Cris Pasto reflects on truth versus politics in the playing out of the natural gas saga in New York State. He notes everything the other side says it wants is readily available from natural gas, yet they refuse to see it, preferring an alternative reality and narrative with nothing to back it up.

I started feeling a bit guilty for not addressing the latest stall tactic in NY with a push for a health impact review sooner. It’s just that I’ve been getting so irritated with the anti-gas cult hypocrisy and ignorance that I decided its time to settle down (just a bit) and not get so worked up about them. Its about time to rest confidently in the facts, science, and warmth of my home comfortably and cleanly heated with abundant domestic natural gas. If the truth continues to perform as it has in NY, then we have the politics to fall back on. Anyway, the mounting guilt pushed me to make these few comments.

Their hypocritical use and enjoyment of fossil fuels, their inability to offer a better energy solution, and their refusal to acknowledge that “clean”,“green”, and “sustainable” wind and solar options are more destructive to the planet and carry heavier health impacts to boot is mind boggling. Forget about the economic impracticality of these options. It is so funny how they remain close mouthed and refuse to address this issue. I think it would result in a complete collapse in their utopian dream life if they ever stepped out of their state of denial. Their character is akin to a substance addict who simply refuses to see the harm in their behavior, refuses to change their dysfunctional thinking, and refuses to look through the lens of reality.