idiot...maybe we as Americans care too much about money for ourselves!
Are you kidding me???? Evidently you're not having to work two jobs to try and pay for rent, student loans, gas, etc. I guess I could stop caring about having enough money to survive, since that seems to be what you advocate. Of course, then I'll be homeless, and I'll live off YOUR paycheck and taxes. How does that sound?
Cashed out and left

Cincinnati, OH

#62 Aug 6, 2007
I believe that Publix is the best supermarket I have ever set foot in.
I've been around this country and there is no better food market than Publix. PERIOD.
I did work for them for awhile when I was younger and was given stock. I didn't even realize, but when I finshed school and got another job I had 440 shares of stock. It help me buy my first house. I still have 150 shares from the mid 90's.....translate that into current value you naysayers!

Seriously....I know people that live in Florida from Chicgao, New York, New England....we all agree that Publix is the best grocery store we have ever shopped in. I am in Cincinnati now.....home base of Kroger, the biggest chain in the nation. There's a brand new superstore nearby. It still doesn't compare to Publix.
Meh, maybe I'm biased.
Keep on rising Publix stock! My little nest egg that I won't touch for at least 30 years.

Boca Raton, FL

#63 Aug 6, 2007
Allison wrote:
<quoted text>
Publix does not charge $6.00 a gallon for milk. Unless you're drinking some fancy imported enriched sheep soy flavored goat milk, I don't know ANYWHERE that charges $6.00 a gallon.
I shop at Publix for several reasons. One, I worked there in college and it was the best retail job I've ever had. Two, they are a lot cheaper and have better sales than any other grocery store in the area. Three, while Super Target (which I ALSO worked for in college, and was the WORST retail job I've ever had) and Super Wal-Mart may have cheaper groceries, I'm not a big fan of having my ice cream melt while I wait in line for 45 minutes to check out.
So I applaud Publix for taking the initiative and having some free prescription drugs available. And while they may be the oldest, most basic antibiotics, it's more than any other retailer is doing, and nothing works better when I have strep throat.
People need to stop complaining about GOOD things. Save your bitterness for the REAL problems in the world.
No $6.00 milk, but if you go to Target you'll find a gallon of Mcarthur for $5.49.

And to all the idiot complaining. Publix is not doing this just to be nice or raise prices elsewhere. They are doing to keep 1 foot up on Walmart and drive more traffic to there pharmacies. Simple as that. It's free, so stop complaining.

United States

#64 Aug 6, 2007
Any little thing to lower the cost of health care, should be welcomed. Publix is leading the way. Watch it followed by the other chains.

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