I'm not suprised that there are more foreclosures coming this year, the only way they will slow down is when there are no more houses to foreclose on. Almost all of us in Gypsum-Eagle are done for. Has anypne been able to get any of that national settlement money to help us yet? Lived in our house for 8 years paid 20% down and a large mortgage each month we are upside down and we don't have enouth strength or will to carry on we have lost all of of life saqvings trying to ride this out we are totally sick about this we have tried to work with the banker to reduce our principal no luck. I would like to hear from someone and see if they have had any luck on getting help from anywhere. For such a huge issue in our county I'm surprised there has been little to no coverage on this terrible problem for at least 50% of the homeowners in Eagle County how sad this is for all of us. No Work! No Home! No Body Cares all of the hard working people will have to find someplace else to call home. Vail Resorts only needs us for the airport there will be alot of homes falling down.