Wow, camelot establishes Delaware tax loophole address 1 week before they are awarded winning bid? Someone needs to investigate Sec. of Revenue boss Dan Meuser...soon. That sounds illegal, no wonder other companies dropped out,...or we're there any other bidders? Gov. Corbett has such a great plan he must keep it secret. If it were any good, I mean good for everyone, he would lay it out for all to see. And by the way, taking away100 Pennsylvania union lottery jobs and giving them to a UK what a Governor!!! 100 Pa. Families will suffer so this guy can line his pockets with Greenhill Co. Sandusky should move over and make room for Corbett and Meuser because when the Feds investigate this and one canary starts singing, it's gonna get nasty. He better re think this deal and fast! One term tommy is headed down the same road as Illinois and their lottery privatization deal...after 1 year they are in court fighting it out. Speaking of I'llinois I believe there was another politician in trouble there not too long ago. Does the name Bagloyevich ring a bell?