Students File Suit Against Sanford-Br...

Students File Suit Against Sanford-Brown College

There are 1073 comments on the KSDK NewsChannel 5 story from Aug 1, 2007, titled Students File Suit Against Sanford-Brown College. In it, KSDK NewsChannel 5 reports that:

“Students who don't know each other who have come to see me, who have never met each other, who live in different parts of different cities and different states tell the exact same story”

By Leisa Zigman I-Team Reporter - Attorneys for more than a dozen former college students filed a lawsuit against Sanford-Brown College and its parent company Career Education Corporation. via KSDK NewsChannel 5

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United States

#453 Aug 2, 2010
I graduated in 09 from sbi in monroeville pa and let me tell u this place qas a joke...not only did we have students teachin our classes n no dean for half a year but no I can't get a job n I'm 30,000 in debt...
Angela Bailey

Warwick, RI

#454 Aug 4, 2010
I too, have graduated from sanford brown mar 2009 and have not found a job. When I started they said that they were accredited as I got further along they were no longer accredied and the tuition went up. I was told that my tuition would stay the same because I was grandfathered n but that didn't happen

Florissant, MO

#455 Aug 5, 2010
I am currently in the LPN program at SB in Saint Peters. I have contacted many employers off of craigslist that are hiring LPNs and their attitude has been something along the lines of, "If you pass the exam, we will hire you." I was very skeptical of SBC until I contacted the Missouri Nursing Board and they RECOMMENDED them for a quick entrance into a field that usually consists of waiting on a 2 year waiting list. I also researched their LPN accreditation through NCIS and it's legitimate. They require you to pass the TEAS-V exam for consideration, which is a very common nursing entrance exam, so I believe they do try to accept more educated people. In the end, it's your attitude and drive that gets you where you want to go. I know that I have the type of personality that gets me what I want and where I want to go, so I'm not worried at all. Also, I checked around and my LPN credits DO transfer to numerous colleges around the STL area, so that is very exciting. As far as the MA program in Hazelwood goes, I've seen the people that graduate from that program, and I am not surprised that they cannot find employment. I wouldn't hire them to wash my dog. Good luck everyone, but remember, YOU are responsible for doing your OWN research when it comes to your higher education.

Roswell, GA

#456 Aug 6, 2010
Estey wrote:
<quoted text>
Not true. I never missed a day and had all A's and my credits didn't transfer.
As you asked all the right questions so did we. Not to bash you ,SBC does lie to you and it's all about the money for them. I am glad you are not unhappy, and ok not being able to transfer credits, however you can go to other schools pay less and learn from real teachers. They do not tell you this when you enroll . If you go to college why would you ask if you have a real live teacher not a instructor? That's why docors offices do not want to hire you. this is to the ones that have not figured out they have been had....yet....where are you working and how much are you making? Billing and coding?

Roswell, GA

#457 Aug 6, 2010
typo doctors office...and billing and coding maybe you can get a job easier? and MA's got a are you doing paying back the loans pay rate ? the people that have A.Degree...have you gone to a state college to ask about what you can use this for like jobs? If all of this is true, we must do something about it. If nothing eles they need to refund money, to people. We must have proof and get news channels in every area to send in under cover bust it wide open....then a lawyer will take the case...Any one here in Atlanta? Write more tell me more, this is the only way I can help..I got a lot of email addresses. tell me more about your billing and issues with your degree we must be able to prove it.

Alpharetta, GA

#458 Aug 10, 2010
I'm on my extern now and I'm not happy with the situation. I'm not scanning, 3 times in 3 months. How can I hone my skills like this? I've reported this to no avail and have tried to get the president of the school to call me back but she want. This is not the first problem I have had. All the promises and there are no jobs in the Atlanta area even for experienced techs. I know some people who have been out of school for 2 years and still don't have a job here. I'm in debt as we all are. I was told I had to take the MA program as well, even though I had medical experience. Does anyone know how to contact corporate? Please e-mail me at [email protected] if anyone knows how to get in on a lawsuit. I'm game.

Cape May Court House, NJ

#459 Aug 10, 2010
Ummm.. Listen. I believe that 1 of us needs to find a lawyer that we can all file a class action lawsuit. I have been looking in my area and so far no one wants to take the case. From what I have learned about class action lawsuits is that we don't have to be all from the same school. But feel free tp correct me if I am wrong. I contacted the BBB and received about 800.00 forgiven. Woopdedoo!! I want to sue the crap out of this school. I have got evidence and signed letters from people working at the school along with a video of 30 students trying to dissect 1 pig because the school couldn't find the money to buy more then 1 pig. Contact me if anyone has a plan...[email protected]
Shawn Evans

Pittsburgh, PA

#460 Aug 11, 2010
To those who are employed congrats but I was part of sanford brown when it was western school of health and business careers and I choosed Criminal Justice now since they closed that department I can not go to refreseher courses or even have lifetime job placement suitable for my career goal and I am stuck trying to find employment myself. So before you go and say attitude and attendance realize I never missed a day had graduated with a 3.45 and found nothing and I have a degree how can you call that now. I am want to know any people who entered there Criminal Justice program please get in touch with me email me at [email protected] and let us file a class action lawsuit something must be done

Waterloo, Canada

#461 Aug 12, 2010
I'm currently enrolled Sanford Brown College for Radiology Tech and I've heard claims that it is not an accredited school. But before I registered I did research on my own...I check the National accrediation of radiology and it is accredited and I've met past students who are currently working as RT. I think that the biggest problem is most people listen to negative advice if you have confidence in yourself you'll be able to get a job.

Humble, TX

#462 Aug 12, 2010
This is my last week of class before extern. On Ekg; I vaguely remember how to hook up the leads and I can recognize a PQRST pattern, though, I received an A in EKG and I have no idea how to read one.
I am weak, at best in taking vitals. I have asked three different instructors to help me. They all put me off. I did well in Pharm. Injections were easy. I am horrible at blood draws. There are major curves in grading, so people like me who don't really know shit about being an M.A. will be coming to a doctors office near you! I have a 3.51 GPA and will be winging it through externship. Will let you know how long it takes to find a job...On the flip side, I made a lot of new friends!
Shantanique franklin

Dallas, TX

#463 Aug 17, 2010
I am current attending sanford brown institute for medical assistant I have passed all my classes with A and B I also completed my externship and got all my credits This is the worst school every I was harassed my teachers and faculty members... This school Is In Deaborn mi
NOT a real college

United States

#464 Aug 17, 2010
I taught at SB south campus. I would never recommend this school to anyone. Ms.Hill, Mr. Garrett and the majority of the staff have associate degrees, if that. Go to a REAL college. You will save yourself a fortune and get an education with transferable credits. DO NOT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL. It is profit driven ripoff, not education driven. If you don't believe me, call any 4 year college and see if their credits transfer. THEY DON'T. This school preys on students that don't know any better, can't qualify to get into a reputable program, or are to impatient to wait to get into a legitimate program at a decent junior college. No 4 year or even 2 year college accepts their credits because they are not at anyone's collegiate level.
Sue them

United States

#465 Aug 17, 2010
I did and they settled with me.
Must be Dillon

Humble, TX

#466 Aug 17, 2010
YOU WROTE... or are [to] impatient to wait to get into a legitimate program...YES, YOU REALLY MUST HAVE WORKED THERE!-TOO- Next time, okay? Also, you are not as anonymous as you think you are.
Enough is Enough

Schaumburg, IL

#467 Aug 18, 2010
Listen plain and simple ...this school is a joke...I have a found an attorney willing to hear out a class action. If you are intrested in joining I am required to find 15 students who feel they have been duped or provided fraudulent information about the type of education they have recieved. The main concern of the attorney is MISREPRESENTATION...this is something as simple as the graduation rate. The rate that was displayed to me was 82% for MBC program at the tampa campus. That is FUNNY... considering there is about 5 students from the orginal 25+ mbc students that started the same orientation class as myself. If you are intrested in joining this or have any information to provide me or have your own class action started please contact me as soon as possible. [email protected]
hangin by a strin

Newark, NJ

#468 Aug 21, 2010
I've only been in sanford for 3# mods but ive seen alot, first they lied to me, said this was hands on, i,ve learn only how to saw a pigs feet,and wash my hands, the rest has been reading and writting,Ive been studing verry hard to get my cirtificate, only to see other females play all day as if they new something i didn't, then I came to realize that teachers are giving away the answers,and in the answers there would be a twist that will not alow you to get 100% in your test,if you catch it your lucky, this really makes me understand, why the law suit, even if I was to leave the shcool they will still make me pay, so for now I still have to finish this shcool and hope for the best, and just take charge of my own life, learn all i can ignoring that this school is just decieveing everyone, finantualy, and teaching wise, so to those who are attending learn all you can ,but those who are thinking of joining "DONT" "fine a better school", I will not recament this school to anyone.!!!
trish wysocki

Schaumburg, IL

#469 Aug 25, 2010
I just started at sanford brown in hillside i was a transfered in student and they over charged me my tuiton and they also are playing around now to give me my refund from my loans and i dont feel that this is fair. i've taken my issue all the way from financial aid, business office, the dean of education and also to the campus president and i really dont know who else to take it to. they also cut my lunch break by 15 minutes because they through me in classes with the other programs and there class starts when my lunch period should be. i really do not reccommend anyone to come to this school if u have transfer creidts it will make your stress level rise to the extreme. i already have a heavy course load and that is really stressful and now i have to deal with this as well. somebody please give me some advice or a coorporate number please.
Laquita Johnson

San Antonio, TX

#470 Aug 25, 2010
I just graduated from SBC in San Antonio, TX anf they wont give me my diploma. They keep giving me the run around. Help Please!!!!!
Lana P

West Islip, NY

#471 Aug 31, 2010
I was wondering if anyone attended SBI in NYC for Diganostic Medical Sonographer program. They say they are accredited CHEA but that does matter with ADMRS. I tried looking up with ADMRS what schools are accredited and only Cuny or Suny colleges came up. Am I going to waste my time and money by going to SBI for Ultrasound? I know that the CHEA says that the school is accredited but with who the department of education does not recognize them...
waste of time and money

Carmine, TX

#472 Aug 31, 2010
Lana P wrote:
I was wondering if anyone attended SBI in NYC for Diganostic Medical Sonographer program. They say they are accredited CHEA but that does matter with ADMRS. I tried looking up with ADMRS what schools are accredited and only Cuny or Suny colleges came up. Am I going to waste my time and money by going to SBI for Ultrasound? I know that the CHEA says that the school is accredited but with who the department of education does not recognize them...
SBC is not a real college. NO LEGIT UNIV or COLLEGE accepts their credits. Go to a Junior College, it's much cheaper, legit and your credits will transfer to a 4 year institution.

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