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#113 Apr 27, 2012
I am about to buy Natuzzy electrical black leather sofas cost around 5000 USD, need advise pls, should I or shouldn't I, thanks
John Jordan

Pompano Beach, FL

#114 Apr 30, 2012
I bought two sofas from Natuzzi in the uk the leather was soft and has now stretched after one year, also the stiching was very poor but complaining to Natuzzi it fell on deaf ears.
I would give Natuzzi a very wide bay in future there customer care is nil and I found out after the sofas are made in China
Mark Spencer

Eustis, FL

#115 May 12, 2012
Want to explain a few things about the furniture industry. A lot of the bad reviews above seem to come from Sears selling Natuzzi.

I have nothing against Sears. It has been my experience that when a LARGE big box retailer works with a big Name brand manufacturer, the product is made just for the that Large retailer. What happens here is to hit a price point the manufacturer will take take some of the guts out of the product.

I have seen this first hand where a manufacturer made a product for Rooms to Go and took out coils and used wood that was 1/4 inch less thick.

Also I don't know what division of Natuzzi each review is talking about. For everyone's information, there are three divisions.

Italsofa Good Made in China
Natuzzi Editions Better Made in China
Natuzzi Italy Best Made in Italy

I hope this information will help anyone researching product.

Toronto, Canada

#116 May 16, 2012
For what it's worth, I bought a $3000 Italsofa. Absolute garbage. I ordered it two years ago, and I've spent a year and a half trying to get Natuzzi to fix issues with the sofa. If anyone's interested in the defects:

I also have a second video taken four and a half months and a repair visit later, in which I crawl around inside and show how my sofa's built:

A rep called me after this video was taken, advising me that they're done with fixing the sofa. Heck, they barely finished BUILDING the sofa.

Buyer beware.

Isleworth, UK

#117 Jun 6, 2012
Rofo wrote:
For what it's worth, I bought a $3000 Italsofa. Absolute garbage. I ordered it two years ago, and I've spent a year and a half trying to get Natuzzi to fix issues with the sofa. If anyone's interested in the defects:
I also have a second video taken four and a half months and a repair visit later, in which I crawl around inside and show how my sofa's built:
A rep called me after this video was taken, advising me that they're done with fixing the sofa. Heck, they barely finished BUILDING the sofa.
Buyer beware.
Hi we purchased 2 three seaters and 1 two seater sofa in the uk on 30.01.11 and after continous calls and repairs they have replaced the sofa but three days after delivery the brown 3 seater is faulty dont know how to tackle them as ital has no means of contact. can u advise please thanks
any-one uk

Isleworth, UK

#118 Jun 6, 2012
We live in the uk and have had severe problems as most people have on this site, we purchased these wonderful sofas on 30.01.2011 and we are now in june 2012 and am still suffering with these problems and italsofa can not be contacted argh.......... i just want a refund how and if this is possible i dont know?
b_l_ ottawa

Kanata, Canada

#119 Jun 10, 2012
We purchased a Natuzzi sofa and recliner from Sears in Ottawa, within 3 years the colour completely faded from the sofa seats, and the recliner seat not only faded of colour, but the finish flaked off. We called Sears and they sent a person to look at the set. He told us that this should not have happened, that the leather was terrible. He took photos and said that to try to refinish the seating was not feasible because the seat would not match the rest, same to reupholster just the seat. Therefore, they would probably have to replace the set. Many weeks later, after hearing nothing, we again called Sears. We were told that they had the photos, but not the report. We waited another couple of weeks. Then we got a call telling us they would repair the furniture at our cost! After having been originally told by the salesman who sold us the set that the warrantee was 10 years, we find out that the leather is only warranted for 2 years! Who in their right mind would buy a $5000 leather set that would only be covered for 2 years?! We did not know this until the furniture had been sitting in our living room. We also discovered the tag on the bottom said 'made in China', when we were told it was made in Italy. We are in our 60s, we aren't able to flip our furniture over to check the tag! And also being a couple in our 60s, we are hardly abusive to our furniture, so there is no way that we should be responsible for paying to fix this. The furniture still sits in our living room, we don't know what to do with it. Give it away? Sell it for thousands less than we paid? Toss it in the trash? Or try harder to get Sears to take responsibility?
On a side note, our son bought a Palliser set the same day we bought our Natuzzi. He has three young children and his set is in his family room so is subject to much wear and tear and abuse. And his set still looks like new!

London, UK

#120 Jun 20, 2012
I am immensely disgusted by this experience and as a previous purchaser of Natuzzi sofa, table and other products I am totally annoyed and disgusted by the quality of the recent sofa I received. It was absouletly filthy, scuff marks everywhere and to top it the way I have been treated by the reseller and customer services.

I was inconvenienced of taking time off, waiting three months and then having to rectify my house after the immense mess, dirt, etc. caused by the delivery of the new sofa as well as having to then rectify my old sofa to be in a fit state after being loaded into the lorry and then unloaded for it to go back in my living room.

I have no hesitation of putting this episode on the Internet as I feel that new potential customers should be warned.

It was a sofa my wife had her ‘heart’ set on and chose Nattuzzi as we thought it was a reputable company and not a 'cowboy' outfit.

I was promised that I would receive a phone call this morning which I did not and had to contact Customer dept. myself. I really did expect a full explanation how this was caused and a simple replacement at the cost I paid was not an option for me due to the severe bad experience and disgust at the treatment by Natuzzi.

No explanation or a suitable arrangement of replacement was made.

Toronto, Canada

#121 Jun 20, 2012
Apparently the key is to start small claims. After an unsuccessful dozen rounds of emails and phone calls, I asked for their legal contact. They offered me a cheque for my purchase price, and are looking for a charity to donate our sectional to.

Best of luck, all.
Canadian Guy

Fort Mcmurray, Canada

#122 Jun 23, 2012
Natuzzi comes from to places. In the top end stores it's called Natuzzi Italia (Imported directly from Italy). This is their top of the line products. The Natuzzi you guys are buying from Sears...ect is from China. If you do not believe me, flip over your furniture and read the tag "Made in China". We went to an Natuzzi Italia dealer (Scandia Furniture) in Edmonton, Alberta and the sales lady warned us about the China made products that places like Sears sells.
So, Natuzzi from Italy is expensive but is a premium product that comes with a premium price (Love Seat min $3500). Natuzzi from china is not the same product and if you look at the Natuzzi website, you will only find the Italian models and none of the Sears models are listed on the site.
Hope this helps. Natuzzi is a great brand and design, you just need to buy from the right people to get the good stuff.

Toronto, Canada

#123 Jun 23, 2012
Whatever. At the $3K price point, it should all be good stuff. If Natuzzi is willing to include garbage in their line-up, then they should be held accountable for their garbage as well.

Phoenix, AZ

#124 Jun 24, 2012
Hi recently we bought Natuzzi reclining sofa in Roomstore.(end of apr 2012).Right after 3 weeks we noticed a design flaw which we reported to customer service.Design flaw - leather on the back of the sofa near the reclining motion will tear due to the reclining motion.We asked the customer service guy and he also said the same thing thats its a design flaw and they get lot of complaints from the customers.we are then replaced by a new love seat and the same problem showed up right after 3 weeks of replacement.
I would say not to go for Natuzzi unless the store promises for a full refund in case of any problem within the warrranty since this is prone to problems.
Zone 5 North

Las Vegas, NV

#126 Jul 29, 2012
Wow! These reviews are shocking and sad! I have a 15 year old Natuzzi living room (sofa, chair, love seat and ottoman) purchased from Robinson-May (now Macy's). It has held up great and looks great. I'm a 255 lbs gym rat so it's not like it's built for small people.

We purchased a higher brand of leather furniture, all top grain - no splits from Macy's two years ago. It has also held up great. I sold Natuzzi 20 years ago and we sold with pride. It was all Italian made and we never had a single return. It's sad to see a great brand go down the crapper for the sake of increasing margins.

Edmonton, Canada

#127 Aug 1, 2012
We purchased a Natuzzi on 29 June 2012 at Sears. Due to the "system being down" a delivery could not be set up at the same time of the sale. We contacted the delivery dept on 6 July 2012 and the delivery date was set for 13 July 2012. On 13 July 12, the delivery dept cfm that the sofa was on the truck & gave us a window for delivery. At 10:30pm, the sofa never got here. Today, 1 Aug 12, after 3 visits to the store, over half a dozen phone calls to the store, a dozen calls to the delivery dept and several email exchanges to corporate customer service, we finally went to the store and cancelled the $2,000 order. The apathy from the staff and the manager was so disgusting, it made me realize that no sofa was worth this much grief. I'm now reading the horror stories above and it sounds like it's for the best. I completely understand "Pin" - my heart was also set on this sofa. Unique soft gray color set a serene tranquility perfect for our den. I purchased over $120 in cushions, not to mention a ceiling lamp, clock, desk and mirror to match the sofa - which will no longer be in our den. Good riddance! I hope people research the brand and reviews and avoid this heartache.
Solo NZ

Nelson, New Zealand

#128 Aug 5, 2012
Natuzzi is made in Italy - Everything! Don't buy the Chinese made Natuzzi, only the Italian made!! There is a HUGE difference!! The Italian made is more expensive, but is absolutely TOP OF THE LINE, and has none of these issues!

Buyer beware!! Check country of manufacturer, and make sure it's ITALY!!
Calgary Woman

United States

#129 Aug 8, 2012
Hi Just got my Urbano Italsofa and 2 Natuzzi chairs last week. The can see the foam is so very soft. I'm very nervous and regrete to buy sofa at SEARS. I just want to return back all of them. I will never buy any thing from SEARS again.
Service Gal

Tucson, AZ

#130 Aug 8, 2012
I am not familiar with "Sears Furniture" I am however very familiar with Natuzzi. I work at a high end Retailer .I have encountered issues with Natuzzi China line however it has never been issues with the leather peeling or fading so I am wondering if perhaps Sears is carrying a line of lesser quality leather? I can tell you Natuzzi has to the best of my recolection factories in 3 countries...Italy, Romania and China. Any retailer you are dealing with should be able to tell you where the style you are choosing is manufactured and if they wont dont shop there! As with all things make the choice where your money goes. It pays to be a wise consumer and ask all the right questions, Who provides the warranty? the retailer is supposed to do this and the manufacturer will direct you to the retailer. Who does the service work if ther is an issue? The retailer should have an inhouse service department, if they dont who does there work? Know your leather before you buy-dont buy Bonded leather this is the same as split only they glue it to fabric or cardboard-the first time it gets really wet its over. If you want good leather buy top grain only and ask! dont assume a sales person will offer the info. Be an informed consumer and you wont get ripped off.

Lehigh Acres, FL

#131 Aug 11, 2012
I bought a Natuzzi Sofa from Baer's Furniture in Naples Fl 14 yrs. ago & it is still perfect! I know that at that time they were coming from Italy because the shipping papers were stuffed into the couch. My daughter mentioned buying one,but after reading all these reviews she is having second thoughts. I will say one thing I would never,ever buy anything from Sears, no matter were it came from!

Kanata, Canada

#132 Aug 14, 2012
The sofa I posted about above, we decided to get it out of our living room and our son offered to take it out for us.
I wanted to wipe it down before he came to get it, so as per the recommendations in the Natuzzi booklet, I used a soft cloth which had been slightly dampened in water with a couple drops of mild neutral soap,(I used Dawn). As I wiped, the white cloth was coming away with the colour from the leather! Not grey dirt, but brown dye. This has happened before, but it amazes me that even following the manufacturers' cleaning directions, the colour wipes away! I would fight Sears on this but that would mean living with this ugly faded sofa for who knows how long, and we're not willing to do that.
Interestingly enough, my husband had purchased some leather wipes for his sports car leather seats. Reading the label where it says it cleans and beautifies leathers, the wipes clearly stated not to use on Natuzzi brand leather. Hm.

Philadelphia, PA

#133 Aug 15, 2012
seems sears is working with subsidiaries ,having franchise ( could be China)- Natuzzi is outrageous good and out of question quality; check official side for distribution locations, which is apparently up to 15 weeks delivery from Italy for every product. Not sure what Sears does, but even the product does not seems alike - the prices are artificially low. Thx god I looked your post, I may be flowing for this as well with Sears . Yep agree with Deb Gal- Sears do not sell real Natuzzi , see the logo they used (R), Natuzzi corp does not have such! Yappppi! Also, Natuzzi production, comes with standard warranty more then 1 year at least used to be 6 years ago and Int'l prices are alike in EU as well, Sears is no one to bit the prices so low, is impossible! Here is real Natuzzi : uzzi-Carlotta-ArmChair.aspx- I wish all prices were as in Sears-:)

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