Kroger Facing Discrimination Lawsuit

Kroger Facing Discrimination Lawsuit

There are 94 comments on the WCPO story from Sep 25, 2008, titled Kroger Facing Discrimination Lawsuit. In it, WCPO reports that:

A lawsuit filed in federal court accuses national grocery chain Kroger Co. of age and race discrimination against a black employee in central Ohio.

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decatur il j250

Decatur, IL

#82 Jan 22, 2014
Kroger meat dept and i t's store management are racist and they treat black employee with no respect they spend all their time thinking of ways to write someone up.
Sterkfontein Swartkrans

Warrington, PA

#83 Jan 26, 2014
It's the ghetto lottery!!

Nashville, TN

#84 Feb 21, 2014
I have worked for Kroger's for 5 months now. I was laid off and took this position to have income coming in. Although it is 1/4 of what I am accustomed to making, I was grateful for the opportunity to work. I am a conscientious worker and want to do well. I asked if it were possible to train for Customer Service and was told they were too busy to train anyone. The following week they began training someone who was hired after myself. Within a month, they had trained two additional individuals. The individuals are all in their twenties. I have asked to work other departments and have been denied the opportunity. As I watch the movement of employees, I have noticed that all the advancements go to the younger individuals. All of the individuals promoted in my department were hired after me. I am very discouraged and disappointed in the management. These individualsÂ’ lack management skills and basic people skills. I doubt seriously if they will receive any supervisory training. Although I enjoy the customers and really enjoy my job, I will resign when something better comes along. This is really a shame because I wanted to make Kroger a new career if given the opportunity for advancement. I never see positions for this store posted. You walk in one day and someone has received a new position when asked when was the position posted, "it wasn't." I have spoken with the Union representative and he says, "I know. I do not like what is going on either." Since I can not make a difference and obviously will not receive advancement within this store, I will move along.
mary smith

Anoka, MN

#85 May 25, 2014
Kroger is a racist especially in the Augusta Ga. area they finally gave co-manager positions to a few young black people after the discrimination law suit, but now the make damn sure that all young white people get the department lead and backup positions. I personally blame the zone people for that because they should look at the seniority list themselves and offer those jobs by that list, themselves instead of leaving it up to department heads who are only going to promote white people.It is so bad that even some of the customers comment on it from time to time. I guess that Kroger don't mind getting sued , if they continue on this racial path of promtions

Philadelphia, PA

#86 May 30, 2014
Not only does EEOC address issues but also the National Labor Rlations Board. All this info is available on the bulletin boards of every work site.
I urge folks to fight back, it's sad it has to come to this but to acheive fairness in the work playa this is the route.
People Like Me

Cleveland, OH

#87 Jun 27, 2014
tanftx wrote:
out of curiousity, how do these individual workers go about filing these kind of lawsuits. from a financial point of view, i am assuming they can not be cheap. and the employer company would have far more money to ride out such a lawsuit?
The only people who needs an attorney are those that doesn't understand these corrupt codes they call LAW. All courts(private firms) are 100 percent rigged to favor the ZIONIST AGENDA.
Beanie Shoemaker

Cincinnati, OH

#88 Jun 29, 2014
I get all these points from buying groceries from them, I was in a Car Wreck in 1999, and have had Eleven Surgeries . the Second one left me with dropped feet, and i was fitted with Plastic Braces, on both legs. It has progressed into what doctors call Neuropathy, which is when I stand now, my legs go numb. When I went to get my Gasoline, i used my Kroger Card, used my Credit Card, but the Clerk inside failed to clear the amount of $104.00 off. So I yelled in to him, it didn't clear. He told me just to swipe my Kroger Card again, and it would clear out. It did, and I started putting Gas in, and noticed I didn't get my Ten Cent Discount, actually I had more, but this was my wives Car, and she doesn't drive any more, and I didn't want to fill it up. I yelled in to him it didn't give me my discount. He said i didn't do it right. I yelled into him i was Handicapped, and couldn't stand to long. He said i should have used Handicapped Pump Instead. I have been buying Food from Krogers for over Fifty years. Never have I seen anywhere, they have a Handicapped Pump in our small town of about 4500 people. NO Big Sign ! This guy accused me more or less i was stupid, as you can tell from me sending this letter, I am not ! I went inside to complain, but one Manager was answering all the calls, she had two phones in her hand and people were standing everywhere, POOR MANAGEMENT I finally just walked out, and thinking about whether to ever buy anything from them again. I can go down to Certified, and never have any problems with their Pumps. They want to much info at Krogers any more for the Elderly. When I was in my younger years I prided in myself to give good Service, not so anymore from people who run their Gas Pumps. This Guy gave me smart answers, and I knew it, from his attitude. They need help inside those boxes, but don't want to hire extra help. So just let The Handicap People suffer. I spend about $ 200.00 a week there with Prescriptions, maybe more. They do let you use Handicap Carts. Did I mention my Wife has had Three Strokes in the past year. I have had it with their POOR MANAGEMENT.
Savannah Down

Lansing, MI

#89 Aug 16, 2014
I am not sure if Kroger is racist or not, I do know there are no black store managers inour division, and only a handful (if that) of department heads.
It would be wrong to project Kroger in a racist manner, I do notice store managers are reluctant to fill a posting with a black person, but that may be a personal bias not to be blamed on Kroger exactly. I am sure this will change, it has to. No way white people have the market cornered on skill, dedication, effort, knowledge, and ambition, or honesty. We shall see. Black people need to stop shopping at any store that systemically does not provide opportunities based on a person's race, any race. The proof is in the pudding.

Allen, TX

#90 Aug 18, 2014
2014 and Kroger is still getting away with this behavior. Awful and repulisive for someone trying to make ends meat and pay their bills. Horrible hiring and firing techniques. "certain people" take out the trash. One favored race and all get hired creating a circus atmosphere. last = if your not hispanic then you get treated in a communist environment . I'm sorry time to realize that your employees are free to move and be in this Country as a "free citizen". and the food safety laws need to be checked. More on this later depends on if I get fired or harrassed more. Then will sing like a canary. Unprofessional garbage place.
Star On 47

Columbus, OH

#91 Aug 19, 2014
Kroger may ban discrimination in all forms generally but in individual stores it exists. Corruption and favoritism and butt kissing does occur on a more local level, even more so if the workplace is a bit isolated from urban activity. If she really is being picked on she needs to get evidence and proof then file a lawsuit. Having Obama as our President is historical in so many ways but racism still raises its ugly head like in Ferguson, Missouri (although the rioting there needs to stop too. It's been going on for way too long).

Allen, TX

#92 Nov 10, 2014
observer2002 wrote:
I did contact and file a complaint and now being harrassed because of it by other people.

The "little" guy never wins. Scared for my safety now because of reverse racism and his bullshitters. I NEVER DID NOTHING BUT WORK. Kroger's does not like whistleblowers whom were forced to shut up.

Antioch, TN

#93 Aug 27, 2015
I'm a employee at a Kroger in Arkansas. There was a racial comment made to me. I reported it to all the store mangers and to the Union.
The only thing they done was talk to him, also gave him a promotion. Can you imagine THAT!!!!

Houston, TX

#94 Jun 14, 2016
can j wrote:
You sound stupid and ignorant! My daughter is 21 years old and works for kroger here in Toledo and they are HORRIBLE! So what they have a's usless. She has a manager that makes racist comments, I suppose because she's young he feels he can get away with it. They curse at her, she's had a manager approach her screaming at her and it just so happens the union rep was there and witnessed it and filed a greivance for her because she said he was totally out of line. Filing greivances are a waste of time because nothing is done. Her most recent incident is with a co worker doesn't like black people and who doesn't like my daughter and they are constantly making references to 'ghetto' and 'living in the hood' and my daughter is none of those. She is a young lady with out kids going to college, never lived in a "hood" and isn't ghetto. This particular woman walked up on my daughter with her mouth practically touching her ear going off on her and then following her around saying stupid stuff like I make 40 thou a year and blah blah blah. She is not the manager she is a co worker. She wanted to try and make my daughter fight her or go off on her but my daughter remained professional through the incident and the woman left and came back looking like she had been crying!! So please don't tell me about being UNPROFESSIONAL!!!
(excuse any errors I am typing this in a hurry at work)
Hello how are you I truly believe you after my experience today I was followed out side the store because the store manager believed I was stealing a pack of gum even though I paid for it I am filing a lawsuit against them due to this issue and you should consider as well
Gold Dust

Taylor, MI

#95 Jun 25, 2016
I to understand how kroger manager's and some employees can be they act like there in high school your there to work you have to take that person home with you so why act foul towards them i mean you have no heaven or hell to put that person in so live your life and mind your own business because at the end of the day your not that person and there is only one GOD period some females are jealous of the other females hair eye's shape or how they don't fall over the male's that either work there or shop at kroger and the male's manager's or the male employees or either closet gays and wish they was born a female etc be acting like a little princess lol but Kroger will get there's sooner or later you watch bye now 👋

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