JM Smucker expansion

JM Smucker expansion

There are 29 comments on the WKYC-TV Cleveland story from Oct 2, 2007, titled JM Smucker expansion. In it, WKYC-TV Cleveland reports that:

JM Smucker is getting bigger. The Orrville, OH. based company has bought the Canadian Carnation brand canned milk products business from Nestle. via WKYC-TV Cleveland

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Fairborn, OH

#1 Nov 23, 2007
On a different subject:

I was recently fired from the Jm Smucker company at m the JIF plant located in Lexington, Ky. due to voicing my opinion as a pro union employee after recent benifit cuts in the retirement area. Our benifits for retirement were stopped as of 12/31/07 for ages 40 and under, as well as the 50/50 medical coverage for the entire plant. This is in effect for the "few" non-union plants that exist today.
Below is a copy of the e-mail I sent that got me fired from this company:
Tim & Richard said "I wouldn't be sorry" after the teamsters
> fiasco..........I did and we didn't..........
> Look at what I/We have lost since they made that promise..........
> I guess they intended to refer to the "humor" section of the beliefs.
> Apparently, they are laughing all the way to the bank..........
> Tim / Richard....Would either of you like to respond to this and other
> reductions in our benefits?
> I think the decisions that were made were to alter the benefits at the JIF
> plant were made as a result of being greedy. There is a difference
> between being selfish, and looking out for the employees that are making
> $$$$ for this company.
> How do the two of you justify millions of dollars in bonuses for selected
> employees, then put the screws to us, the workers that make the money for
> the company???? Where do the basic beliefs figure into the recent decisions
> to cut benefits at this plant?
We did the math, and a 35 yr old employee will stand to loose approx.$375K in retirement due to the recent changes.

The Jm Smucker company claimes to heve a set of basic beliefs that appear to be wholesome, and family orientated, however, I think the "non-union" employees would tell a different story.

Former Employee

United States

#2 Jan 9, 2008
Did the employees vote the Union in?
Pro-Union Bob

Orrville, OH

#3 May 24, 2009
Sorry to hear what this greedy company did to you. It's my understanding the Smucker Orrville plants contract is about to expire
this month (May of 09). I feel for the union members and the head games this Company will play and what the union members will have to endure.You union members in Orrville listen up, YOU HAVE TO STICK TOGEATHER, no matter what the out come.
I have been a union member for almost 30 years and I have seen it all! Here is
what you can expect from this greedy company, keep in mind they DO hire professional union busters to find every loop
hole and weekness in your union. This process usually starts with consuntants, the union members are told the consultants are there
for other reasons like line speeds or quality management. The weekest link is starts with in your membership , AKA Group or team leaders.
The following are just a few things you can expect.(1) They will threaten to move out.(2) They will make or a point group
or team leaders, These people will usually be groomed or pet suck a**es and spew out how great a company offer will be for the good of everyone.(3) Anyone that has retirement years, your retirement will be frozen and they will shove 401k down your throat.
(4)(This is a big one) They will want a contract that can be changed at anytime (trust me they will change it at will) for the betterment
of the company. The new contract can be opened at any time and changed.(5) You will have NO job security.(6) Your age, seniorty and health can & will hurt you in the end. It's there way to weed you out if your health turns bad.(6) If they get a contract like this and worded the way they want, it will be your last or next to last contract you will ever see. Remember, what ever you loose as a union you will never ever
get back. DONT forget that!
They best advice I can give any union member is.... LISTEN to what your local and international tells you.
You must stick together! There is stregenth in numbers, thats why you belong to a union. Remember, unions are making a comback!
Be strong and dont let a company like this divide you. Below is a excerpt from "In these times Magazine":
Union membership, AFL-CIO President John Sweeney says, is especially valuable to working families as the nation’s economy is in the worst recession in decades.

“Today’s numbers confirm what many working people already know: that if given the chance, American workers are choosing to join unions in larger numbers. Workers in unions are much more likely to have health care benefits and a pension than those without a union; in today’s economy, that’s the difference between sinking and swimming.”

The BLS survey also reports on the union advantage workers receive on payday. In 2008, full-time union workers earned a median weekly salary of $886 while nonunion workers were paid 28 percent less per week,$691.

Some 60 million workers say they would join a union if they had the opportunity. But when workers try to form unions through the flawed National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) process, employers routinely respond with threats, intimidation, firings and harassment

Orrville, OH

#5 May 26, 2009
I could not agree with you more Bob! You Orrville people that work for J M Smuckers and are a teamster, STICK TOGETHER. You will win this union busting / anti union game this greedy company is playing. You future is depending on a honest fair contract. You need media coverage becaue the workers and jobless people of Americe hate corperate america for what they have done to us. Be strong!
waldo from cocomo

Orrville, OH

#6 May 30, 2009
It is truly sad that Tim and Richard Smucker does not care for their employees like their Dad Paul did.Paul was a good and kind man who tried hard to treat everyone fairly and with respect.But the boys seem to have no loyalty at all.Not even for the people who are second and third generation Smucker workers.Instead,they chose to turn the production reins over to lower level minions who are only out to line their own pockets.I hope that the union leadership will realize this time that they need more help in this from the regional and national reps to get anywhere close to a fair settlement.It's all in the family,if your name is smucker.
Pro-Union Orrville Ohio

Bronx, NY

#7 Jun 15, 2009
The Orrville contract was voted down!!!

Orrville, OH

#8 Jun 17, 2009
Unions need to smell the Folgers brewing and get with the 21st century....Teamsters are the death of America!!!!!!!!!!1
union worker

United States

#9 Jun 18, 2009
Unions are what keep employees from getting misstreated by companys. Even nonunion employees benifit from unions because if the employer desent treet them somewhat fairly, the threat of a union is there. If all unions are gone we all loose.
Get Real

United States

#10 Jul 16, 2009
Unions are unrealistic about benefits and being competitive in a global market. What risks have the union workers taken? None. They are like gimme bugs. Gimme this, gimme that. The economy is in the tank. Life will never be as good as it once was in this country and the unions have to face it. All workers, including non union employees, will lose benefits and income as we move forward in the future. And the Obama administration will put the final nail in the coffin for this country.
waldo from cocomo

Orrville, OH

#11 Aug 10, 2009
Well, 0n 8/9/09 Smuckers had their contract passed.
They then are going to have a two week shutdown to punish the workers for not voting it in on time.I'm sure that Paul would be very proud of his sons for taking such good care of his workers.
Now Tim and Richard can plan their retirement with no guilt about their employees.

Orrville, OH

#12 Aug 17, 2009
to all union employees. shut up and color. You act like smuckers owes you something. Smuckers pays you very well for a three day week. If you can not live on $40,000 starting wage I think you should find something that takes more skill than pushing a broom or stirring jelly. Thank the corporate folks who spend many hours away from home making it possible for you folks to complain about your conditions.
Thank goodness the corporate operations are expanding in Orrville.

Orrville, OH

#13 Aug 17, 2009
Tdiddle wrote:
Unions need to smell the Folgers brewing and get with the 21st century....Teamsters are the death of America!!!!!!!!!!1
Very nicely put

Orrville, OH

#14 Sep 7, 2009
People need to think reaol hard aboutjust howthrywant to vote, boooooth sideshas its advantages,however the working man wiillbe at the bottom of the food chain. this union bargarned if great faiith, ony to find the Smucker true colors will shine thruogh. This is really one time to stake a gound and dig in.Do no let Smuckersuse the economy against you great people. Most of the anti-union stuff as been writen by smucker proxeys and office people. To those kind of people plaese keep in mind..... what the factory gets you get some to, without doind anything. Then when it is all said and dine look inti the news papers and see what greed will really do to ao milionare. This is beyond greed, look how much boinus the upper crust walks away with. Most of my familyis Coal Miners, they have to stick together to get there point acrossed, and they did just that. SMuckers will go at the chainges in a slow manor but with in 2 or 3 contracts they will have everything they want.... if you let them have it !!!!!! THERE IS NEVER A GOOD TIME TO STRIKE, WHAT HURTS A FACTORY..... HURTS THEM TOO.
waldo from cocomo

Orrville, OH

#15 Sep 9, 2009
To tdummy,

If it wasn't for the union workers producing product,there would be no need for expansion in corporate.Unions are still the reason that most of American workers have any benefits at all or have you forgotten the slaughter of workers from the coal mines in the early 1900's.They were murdered by greedy corporate exec's who cared only for their own profits.Workers rock!

Mansfield, OH

#16 Oct 8, 2009
Does anyone know if Smuckers is currently hiring?
good grief

West Bend, WI

#17 Dec 15, 2009
If it wasn't for $$$ investment into a plant expansion, new product (Folgers) and people selling, there wouldn't be any jobs.

Yes, it takes the workers too. But there is a whole lot more that happens before the production starts--and nothing happens till something is sold.

Good for JMS for moving forward and providing jobs all around the midwest and the south. Think the people in NO who make Folgers aren't excited to hear JMS wants to expand that brand into Canada?
Sleepless in Seattle

Bremerton, WA

#18 Feb 19, 2010
Do Unions have Unions? Do they pay mandatory fee's etc... Inquisitve minds want to know.
Hey Unions


#19 Mar 10, 2010
Unions had their place back in the 40's -70's but now a days there is really no need for them. They are pricing out the jobs and products that their memebers make. Take a look at the auto industry. I have to turn in my lease in 2 months and get a new one. Guess what? I can't afford a GM car any more. So guess what I have to do? Pretty soon all car buyers will have to do it.

Monterey, CA

#20 May 1, 2010
I worked for Smuckers in California for 15 years - they were very fair to us and we had it good. That was all fine until the Teamsters Union Bosses tried to blackmail the company with picketing, lies in the press, and so on. Smuckers finally got tired of the Union harrassment and closed the two plants in Salinas and Watsonville (500 jobs went elsewhere). Be careful about trusting your job to the Teamsters Union.
orrville plant

Detroit, MI

#21 Aug 25, 2010
It is so sad to see the way smucker's treats employees. Tim and Richard have lost everything what the company use to be. They don't care about workers only, money in their pockets. Workers now make less than what they did in the 1980's. Operator pay at $10 hr and maintenance pay at 13.50. Which you can survive on, but when the company is having record profits, and giving upper management millions and millions to each other, why spit on everyone. It is a sad sight at orrville and feel for the workers everywhere else that deal with this company

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