H&R Block reviews: your taxes are wor...

H&R Block reviews: your taxes are worth a Second Look

There are 160 comments on the Daily Dispatch story from Feb 25, 2012, titled H&R Block reviews: your taxes are worth a Second Look. In it, Daily Dispatch reports that:

Through April 30, participating H&R Block tax offices will offer taxpayers free Second Look reviews of their 2008-2010 income tax returns not prepared by H&R Block .

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hr block

Fort Worth, TX

#31 Jan 19, 2013
i have never had a problem with h r ... even last year i tried a couple places to just look at my taxes and i tried turbo let me tell you IT SUCKS! but in the end h &r block got me every little deduction there was to give ,they have always been accurate and i have always been satisfied ! these other ppl are just wanting to bitch ... if your worried about going to h &r block call them ask everything that worry's you .. even talk to a couple other tax places ,i guarantee you unless your doing it yourself that your probly gonna end up at h &r block ...yall have a nice day and try to be nice :)

Baton Rouge, LA

#32 Jan 21, 2013
Agent Timothy McGee wrote:
<quoted text>
1. HRB is not the only place you find ill-tempered people and poor or lacking manners. Just read in this forum. Pissy people rule, apparently. I've seen it in restaurants, grocery stores, hotel lobbies, doctor's offices...you name it. To acknowledge that a problem exists doesn't mean A) You hold exclusive title to its occurrence...or B) It's the beginning, middle, and end of your experience working at your job. I'm so happy that you live and work in a happy place where all of the people you deal with kiss all 4 of your cheeks at the start & close of each day. To hear that it's not that way in the rest of the world must be scary.
2. You apparently lack reading comprehension skills. My words were "If you have any QUALMS about dealing with an HRB office on a 2nd-look issue...". Just as there are people who don't want to deal with the new kid in the store when it comes to getting their pants tailored, there are people who are afraid that *their* taxes are so special that only highly certified people, ordained by the head of the IRS itself, can address them. For those people, they can go the extra mile and seek higher assurances.
AND, do you REALLY think all CPA's are created equal when it comes to taxes? Thinking Block is doing shots with the devil but that a celestial choir resides over your CPA's shoulder and sings on a regular basis as they do their work only means you have a blind eye to their problems...such as hiring people with a modicum of the skills that even the worst-trained Block employee has to work on your precious taxes when you're not around. At the very least, HRB "newbs" have undergone an August-November tax training program. Many interns in a CPA office have..well...they've perhaps done their own taxes on Turbo Tax once or twice.
3. CPA offices make their fair share of mistakes, just as does HRB. Nobody is perfect. That you see it as just a one-way street, well I guess that's one of your unique charms in life.
Thanks for making my decision easier. Because of your behavior, I will not be using H&R Block's services. They obviously have ill judgement when it comes to hiring its employees. Has anyone reported you to H&R yet?

Philadelphia, PA

#33 Jan 26, 2013
I have been using this for about 5 years, but can I say I am really getting pissed this year, First is there is no way to contact these people about the problem, called, waste of time. Now my main problem is can not download updates, starts and quits, now can I say about the 4 hours of trying this, about 50 different ways.

Cleveland, OH

#34 Jan 26, 2013
I just wanted to say I recently had a bad experience
with HandR Block; however in previous years i have either done my own taxes or had a great tax preparer who works for ta check tax services and she taught me alot. The HandR block team just needs to train their staff a little better ; and their computer issues are absolutely horrible as far attitudes the manager was very friendly but the tax preparer that i had made me feel like i was going to be audited the questions he was asking really was none of his business.

Honolulu, HI

#35 Jan 29, 2013
i agree with american idol... haha.. and i totally agree with "just my thought" about agent mc gee chiming in on every other comment.... i think agent mc gee chiming in makes things worse... if HRB is paying you to do this stop... any business company that can't take comments/ criticizm (yes i can't spell... why you gotta judge? i'm spoiled by MSWord... blame microsoft.. haha) is such a turn off.... if you are doing this on your own.... stop... you're making HRB look bad...

Jess... from calgary canada... this forum is a place to vent and leave honest comments... i doubt the person actually called the representative a monkey to their face... i could be wrong... but you should get your facts straights...
I knew It

Lafayette, CA

#36 Jan 30, 2013
Great commercials. Called an office by the house and the woman couldn't even speak English well enough to understand what I was asking.

Reaffirms what I always though about H&R Block and why I have never gone there!!!!!!!!!!

Lockhart, TX

#37 Feb 4, 2013
DO NOT get your taxes done with H&R Block. They are not professional they don't help you to get everything you deserve. They only care about getting paid their ridiculous fee. I had a lady at the Spring Cypress & 249 location do my taxes. I remembered about some documents I needed that I did not have so I told her I would come back she said no we can do them and just revise it later. So I said ok that's great. Literally not even an hour later I called to say I was coming up there with the paperwork to go ahead and get it all revised and sent off and she sat there and told me it was too late. That I would have to wait until I get my refund and then come back in to do an amendment!! NEVER will go back to an H&R Block to get my taxes done again.

Pinehurst, MA

#38 Feb 4, 2013
H&R Block is a RIPOFF!! They charged me over $450 to do my taxes. REALLY??? Go to Turbo Tax. Very simple to do. Step by step.
Never Again

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#39 Feb 5, 2013
1148 SW 67 AVE
MIAMI,FL 33144

ITS DISGUSTING the service there is not privet it at all they tell your business TO ANYONE THAT WOULD ASK FOR IT AND OPEN YOUR TAXTS INFRONT OF WHO EVER.The Manger Cary Del Prado doesn’t even care or does anything about it (Just sorry ) Really! be Professional if you can’t… go work in something else this is Federal Information.
Last time customer

Canton, OH

#40 Feb 5, 2013
I went H&R block today. Wasted my time. If they can't get the appointment set right, how can I trust them with my taxes??? What a joke!

Saint Louis, MO

#41 Feb 5, 2013
I wish I would have read the review before going to H&R block. People at H&R block don't have the compelete information. Its very frustating if you pay the fee and still you have to ran here and there. I have to get ITIN number for my dependent. The guy at H&R block said that I just need to submit the W7 to my local IRS office. When I went to local IRS office thet said that they don't certify the documnets for ITIN. Then I googled and found that not all the IRS office can certify the documents for ITIN or there are few certifed accepting agent who can certify the documents. When I went back to H&R block the guy there was unware of all this fact. He started telling the sotries. Then that guy call another H&R block branch and the person at another H&R blocks are unware of this information. after that I went to liberty guy there is aware of all the information about ITIN. Can anyone help me to get my money back from H&R block.
Cryatal A

Bothell, WA

#42 Feb 5, 2013
Thanks for the reviews everyone. I was thinking about going to H&R this year however, after reading the agents comments along with everyone else I think I'll go somewhere else. It sounds like overall H&R does the same thing Turbo tax does only someone does it for you while you sit there... I'm guess if I can read and follow directions I should be ok with Turbo tax which is also cheaper and can be done in my home. Hopefully I'm making the right call.

Plano, TX

#43 Feb 5, 2013
Worst Place I have ever been! I went in to have my 1040 EZ done (for free as advertised) and underwent the worst experience of my life! The woman who helped me, although minoring in accounting, missed 2 SEPARATE opportunities to get me a tax break that I had to remind her and walk her through the process of placing my request. I also had to correct her multiple times for address mistakes, incorrectly typed numbers, and answering yes when the answer was no. Then after the TWO HOUR LONG process of filing my form, and signing off on the return - she informed me that it would cost $300 DOLLARS to file my tax return. WHEN I DID ALL OF THE WORK AND SHE DID NOT EVEN MENTION THE ADDITIONAL COSTS!! Had I known it would cost that I would have done it myself - I practically did anyways.

So much for their Maximum return guarantee. Only true if that means me knowing the taxation system better than they do. IT IS A CON SCHEME AND A RIDICULOUS EXCUSE TO DO MINIMAL WORK AND TAKE PEOPLES MONEY.
Unsatisfied with H and R

Richmond, VA

#44 Feb 6, 2013
Last year i filed my tax returns through H&R Block. While filing my tax returns my family was not here but H&R told me that I can go ahead and amend my returns later point of time. So I went through the process called itemized (as per their guidance) and filed my returns.
Whenever my family came in I took an appointment with H&R and went into their office. But in reply they said no it's not possible that you can amend due to XYZ reasons. We are sorry that we promised you but that was a mistake from our associate and she is no more working with us. But this recalls me that the lady with whom they took advise was the one who is most experienced in H&R block, most of the people in H&R block calls her and takes all sort of advises, then how come they say it was a mistake.
I am just concerned about, why didn't they tell me at the time of filing of returns. They should have told me before so that I could have gone to someone else (local consultant) or could have tried to find alternate solution.
I felt somewhere that they cheated me because they wanted to file my returns through H&R. They charged me close to $200 for my itemized returns and now they are not amending my returns due to some reasons.

Kent, WA

#45 Feb 7, 2013
My husband and I went to H&R the first year we were married, he was worried about not have his family lawyer do our returns. After we finished the return, I went over the tax information again. They missed a $2,500 deductions! Why? All the tax forms were present and I asked twice if all our data had been enter. They redid them and charged us twice. We either paid again or had to refile in 6 months. I will never use this company again due to false advertisement, and their employees lack of dedication.
eunise perez

Dallas, TX

#46 Feb 8, 2013
OMG... wat a mess in H & R Block on 1221 sw milarty in san antonio. the lady named sandra m. conde made a mis take on my direct deposit routing number my refund was releasesd on the 6 of febuary no i have to wait another week to get a check. i spoke to the manager may ann she granted me a check as friday morning by 830 900 ill will be here so.. I come in @9:00 am shes not here shes in a meeting SURE.. and my check did not come she said ohh...yes ur check will be here. and not and its there mistake they have their attitude... THIS HAVE BEEN A WORST EXPERIENCE EVER WITH THEM

Chesapeake Beach, MD

#47 Feb 8, 2013
I will never ever use H&R block again I have receive my state refund or federal refund yet all I keep getting get it time to process but damn e file so post be fast but I guess not they are so rip off. And don't know what the they are doing. People who file after me or use a different company like TurboTax. Got there money. Not me bc I went to H&R block.

Arvada, CO

#48 Feb 11, 2013
I filed my taxes online for "free".. it ended up costing me over $60! Then they held my check in their bank weeks after they said it would be deposited my my account. I'm still waiting for it. I did my cousins taxes on the same day using TaxAct.. she only spent $20 and got her check a week later. I feel like H&R Block ripped me off! Cost more for slower crappy service.. I will NOT be using them again.

San Leandro, CA

#49 Feb 11, 2013
terri wrote:
DO NOT WASTE YOUR $$$ ON H&R BLOCK! These people are not up to date with the tax laws! Unless you can tell them how it needs to be done, they will give your $$$ to our Government!
. Yes it happen to me this year, I end up with pay the federal money which is last last year I get all my tax return of full HR block just try to get your money to the government as much as they could!!!!! So I have to refile my old tax myself. No HR block !!!!!

San Leandro, CA

#50 Feb 11, 2013
No hr&block they ripoff your money return!!!

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