Celebs compare Obama to Jesus, Gandhi

Celebs compare Obama to Jesus, Gandhi

There are 90 comments on the thehill.com story from Jan 21, 2009, titled Celebs compare Obama to Jesus, Gandhi. In it, thehill.com reports that:

Movie star Susan Sarandon compared President Obama to Jesus. Broadway and film actor Alan Cumming thought of him more like Mahatma Gandhi.

“He is a community organizer like Jesus was,” Sarandon said Tuesday night on the bright blue carpet leading into the Creative Coalition’s 2009 Ball at the Harman Center for the Arts in Chinatown. “And now, we’re a community and he can organize us.”

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Vivek Golikeri

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#88 Jan 5, 2012
GAPatriot65 wrote:
Love how SS just spews those liberal talk points! If she had even picked up a Bible or even believed in Jesus, she would have realized what a moronic statement she made.
So hilarious how the liberal crowd and their anti-Christian crowd will fall upon comparisons of their liberal hero's to religious figures.
She was merely comparing his people-mobilizing skills with Jesus' skills, not claiming that he anywhere is that great. Neither would I "pick up a Bible" as you put it. If you want to believe he was God in human form, that he died to exounge your sins, etc, that's your business.

It's not Jesus the man that I hate, but Jesus the commodity that bible-pushers and con-artists have made out of him. Christianity for over five centuries has been the Trojan Horse of slavery, racism, genocide and a host of atrocities. People of non-European races need to view Bible-pushing with the same mistrust that victims of Stalin's terror view Marxist ideology.

Medina, OH

#89 Jan 5, 2012
Proves the point how STUPID celebs are and how the ones that are old and washed up come forward with stupid comments to get their names in the news.
Talk about some clueless morons. If they want to do some good, they should donate ALL their money to the poor and disadvantaged! Maybe donate all their money to the US to bail the country out of debt.
drink the hive

Anonymous Proxy

#90 Jan 5, 2012

Mansfield, MA

#91 Feb 5, 2012
i thought the left was against holy rollers, like obama, forcing his religion on us?.... seperation of church and state, etc...... our great crusader cowboy war monger attacking other religions trying to force his religion on the muslums... wheres the outrage?... its fun using libs words on the libs.....lol...hypocrisy...... obama is not jesus, i dont think he goes to church anymore than i do .... if he is so pius, why is HE so rich?

Mansfield, MA

#92 Feb 5, 2012
OneRyder wrote:
...besides, don't you Bush fans think Obama is Arab anyway?
.... i didnt vote for bush, but any idiot can clearly tell... barack hussein obama is irish and christian, like he said.... how could that sound like anything else....lol.... now that he is irish, and christian, am i still a racist when i Q his actions?... im also irish and christian...speration of church and state..stop forcing your religion on us and the islamists.... funny how libs words always come back on them..... he's just exploiting jesus

Mansfield, MA

#93 Feb 5, 2012
OneRyder wrote:
Oh stop posting this crap. You people are like whiny old ladies.
Is there something more important that bothers you? There has to be. Who cares was a celeb says as the fawn over President Obama? Why is that news to you whiny on ladies.
...and thats from someone who is still stuck on bush...... we dont need religous zealots like obama forcing their religious views on the middle east and the world right?..thats what your side alwasy says....rich celebs, and other idiots that support obama, are the reason we got stuck with him in the 1st place.... seems many on your side think what the rich hollywood richie rich's like mmoore and other rich beautiful people celebs say matters.... i like u to repeat the first line of yours when the left brings up gay marriage, "is there something more important that bothers you" .......... libs are wacked, hypocrites

Mansfield, MA

#94 Feb 5, 2012
PooPoo Platter wrote:
Our Dearest Minister of Enlightenment and Propaganda has once again posted an article with a misleading headline.
Read the original. One actress compares Obama to Jesus. One actor compares Obama to Gandhi. The rest make comments about the Inaugural events like you'll find on Entertainment Tonight.
Besides, Susan Sarandan's comparison to Jesus is not over the top. We live in a post Christian era, and cannot take for granted that average Americans are believers like the pastor or the church members are.
Secular non believers or seekers will view Jesus as a historical figure. He might be called a charismatic leader, a revolutionary or dissenter, or even a "community organizer".
Christians will call Jesus their Lord and Savior, the Son of God, their Redeemer. It can sound disrespectful and demeaning to Jesus to use labels like community activist or feminist. He doesn't get due respect.
Some Christians might expect more reverence than Saradon offers, but she has never claimed to be a professing Christian. She has always come across as a well meaning, thoughtful American citizen, definitely a secularist.
It's unfair to call her comments moronic. Jesus doesn't have low approval ratings like George W Bush. He is esteemed highly by many people who don't buy into Christian faith. Christians will regard Jesus according to a whole different world view.
You have to know the difference.
.... we need "idiot" in the ratings chices....may jesus and bless u, along with the false "profit" too.......... remember, seperation of church and state libs!

Since: Aug 10

Hollis Center, ME

#95 Feb 5, 2012
primetime17 wrote:
Why is invoking the great name of Jesus only appropriate when the left use it? Obama is no more like Jesus than the rest of us!
Because it's not possible to be Christian and conservative. The two religions contradict each other.

Mansfield, MA

#96 Feb 5, 2012
Poo Poo Platter wrote:
<quoted text>
<quoted text>
You don't have to change a thing about how you believe or worship.
It means you have to be bright enough to know the difference between somebody attacking Christianity and somebody who admires Jesus as a historical figure without buying into Christian faith.
Sorry if that's harsh, but if you discern no difference between Susan Sarandon and Christopher Hitchens or Bill Maher, you are clueless. You can reject all three. But if you don't know the difference between an enemy and somebody with an alternate opinion you are not at all equipped to talk about it.
.... good point poo poo.... obama needs to learn that repubs arent hispanic americans enemy,just that they have a different opinion, and biden needs to learn that the taliban is the enemy... i hope u point out to you lib pals that just because repubs have a dieffering opinion, they arent our enemy.... and im an indy, i realize it.......now those who burn our flag, well they seem to be the enemy......imho....

Mansfield, MA

#97 Feb 5, 2012
Skeptical wrote:
<quoted text>
What do you expect from a person who married Tim Robbins. They are both in Lala land
...yep rich people who obama says dont pay any taxes and stole "our" $$$.... but they love o, and he loves them.... when is the occupy hollywood protest starting up?

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