Indians taking away American jobs is ...

Indians taking away American jobs is a myth

There are 60 comments on the story from Mar 22, 2010, titled Indians taking away American jobs is a myth. In it, reports that:

There is an incorrect perception in the US that Indians are taking away the jobs of Americans, which is driven more by the fast-paced growth India in the IT and services sectors, Sharma told newsmen.

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Gilbert, AZ

#21 Dec 19, 2012
sidharth wrote:
I will try to explain it.Generally From childhood most Indians dream about America as heaven on earth.
In India If some one from family goes to America that family will be proud of him.other relatives to that family give great respect.So every adult indian want to come America or Europe atleast once and settle there become rich So we have a great life(Infrastructure,Luxuries). That is the only reason Indians come to US not for the love of IT.We see IT as only way to enter America and settle so thats why many prefer IT because We can settle in america or europe.IF India currency reaches to same level as US dollar no one will join IT.They just came and settle there.But many people in India treat Americans with great respect.Its Pity Indians they dont want to take your job so you have to suffer.they just want to make their lifes better by working hard.What to do India is Golden Bird at ancient Times all Britishers took our wealth(Such a dirty mind)Because of stealing our wealth your Currency value is high. In Character and behaviour Britishers cant equal Indians.
America is a heaven on earth because AMERICANS WORKED HARD TO MAKE IT THAT WAY. Obviously Indians AREN'T working hard because if you were, America's economy would not be collapsing.

San Jose, CA

#22 Dec 20, 2012
It was very interesting reading all the different postings on how Indians and Asians are taking over America. First off, I am of hispanic descent (not mexican though). Secondly, I have witnessed what goes on inside of these recruiting agencies that are hiring all these software developers. The majority of your comments are true. Any Indian who did NOT GROW UP in America is acustomed to their native ways and wont change their state of thinking. These people are liars, and will do anything over an extra buck. I witnessed a bunch of mistakes being made on I9 forms, resumes, even lying about their education, not paying people on time, paying them once a month(even longer),and a bunch of other scams and the most upsetting thing is THEY ARE DOING IT IN AMERICA. Yes, they are opening their businesses here and not following or American laws. They dont like to follow laws because they are greety people and ignorant. Please dont be part of this America! I may not be white but I am patriotic in spirit just as any other blue eyed American. I was raised here my entire life and have seen the difference. At least hispanics accomodate and adap to American culture and will fight in a war. How many Indians or Asians have you seen

San Jose, CA

#23 Dec 20, 2012 uniform? I barely see or hear any of them talk about politics or concerned about or public education. No way....their mind set os...who will give for free? Me, me,me. What have they done for America? To feel entitled to rights. Sad.

East Hanover, NJ

#25 Jan 16, 2013
“Software was also developed at very high levels of performance. After all, this was the same generation of programmers that sent men to the moon and more importantly brought them back to earth requiring incredible precision and flawless design.”– Do you know there were software bugs in all Space related projects from NASA, there were flaws and they were fixed at a later stage.
Companies leveraged themselves to the hilt to upgrade and retrofit all of the systems to prevent a calamity on 2000. This binge hiring and spending was quickly followed by the crashing of the "Tech Bubble".– If all Softwares before Y2K was perfect why the hell Y2K bug even came into picture?
Back to the early sixties. So to prevent the salaries of American and European programmers and software engineers from continuing to rise levels of other business professionals Western governments (at the prodding of large corporate interests) provided the necessary capital to fund the Indian technology schools. These schools would pump out millions of programmers able to flood the labor pool. All that was needed was the right immigration policy.– LOL this shows really how much you are aware about the Indian Technology Schools…..your propaganda is as if all Indian Tech schools are funded by the United States government… Do you even know how many Tech Schools are there in India?
Of course, I don't have to remind everyone of what happened next. Quality of software plummeted. A new word began to dominate the technical jargon: software bug. Computer programming disappeared to be replaced by "drag and drop" coding practices that lowered the required skill level to the lowest common denominator (Indian level).
– In bid to blame the Indians, you have missed an important point. If you have been a programmer in the recent years you will know that…..The Large American corporations are pushing for faster software creation and they even know that quality will go down. I once remember my “blue eyed” American manager in his sixties saying “We know how to make things upto quality, do worry about that just finish it in 3 months(Which actually will require 8 months at least for a descent quality)” And you blame the Indians suck at quality, given the time and knowledge anybody could give a quality product. Since you seem to be the sixties generation, I hope you may remember how much obscene words were used against Japanese Car Manufacturers, today even a patriotic American buy a Japanese car with no remorse.
A last bit of advice, if you are un happy and you don’t know what to do next, do say that Indians are filthy, Indians corrupted the entire Information Industry and Indians are the cause for all malaises in the American economy, its equivalent the Nazi propaganda of blaming the Jews for everything. Do you even remember that the American Corporations and American Government was the one that actively promoted Globalisation and pried open the doors for business in India. Almost all major businesses doing business in India is in one or the other way related to an American Corporation, the local Indian famer or small businessmen were wiped out. Go to any Indian store even in a village in India, see how many products from American Corporations are been sold there? How do you think the American Corporations are showing tremendous profits in their South Asian business? Where do you think those profits from even a small hamlet is funneled?

In the recent days the Internet is a place to vent racial anger especially the failed IT guys against Indians, you guys are writing as if it’s a great Indian Conspiracy against the Americans. Read the history before writing anything. Everything happening now is because of some vague thing happened in the past. If you take a Macro Lens, use it on everything before judging who is wrong or who is right…

United States

#26 Jan 24, 2013
indians are distroying the job market...they smell an are very cheap they think because there soooo wealthy and "smart" that they are supeerer to all americans. i know i cant be the only one who feels this way i other immigrants have a hard time getting over seas doesnt anyone think its odd there the only ones who dont????

Alpharetta, GA

#27 Feb 19, 2013
I am Indian(American Citizen) IT professional. I am looking for job and being discriminated by Indians who are on VISA's or Green Card. Trust me, there are millions small recruiting companies working in USA.

I see them having upper hand right now. In my case they approach me like 'Hey, I am Indian you are Indian hehehehehe. And after talking to me they realize that i am citizen and have totally different views about everything. Bam! I am not qualified to get a job or if i am working with them they will try everything to get me fired.

I hope I get a Job soon where i do not have this scenario. Which is lot to ask, since they are all over...We need some change ' A Miracle'.

Alpharetta, GA

#28 Feb 20, 2013
Add to my sister’s comment above. Since all that is true we are stuck in the middle, if you know what I mean when talking about discrimination. I just hope Citizen gets priority over any of this and we will be ok and make most sense right?

United States

#29 Mar 8, 2013
I have seen alot of Indians. A very high percentage has arised in the past decade. Take a look around especially in silicon valley, east east bay, name it. Im not a racist but I find nothing wrong with saying there is something wrong! I blame our government. Dem or Rep its both. They are taking a shit ton of jobs its and yes jobs we americans are qualified and willing to work. They come here from India on a clean slate welfare housing the whole fuckin 9! Everywhere I look... there goes Gupta!? Every shitty driver there goes Gupta!? Oh my God catch Bart from Fremont at 8. m on a weekday... guess who is who is crowding the trains,cheap. For them! ls like shit and cheap leather with laptops there goes Gupta!? I dont hate you I just don't like you. I can expose the little things of how they build in our country. They come here move into apartments townhouses get welfare ,wic, government grants, a monkey suit they never wash. Now how they live 10 to 15 People in a apartment for a few years. So now rent is so cheap.They use government grants for school. They have little jobs they have through school and save up. Then get better jobs following school. high paid jobs immediately!!! Sounds sweet huh? Well I thought its illegal and goes against fire and health codes to have so many people to a small apartment?! Yea your local complex owners are letting them live that. I have seen proof experienced it all. When I was younger, I lived in this apartment complex and the owner was allowing India to vacant every apartment. The people downstairs had 12. In a 2 bedroom apartment. One of them offered my mom alot of money to move out. My mom told them to fuck off and threw the money at them. So that's my story about how feel....

Cordova, TN

#31 Mar 14, 2013
Indian Techie wrote:
It is really interesting to see how some of you think, but I will not judge you guys, because I am hold myself to a higher ethical and moral code. It's funny how one of the commenters feels that europeans coming to US is different from Indians coming to US. Apparently it is "new, unsettled wilderness"..(wonder where the native indians were?.. on moon).
Funny, that one of the commentators above from UK has said "They will colonize the USA", seriously?? Thats what you British do, not Indians. Look at your history of atrocities, how many countries you spoiled, and how much wealth you plundered. And it was you British who made us into a english speaking, "pencil pushing no brainers" for your clerical work while you colonized the shit out of us... And you are complaining now? I thought you liked us that way!
I understand the sentiment of those whose jobs are being replaced by Indians and those who are out of work. But what you need to understand is that this is the outcome of your own ideology (capitalism). I have tremendous amount of respect for this country for the fact that anyone with hope and dream can come here, work hard and make it big in life. If you consider yourself American (not by birth, but by spirit), then get up and compete.
And coming to the etiquettes and manners, its not really wise to generalize a whole country, give them sometime to change, and one or two generations down the lane, they would be no different from you.
I generally liked your response, but, do you think it is fair and smart to keep letting "foreign" people in to a country and reap jobs and opportunities that they did not deserve. Most businesses and corporations started with Americans investing their hard earned money and so then they reap the benefits of job opportunities and not shipping their job off to some third world country. My parents worked very hard, saved their money and sent me and my sister to priavte schools and college just on saved money and investing. After that, I have to be rejected for a job froma women who was a high school graduate from mexico who just walked into an employment agency and then 20 years later, me with a bachelor degree cant get the job? These new immigrants are reaping the benefits and opportunites that are forefathers worked hard for and there not taking jobs??? ARE YOU STUPID, JEALOUS OR JUST MEAN???
Indian Techie

Levittown, NY

#32 Mar 17, 2013
jsi wrote:
<quoted text> I generally liked your response, but, do you think it is fair and smart to keep letting "foreign" people in to a country and reap jobs and opportunities that they did not deserve. Most businesses and corporations started with Americans investing their hard earned money and so then they reap the benefits of job opportunities and not shipping their job off to some third world country. My parents worked very hard, saved their money and sent me and my sister to priavte schools and college just on saved money and investing. After that, I have to be rejected for a job froma women who was a high school graduate from mexico who just walked into an employment agency and then 20 years later, me with a bachelor degree cant get the job? These new immigrants are reaping the benefits and opportunites that are forefathers worked hard for and there not taking jobs??? ARE YOU STUPID, JEALOUS OR JUST MEAN???
I understand your pain and I don't think its fair. It is not fair if America was a closed system and shut off from the rest of world, where you mind your business and others mind theirs. Unfortunately (for you), the world is a more open society now and it is definitely up to you guys (Americans) to decide whether you want to let others in or not. Even if you don't let others in, your jobs(atleast those which can be moved) will be shifted to other countries where it is cheaper to get work done. It is even worse then as immigrants who come here, build their life here, buy homes, contribute to social security and other taxes (atleast legal immigrants). This stimulates the local economy, but if you don't let them in and the job goes elsewhere, this won't happen. I guess this is a decision left to you guys and your government. Personally, the day I feel I am not welcome here in this great country, I will go back. I understand if you don't like us, and I understand if you think we are responsible for all the misery, but I believe this will happen no matter what, as markets are efficient, most jobs will go to places where they are most economical and the world will become a smaller and more connected place with each passing day..

Clearlake, CA

#33 Sep 4, 2013
your right payback wrote:
Perhaps this is justfiable payback for centuries of European and American economic exploitation of those and other countries...
The US never ****ed over China and India...look to Great Britain for support.

Cumming, GA

#34 Sep 5, 2013
Yes, you are so right. The Indians have taken control of Stanford University Hospital. The technology department has a Indian Senior Vice President, who promoted her self twice and she has no hospital experience other than 3 years. She and the interim CIO are both Indian and they both have a scheme to hire all Indians. Already they have hired over 50 Indians analyst and 5 other Indians in Senior Leadership. And they want Americans to sit and watch without complaining or saying one word about the Indian takeover at Stanford CIOs office and technology department.

Shame on you Stanford for giving away all the jobs to the Indians. Shame on you Stanford ........September 2013 Shame on you Stanford!!!

Stockholm, Sweden

#35 Sep 17, 2013
I am from EUrope, and lets face it: IF you are European or American you are done.

OUr salaries will shrink to some global average, and that is quite much below todays level,i assure you.

The good news is : Don'nt even try to be good at what you do. Or even better than the best indians. You will be price beaten anyway.

sadly but true. WEst countries has had their golden years. Now 400 years of mediaval reclanation awaits us again.


Fort Lauderdale, FL

#39 Oct 18, 2013

I would disagree with you that the indians in professional positions in the us, especially engineering, are "pencil pushing no brainers". In fact, most of them are the creme de la creme. It stands to reason. India's population is over 1 billion, over three times as large as the U.S. pop. They do have some very good engineering schools with huge competition to get in. Only the best being drawn from that huge population, will become engineers. Then the U.S. companies pull them in.

I don't blame the indians. It is our fault for putting short term corporate profits ahead of our future. Instead of making it so hard for companies to bring a foreigner in on a visa, we make it easy. The Republican voters worry about poor mexicans coming across the border to pick fruit meanwhile corporate america gives our best jobs to foreigners. That's how it is. I am a software engineer (not indian) who knows.

Toronto, Canada

#41 Jan 4, 2014
Every one in the earth has right to speak .

America is built upon immigration . Commenters have right to speak but not right to stop .

All the comments come out of competation . Try to compete or better try to work .

Wasting you time will not give you work and money .
Recent Graduate

Waukegan, IL

#43 Jan 7, 2014
I work in firmware engineering (embedded) and graduated recently with an electrical engineering degree. I interned at 4 different companies and definitely agree that the explosion in Indian employees in the US has gotten too high.

I strongly disagree with you, Randall. I was a teaching assistant for most of my undergraduate career and the worst students in my lab courses were Indian. They required constant hand-holding and cheated all the time. Every student I failed in my lab courses were Indian because they cheated more than once! Even after warning them, they still did it. They have horrendous work ethic. They are leeches, do not think for themselves, think they are self-entitled, and very rude.

Alpharetta, GA

#44 Feb 4, 2014
I am Indian American and I hate everything about Indians. They need to go back to India and make India work if they think they are soooooooo smart. They are most useless people on this Planet. We need some sort of a "Miracle'
They have got me fired from my last two Jobs because I am Citizen and have totally different attitude about everything…Other US citizen at least can differentiate themselves from Indians since genetically look different and are different. I am 100% genetically Indian ( which I have found I am mix of Portuguese, Irish, Swedish, Spanish. Scottish…..etc.…. way back 10000 years ago they migrated down to the land south)..That’s why all my life everyone asked me what I am and what the F*** I am made of. &#61514;.

I just hope My life gets better soon and have my own identity instead considered one among 1 Billion Indian.

Alpharetta, GA

#45 Feb 6, 2014
Cancel all Green cards and visas for INDIANS and start over…Visa processing will help make some money and be selective…

All of them are so rude and all they think about is money...Don't produce anything just suck out of the system and lie and cheat all the time.

Alpharetta, GA

#46 Feb 8, 2014
Not only all of the above is correct. Indians are so blinded with greed. Have no compassion for citizens of US and tho they are rich back home all they want is more. Have no skills to make life wholesome and enjoyable...I think genetically they are miserable and live miserable life 24/7.
Don't get their hummer either i would not live like that at any cost...So useless people on the planet. Planet would be better without them...See i am soooo angree...If they stayed in their country and did all those things i would not have problem...They come here and not adopt manners continue to be them like they are in India. That's why they need all to go back to INDIA and be what they are just not bring that here in USA.

Clinton Township, MI

#48 Feb 8, 2014
It's not myth! Check ur government records, economics and lending.

Indians coming to the States get FREE MONEY off YOUR taxes to start gas stations, liquor and other types of businesses that American citizens wish they could do but are not allowed the FREE money to do it off their fucking taxes.

The States is now a third world nation with the educated and money moving to Canada like what happened in Nazi Germany in the 30s.

Mexicans, Cubans, Indians, Haitians and every other poverty stricken person comes in and the rest of us are leaving.

I'm moving and there is no door to hit me in the ass. Everything fell apart. I turn in my American citizenship in Maybe but could have kept it. I don't want it.

Political fighting like USSR caused this so continue your idiot fights as the nation goes bankrupt. Canada is now the wealthiest and most educated on earth. It has the strongest defensive military on earth. We pay higher taxes and then retire with wealth but I already make my millions in the corrupt stock markets and will continue to do so.

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