Students File Suit Against Sanford-Brown College

There are 20 comments on the Aug 1, 2007, KSDK NewsChannel 5 story titled Students File Suit Against Sanford-Brown College. In it, KSDK NewsChannel 5 reports that:

“Students who don't know each other who have come to see me, who have never met each other, who live in different parts of different cities and different states tell the exact same story”

By Leisa Zigman I-Team Reporter - Attorneys for more than a dozen former college students filed a lawsuit against Sanford-Brown College and its parent company Career Education Corporation. via KSDK NewsChannel 5

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Webster, MA

#187 Dec 31, 2008
I feel the same way most people do...I was ripped off by ultrasound Diagnostic school! This school #1 didn't even have an ultrasound program, had teachers with no teaching degrees, teachers who left in the middle of a semester with no replacement, no books for an entire semester but had no problem taking my $11,000.00. I would love to join a lawsuit to get my well deserved money back.

United States

#188 Jan 1, 2009
I attended Sanford Brown in 1984 thru 1986 and graduated. I was to become a computer programmer. Half way thru my progam they sold the school and I lost all of my college credits they had promised that most of the classes. I paid over 10,000.00 and they never once placed me in a position. If there is a law suit against them I would love to hear from someone.
SBCCollinsvilleI LVIC

Waterloo, IL

#189 Jan 2, 2009
DON'T DO IT Sanford Brown College in Collinsville, IL is a JOKE. They are all about making their money and not at all about helping you better yourself. Anytime I talked to my rep I felt like I was dealing with a used car salesman. I myself to billing and coding classes. Started in Aug of 2008 and was making good grades and then found out that I was being over charged for tuition and had to purchase books that I never even used. I had teachers that quit part way through semesters and some teachers that were teaching material incorrectly. Such as WRONG INFORMATION. So when tested on this information on finals students were failed because the teacher didn't know what they were doing. GO To a school where you can get what your looking for because this place is a joke. The attorney that is handling my case is DKD Attorney At Law and phone number is in ladue mo
Jane Doe

Belleville, IL

#190 Jan 5, 2009
Dear SBC Collinsville grad:

I am happy to hear that you are doing well with your degree, but before you start accusing people of bashing maybe you should do a little homework yourself.

SBC is only accredited for other SBC schools...NOTHING ELSE. No self respecting college will take any of your credits is you should choose to further ytour education. I know this from experience. I also know that the statistics they gave you for the % of grads working in their fields is false. The graduates taht are working in their fields are doing so with no help from SBC. The reason you got good grades is because the teachers they hired to teach you were unqualified and told to give you those grades. You could've slept through your educationa nd still got those good grades because people like you spreading the word of the so-called greatness of SBC will keep other people coming there and falling for their disgusting scams.

YES SANFORD BROWN is a total rip-off. I know from experience, and I know of a lawsuit against them in which they don't have a leg to stand on for a defense because they are fraudulent, misleading, unqualified to teach, and downright lying scam artists. If you knew anything about the lawsuit they are only asking for reimbursement of the student loans that were forced on them at 25% interest rates. Why don't you do some research of your own before telling all of these people that they didn't get ripped off, because to those of us that know the truth, you sound like a brainwashed moran. What is that teaching your children?

SBC Collinsville Grad wrote:
I attended the Medical Coding and Billing program at Sanford Brown College in Collinsville. It appears only "bashers" are posting. Well, I did my homework on the school and even was given proof of % of graduates working in their field which is higher than the local community colleges (which by the way, couldn't show any statistics). Sanford Brown IS accredited by ACICS. If you don't know what that is....maybe you should use the wasted time looking it up to see what it is instead of "bashing" the school. Maybe do something constructive like contact the Placement Office and ask for assistance. If you didn't do very well in school....maybe you should ask about the "free" refresher courses they offer. I got good grades, attended classes and took my education very seriously and it paid off. Everything I have read here is just excuses and placing blame somewhere else so that you don't feel accountable for the fact you don't have a job. It irratates me when my school is bashed by the news media and fellow takes away from the quality education I received and makes me have to defend what shouldn't have to be defended. For each one of you who have taked the time to "bash", there are many more with success just don't see them here because they are leading a productive life and giving back to society. You all need to get a life and go out and earn a honest living instead of jumping on a bandwagon to see if you can get something for nothing, ie lawsuit. Shame on you all....what are you teaching your children?

Saint Louis, MO

#191 Jan 6, 2009
i worked at a student loan company after i was unable to find a job in the field i trained for at sanford brown. not only did i learn personally what a rip-off they were but i saw time and time again people with loans who either had no job skills after attending sbc or quit before finishing because they were unhappy with the program. sbc just wants to get you in the door, get your student loans, and then they figure you can deal with the goverment about your student loans if you aren't happy.
frustrated in mo

Columbia, MO

#192 Jan 7, 2009
Scared student wrote:
I'm currently at Sanford Brown in Collinsville. Am I ready all this right? Will my Medical Assistant schooling be for nothing? Am I wasting my time & money? I really hope not. I'm already struggling with money, I don't need this!
i am a graduated medical assistant with an associate degree. i cannot find work due to the fact that Sanford Brown was the college i attended. i spent 35,000 dollars for nothing. a year later and still nothing and no help from the school.
frustrated in mo

Columbia, MO

#193 Jan 7, 2009
also with the 35,000 dollars i was 2nd in my class with a 3.9 GPA. still all for nothing
A Nurse Still Wishing

Saint Louis, MO

#194 Jan 8, 2009
These peolpe are in the business of making alot of false promises at the publics expense. They knowingly prey on people that like myself wanted to get in and out of school and reestablish their careers.

I became a student @ SBC- St. Peters in 2006 everything was goin fine until my 3yr old daughter got extremely sick and was hospitalized. During this time I was in constant contact with the Nursing Department Chair person and the Dean, being told that I could make up the time missed. I stayed very dedicated to making up clinical and missed work. I was eventually told by another student that I had been withdrawn from the program because of my absenteeism. I was completely outraged!!! I went to the the Dept. Chairperson and discussed this with her and found out that this was accurate information I had recieved. I then went over her head to the dean and was told that I could re-enroll for classes that started two months later. So I re-enrolled and went back with only 19 weeks left out of a 60 week program. Once I had returned I had to chase down the Dept. Chair. to be place on the clinical shcedule. Three+ weeks into the classes she called me to tell me that I was going to be dropped from the program again because I had not been attending class. Now I know due to the milage on my car that I had been there everyday that I was scheduled to be there. Not only had I been there but I had left this lady two handwritten messages. I was given the run around when trying to contact the registrar to avoid this problem. The teacher stated tome that she had counted me present and that there must be something wrong with their database. After all of this I still was dropped from the class and given an "F" in that class and the one prior. Now I am stuck here with a bunch of credits that I can't transfer and the Financial Aid Dept. is sending me letters stating that I owe then another $115.00. I am currently in debt about $30,000 for a program that was supposed to be $24,000 and I can't do anything with the credits earned there and I have to start all over and pray that I find a way to pay my debts.

Osceola, MO

#195 Jan 8, 2009
i graduated sanford brown in 2005 and would like to know how to file a suit since i am still paying student loans and no education apparently

Glen Carbon, IL

#196 Jan 10, 2009
I have recently decided to switch careers. I attended Sanford Brown and graduated the accounting program in May of 2007. I still have not been successful in finding a job that pays what we were told we would be averaging. I have had a job as a Brain Developer (Asst. teacher at a learning academy). I went to go get only 2 more classes to be teacher qualified and was told by the St Clair County Board of Education and SWIC that my credits from SBC aren't transferable.. I am highly angry on that note. They want my money, but yet they don't transfer your credits to other schools. So basically if I want to change careers I'm screwed.. I would like to know if anyone out there can get me the information on the class action lawsuit to email me @ I want to join the lawsuit because this is wrong. I refuse to pay $17,000 for credits that won't help me unless I go to SBC.



Blue Springs, MO

#197 Jan 10, 2009
I attended Sanford Brown in NKC in 95. We were the first MA course in kc. We started with missing books and no instuctors for some classes. The education was horrible. They lied to us about starting wages. I learned what I know from working. And although I can't prove it but I honestly and truely believe that they were pocketing some of loans. I got the max on pale grants and I still had to take out $16,000 in loans.

Plano, TX

#198 Jan 15, 2009
From the comments here, I can tell this is an awful idea. Yesterday was my 1st meeting at SB in Dallas, and I have an appt. tonight for a fianacial assistance workshop... I signed a bunch of stuff last night. Am I already legally bound to anything? Do I need to go down there and sign something else to get out of it? I have not applied for any loans yet.

jennifer.donahoo@rentacenter.c om

Florissant, MO

#199 Jan 15, 2009
I attended SB for massage therapy and didn't stopped attending when I realize that the school was more for getting your money rather than putting qualified therapists out in the work force. I even heard some of my teachers talk abut how bad the school was and that they were planing to open their own. Now, I owe 5,000 plus dollars for finacial aid. I recently learned about the lawsuit against SB and if anyone can give me any information about it please e-mail me at It will be greatly appreciated.
redmed 2006

Saint Louis, MO

#200 Jan 15, 2009
Derek IL wrote:
<quoted text> are incredibly ignorant and pretty presumptuous here. You can't possibly claim that you know the exact reason that certain graduates couldn't get jobs, and your experience is an isolated incident. Just because you found a job doesn't mean that it's a certainty for anyone that had "attitude, attendance and commitment" from SBC. And honestly, if you were so committed, you would have graduated from a 4 year institution with a real degree and be making real money, instead of 'earning' the worthless diploma you received from SBC. If you're so dedicated and you have such a fantastic attitude, why aren't you a doctor or a lawyer? Because you wouldn't have made it.
I believe he is right about some of the people who attend Sanford Brown not putting in the initiative to get the job placement they our offered. Although some people did go to Sanford brown Hazelwood and completed the entire program. Hoping to transfer to a 4 year college, and find out later that they have to start all over and end up in a 8.00 dollar/ hour job when they could just do that with out Sanford Brown. Although, when you walk in the door they make every thing look so glorious and they make every thing so easy for you. Taking your picture in a cap and gown ,before you even sign any papers, making you have the drive to make it real. When there is nothing real about any of the people inside those four walls. When I look back at it now it all feels like a dream. It was all to good to be true the friendly people. The answers to all the test and quizes, right there every time. They tried to make a success story out of me!!!
Angela St Louis Missouri

East Saint Louis, IL

#201 Jan 16, 2009
I have also been taken by Sanford-Brown I asked all the right questions. I asked if they were accredited, I asked if those credits would transfer. They new from the very beginning my goal was to be A Nurse withing 5 yrs and now I find myself having to repeat everything I did their in order to pursue that goal none of my credits will transferr Sanford-Brown took my money and my time from me. If someone knows how I can join this lawsuit against them please email at Thank you

Vero Beach, FL

#202 Jan 16, 2009
I'm an instructor at SBI Tampa and believe me, do not go there for ultrasound, it's not accredited and you will not be able to sit for boards until working 1 year.
jacquie77 wrote:
Has anyone attended the diagnostic ultrasound program? I just wanted to know how it was? If it's worth my time? thanks

Tampa, FL

#203 Jan 22, 2009
Anonymouse wrote:
I'm an instructor at SBI Tampa and believe me, do not go there for ultrasound, it's not accredited and you will not be able to sit for boards until working 1 year.
<quoted text>
i go to SBI tampa and i wanted to go to that program but i have heard all the bad stuff about it. so what should i do?

Philadelphia, PA

#204 Jan 22, 2009
i go to sb in trevose, it is so terrible. worst decision i ever made in my life(good field, wrong school). they sell you a dream and tell you how great everything is and when you get there it is completely opposite! they have no idea what is going on they dont care and just want your money. there is a parking lot full of blunt wraps and crack heads are getting put thru! i want my time and money back!!

Philadelphia, PA

#205 Jan 22, 2009
oh yea im am about to graduate with a 4.0 and all i did was show up! its a joke!! the fat scum in admissions tell you that all these other schools take their credits and when i called "all these other schools" they basically laughed in my face. they also told me financial aid would cover all but 300$ and then all the sudden i start getting bills for 7,000 dollars from them and no body know anything??? go figure!
good luck with your law suite, in my time at sb i have not ment one person with anything positive so say about the school

Saint Louis, MO

#206 Jan 23, 2009
I graduated from Sanford Brown in 2005 with an Associates Degree. No one will look at my resume and I cant find a job in my field. One of the career service ladies told me and my friend that if we thought we were going to get jobs after we graduate we were crazy. We were already 1/2 way through school and locked into our loans. Neither of us have gotten a job in our field. Please help. Need to know where to go to see about getting some action. Also my husband went there for a short time and Sanford Brown collected the full tuition amount. Now the dept of Ed. is telling us we have to get the money back from Sanford Brown. What do we do. Please someone email Thank you.

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