Botwood, Canada

#70 Aug 31, 2011
THANK YOU all for your comments!!
I was ready to buy a Natuzzi leather sectional-sofa/couch.
However, after reading how horribly you all were treated by Natuzzi, and that they refuse to stand behind their products, I will not purchase anything from them.
Like most of the comments, I too believe buying quality is worthwhile. But, when a company's reputation goes down the drain, its time to move on, find a company that cares about quality, customer service, and customer satisfaction.
Still looking for a quality sectional sofa/couch,
any suggestions?

London, Canada

#71 Sep 20, 2011
We also have a Natuzzi leather sofa that is a lemon. I will not buy Natuzzi again.
In our case One of 3 seat cushions is so frail the leather disintegrates after you sit on it. It was repared once after cracks appeared. The patch was glued to the underneath. The underneath leather patch was to strong so in 2-3 weeks original leather
started cracking around the patch. It looks as if the cushion is made of bonded (and not just a natural sheet) leather. Do not buy Natuzzi it is a hit and miss as far as quality is concerned. Ours was bought from Sears Canada in London, Ontario.

Hunlock Creek, PA

#72 Sep 29, 2011
Do you have any recourse via your credit card company (that is, if you used a credit card to purchase the pieces)? Sometimes you can refuse to accept the charge on your card since the store and manufacturer refuse to help you with a brand new piece of furniture.

Bridgewater, Canada

#73 Sep 30, 2011
I purchased a Natuzzi couch just over 2 years ago and the leather is peeling. I purchased the couch because it was the nicest looking couch at our local Sears. I had to talk my wife into buying the couch because she wasn't a leather couch fan but the look of the couch even won her over.

The top coating of the glossy leather is peeling/rubbing off all over the couch (over 20 areas). I paid $2000 for the couch and now I have to cover it with a blanket because I'm embarrassed so show anyone the Natuzzi couch.

We bought a cheap pleather (fake leather) couch for $150 at the same time. The sad part is, that couch still looks like new.
Erik Nielsen- BC


#74 Oct 4, 2011
We purchased sofa, loveseat and recliner chair from Sears in nov. 09. in august this we started having problems with color coming off the chair. we have just sent the chair back to a "medic" for a second repair and just prior to the "medic" picking up the chair my wife cleaned it with a slightly damp cloth and more color came off. in speaking with the Sears store Mgr. he assured us that if it could not be fixed he would exchange it. we will see what happens next. at this point, no cheers for Natuzzi.

“Furniture for Small Spaces”

Since: Jan 10

High Point, NC

#75 Oct 6, 2011
Natuzzi is a very large and very innovative leather furniture manufacturer who has introduced quite a few cost saving techniques to the leather furniture industry.

What people do not realize is that Natuzzi is not a high end company. A $3000 leather sofa may seem expensive to most consumers but is generally equivalent in quality to a fabric sofa costing about half that price. On top of that each retailer chooses its own leathers and it is entirely possible for a particular retailer to specify a cheaper grade of leather that is impossible for a consumer to recognize from one costing twice as much per square foot.

Because Natuzzi is so large even a small percentage of problems can involve a substantial number of customers, most of whom will complain publicly when they encounter a serious problem.

The biggest shame in all of this is the inability of the manufacturer and retailer to recognize that fixing problems like the one described above costs less than the amount of future sales lost through creating unhappy customers who publicize their grievances to other potential customers. This is actually an industry-wide problem and has always been throughout the 35 years I have been involved in the furniture industry.

Beginning 4 years ago an American upholstered furniture manufacturer selling direct to consumers has been growing quietly but rapidly using a completely unique customer-centric approach beginning with a very short but comprehensive warranty and return policy which states simply: "If you are not happy with our furniture for any reason whatsoever you may return it to us for a full refund including all shipping charges for a period of one year after purchase.

For further information about the company there are recent articles in the online publications of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times' about.com blog, 1to1.com Magazine and others. You can also get further information at the company's website http://www.simplicitysofas.com .
Another Disappointed Cust

Clifton Park, NY

#76 Oct 17, 2011
I have experienced the exact same issue with my Natuzzi furniture! It is in our formal living room and gets used on Christmas and Thanks giving. Probably 50 hours of use total. The leather looks speckled due to the the flaking off of the leather surface. The only thing we have ever done to clean it is use a damp handi wipe. No conditioners have ever touched it! Yet Natuzzi, in their response to me is infering that we mistreated it. Baloney! This is just another case of a manufacturer failng to stand behind their product. Haven't we seen enough of this in America? After my experience with their customer service and failure to admit their shortcomings I will never recommend a single Natuzzi product to anyone. They were given a fair chance to respond and they failed, miserably!

“Furniture for Small Spaces”

Since: Jan 10

High Point, NC

#77 Oct 17, 2011
Here is a look at a different type of company.

Stopping my order

O Fallon, MO

#78 Nov 3, 2011
Cosco, Sears, Weekends Only in Missouri, Macy's.
Natuzzi being available in quantities at these stores made me smell a rat!
I read the Natuzzi history website:-Awarded prize for China and Natuzzi manufacturing partnership -Went public on the New York Stock Exchange --This sounds like once a great name that has sold itself to the devil-$$$$$$$$$This is the first time a spent so much time on the computer to check a product(I'm old), but I am glad I did. Soon Mr. Natuzzi will figure this out. But in the meantime we have to keep informed-several posts on pissed consumer have mentioned a class lawsuit. If you have an older Natuzzi but any new Natuzzi sounds like mass production crap- Wow how sad.
Maria in Burnaby BC

Maple Ridge, Canada

#79 Nov 4, 2011
I bought a natuzzi black leather sectional from Sandy Furniture united blvd. coquitlam BC
I just made a complaint to Sandys as 3 of my cusions are flaking too !!!
this sectional cost over $3000.00 as I thought I was buying quality !Italian made
I have sent them pictures and awaiting there reply,,,, I was told that natuzzi will eith send some one out to repair it or I will get a new sectional !!!
Also the thing is I never use this couch, it just sits in my unused living room !!!

Carlsbad, CA

#80 Nov 12, 2011
I bought a super beautiful Natuzzi set over 20 years ago and just adore it. Today you can buy Natuzzi for what I paid back then which is a big warning sign. Dang. Such a fabulous brand. Buyer beware if something is from China, or Sears, run for the hills.

“Furniture for Small Spaces”

Since: Jan 10

High Point, NC

#81 Nov 12, 2011
There is something really scary going on right now in the American economy and you can see it very clearly in what is happening at Sears.

Sears Holdings, owner of Sears and K-Mart has been systematically (and legally) looting the companies for years. They bought in at "distressed" prices, borrowed billions of dollars and are using the borrowed money, not to improve the companies but to squeeze every last penny of cash-flow they can into the pockets of the new shareholders. Not all of the shareholders! Just the ones with inside knowledge. The ones who know how to set up special new corporate entities to siphon away the cash from the main companies. One day in the not too distant future Sears customers and employees are going to wake up one morning to a headline that the company is about to be liquidated (or sold off again.)Sears Holdings is going to walk away with unpaid debts and billions in profits realized over the years from outrageous special dividends and business practices that bring in short-term profits at the expense of long term growth. It is all legal and has been done over and over again in many different industries. Take a look at how Donald Trump has walked away from 4 bankruptcies and emerged richer than ever. He knows how to play the game. And it is a game. The scariest thing about it is that the people who know how to play and who enjoy playing are starting to realize that there is an even bigger game out there. It's called the national economy. And it can be looted just like Sears is being looted. There is only one thing standing in the way -- those pesky federal regulations. Just get rid of those "annoying" regulations standing in the way of small business and the country will start growing again. Well, I am a small businessman. And sure,it would be helpful if a few of these unnecessary regulations would disappear. But that's not what is controlling the debate. The advantage of de-regulation for me and my business is a pin-prick compared to what it will do for the billionaire financiers like the ones who own Sears Holdings. These people claim that helping my business by removing these regulations will help the national economy. Probably it would, but not nearly as much as the pain and destruction it will unleash when the big wall-street speculators get to play with even more of our country's money than they have in the past.
adam west

Woodstock, Canada

#82 Nov 14, 2011
Just so you all know you get what you pay for. Sears doesn't sell the high quality that is the natuzzi name(made in Italy). Go to a real leather furniture store not a kitchen and bath shop.

Since: Oct 11

Location hidden

#84 Nov 17, 2011
I'm so glad I didn't buy Natuzzi furniture. I bought enough lemon stuff in my life to satisfy my craving for pure punishment. Thanks for the warning.
Anna K

Barrie, Canada

#85 Dec 2, 2011
I agree. I bought a Natuzzi 7 years ago, paid alot for it after 1 year the fabric was showing major signs of wear and Sears would not back it up with the extra warranty i had purchased. When i bought it they did say that this fabric will last a long time.
Very disappointed.

Auburn, WA

#87 Dec 6, 2011
Dan Sundt wrote:
In a nutshell, Natuzzi refuses to repair (or replace) a defect in my leather sectional that has caused heavy flaking of the color on two of the cushions. An authorized repair tech tried three times to remedy the situation prior to the warranty expiring and now they will do nothing. The retailer is out of business now so I'm left with a $3,000 piece of garbage in my great room. Amazing for a company that has made its name in leather. Want to know more? Please feel free to e-mail me at djsundt54@sbcglobal.net
I bought 5 pieces of Natuzzi red leather furniture from Macys. The color faded off and when I complained, they said it was sun damage. They did offer to replace the club chair in the set because it was so bad. 7 years later, and the replacement chair looks great, the other pieces are worse. I had to replace the furniture, was too embarassed to have it, but still mad about it.

Niagara Falls, Canada

#88 Dec 14, 2011
Just purchased Natuzzi Mezzo sofa and love seat from Sears in July got delivered in August and its now December and the seats are sagging on the sofa, just the end seats. The love seat isnt sagging yet. I called and complained to sears and they sent a Natuzzi sears rep or whatever he is and he said that the foam is medium density, while sears advertises that it is high density. I am really pissed about this and told the guy that came to inspect the couch I wanted to talk to someone from Natuzzi head office. He said I cant but he will. He called and said Sears was advertising that the foam was high density but unfortunately that was not true. They put medium density foam and starts to sag within a couple of months. Nothing Natuzzi can do about that but warm sears about the false advertising. He is replacing the sofa with high density foam and said if the loveseat starts to sag, he would replace that one with high density foam as well. Its just so unfortunate that such a well known brand such as Natuzzi is known for its great quality but is just not owning up to its name. I was told I had 2 yrs on the warranty.

These sofas are made in China unless you purchase from Homestyle furnishings on orfus.

The leather on my mezzo sofas is great. Havent had any issues with the colours coming off.

I got a great deal on these at sears when they had their save 2 times the HST event. I am just very dissapointed that it already has to get repaired :(
Maria in Burnaby BC

Maple Ridge, Canada

#89 Dec 16, 2011
Sandys Furniture got us store credit with natuzzi, we picked out a new sofa of a better quality. if anything we are very happy with Sandys furniture on united blvd. in coquitlam bc , we also bought a 10 yr. warrenty for our new natuzzi!!!
Alli in Ottawa

Ottawa, Canada

#90 Dec 17, 2011
Maria in Burnaby BC wrote:
Sandys Furniture got us store credit with natuzzi, we picked out a new sofa of a better quality. if anything we are very happy with Sandys furniture on united blvd. in coquitlam bc , we also bought a 10 yr. warrenty for our new natuzzi!!!
Beware purchasing warranties.. Bought a ten year warranty from "Stainsafe" which we have found out has gone out of business. The store we purchased the furniture from "Exclusively Leather" went bankrupt shortly after we bought the couch. It took a year to get the furniture and a letter to the newspaper but it did arrive. Interesting thing here is the two recliners I purchased did come from Italy. They are in fantastic shape but are an upgraded leather. The sofa is very comfortable but the two end cushions have been flaking for several years(just the seats no where else..) I would never buy Natuzzi again! I love the style but next time will seek a Canadian Mfg even if it costs more. My couch cost 5000.00 in 2004 and it is an embarrassment now. Speaking of buying Canadian I have a 60 year old Cooper Brothers of Toronto sofa and arm chair ( belonged to parents) when I had it recovered in 1976 the upholsterer offered me $500.00 just for the sofa frame!!!! That couch today would probably cost close to $10,000.00 but a couch of that quality would be custom made:( we live in a throw away society we want cheap stuff NOW and are unwilling to wait until we can afford good quality.
So I guess we get what we deserve ... Junk!
Ps IKEA now carries leather furniture from NATUZZI.
Maria in Burnaby BC

Maple Ridge, Canada

#91 Dec 17, 2011
thanks for the warrantie advice , I will contact store I bought it from

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