Woman uses Super Glue on teeth

Woman uses Super Glue on teeth

There are 145 comments on the WOOD-TV Grand Rapids and Michigan story from Mar 4, 2009, titled Woman uses Super Glue on teeth. In it, WOOD-TV Grand Rapids and Michigan reports that:

With a decay in markets and the economy, health experts are worried about another kind of decay: people cutting back on dental work because they don't have the money.

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Jackson, MS

#105 May 28, 2012
I've used super glue for 15 yrs. It's a daily thing now & dentists don't let u pay a lil bit @ a time; therefore, I don't have 1800.00 to pay for dental work. I do what I have to do. I'm very embarrassed about it. They fall out when I'm eating out sometimes & its awful, but again, I don't have 1800.00.

Lexington, KY

#106 May 30, 2012
Michele wrote:
Why is there not help for this woman? If she were black or spanish, there would be help. If she were an illegal she would get what she needed. Why isn't there any help for HER? Noone should have to use Super Glue in their mouth! That is highly toxic! Does anyone REALIZE what this will do to her?! Does anyone CARE?! I'm now disabled (single mom) and do not have dental insurance, so I'm basically in her same position. I cannot go to the dentist, but if my kids need to go to the dentist, that is my first priority; their needs. I also need dental work, but it looks like that will never happen. No, I wouldn't put glue in my mouth, but if I was in her situation, I guess it might come down to that. This country is pretty pathetic when it will help those that don't belong here, or those that don't actually need it before they will help a tax-paying citizen. The community should come together for crying out loud!

This is the stupidest post i have ever seen. I don't know of any dentist that will give free dental care to an Illegal black Hispanic. How ignorant can you get. I hate oh poor me kind of people!!!

Baltimore, MD

#107 May 30, 2012
I don't understand how the black people and immigrant,comment was just ignored? Was it that u all agree or that it was to ignorant to respond to?

Dundee, UK

#108 Jul 7, 2012
I got see the dentist NHS to get my tooth removed its lose and its had its day (frown) Got get a new denture made no doubt now.

Dundee, UK

#109 Jul 7, 2012
I have to say super-glue crossed my mind as well LOL but after doing a check-around I came across this page and I know its going to have after-taste kick -backs and maybe vomiting.

I just can't bear to lose my last few teeth I have bottom and top dentures that was made last year and I've been finding hard to adjust to.

I can't bite down hard on my left side due to the two lose teeth or one so lose its only hanging onto the gum.(frown frown frown).

Sweets should be banned in shops or carry government health warning just like cigarettes does. I don't smoke and I wish I never ate sweets of drank Coke Cola those things are bad!

Healthy sandwich is far better.
Venn Geppert

San Diego, CA

#110 Jul 12, 2012
Except not all cases of bad teeth or missing teeth is because of bad habits. Some folks have receding gums, their teeth are perfect shape but fall out after the root has died. Because the gums have receded. They can bush all they want but once their gums are shrink gravity takes over. Their jaw bone also loses mass over time.


Crazy glue is NOT so crazy an idea.
Roll Tide

Trussville, AL

#111 Jul 13, 2012
Sheriff_Garrett wrote:
Careful NOT to swallow the portion that's glued on! Super Glue is not dental "glue." The constant wetness of your mouth, chewing, and the Ph factor might all impact super glue's stickiness. Also...your enamel is porous. Are you sure there's nothing in the glue that will harm your mouth in the long-term?
I have a core and need the crown put on. It's been a year. My dentist is getting p'd off, but I'll do it when I can afford it.
In the meantime...
I don't chew on that side.
You say you can't afford it but I would wager you would walk out of Best Buy dragging a 48" Plasma in a heartbeat if you wanted it. Which of your Lexus SUVs to cram it in would be your dilemma for the day.

Your story is B.S.

Harrisonburg, VA

#112 Jul 16, 2012
I used super glue to put my fake eyeball back in.
I have no health insurance, so what's a person to do!

Harrisonburg, VA

#113 Jul 19, 2012

Seattle, WA

#115 Oct 14, 2012
My teeth were knocked out in the front due to a cracked out husband, took me 6 months to figure out he was a druggie. Left him finally but have been super gluing my teeth for 7 yrs due to financial reasons. I worry about ingesting the glue. What are the long term effects.

Detroit, MI

#117 Nov 19, 2012
I need to find out how to gt krazy glue off of dentures. Had a tooth fall out but the tube of glue went crazy and it went on the denture plate.

Dallas, TX

#118 Nov 21, 2012
I have healthy teeth! I brush practically every time I go to the restroom. My smile has always been admired. But I have Twin 3 year olds. One day my son has a melt down and threw his toy truck at me. Bam! Square in the mouth and a tiny bottom piece of my front tooth broke off. I have medical benefits but no dental. I found the piece that came off and it fit right on but wouldn't stay. So I bought that dental cement. Didn't hold up! I said f it, ill try super glue. That was a few months ago. Still holding up and you can't even tell my tooth had trauma. I don't recommend it but when you can't cough up $1200 just for a crown then you learn to take matters in your own hands. I DON'T HAVE BAD TEETH & I'M NOT ON WELFARE. I'm a single mother of twins working and going to school. My job doesn't offer dental plans & I wouldn't pay $1200 unless it was a die hard emergency or for my kids. Accidents happen, you do what you need to.

Draper, UT

#119 Nov 27, 2012
This is a very intense west Desmoines dentist article. I have hear of people getting desperate but not this desperate. Then that article that mentioned you can go spend what was it, five dollars for some stuff that is meant for your teeth. What a mess I hope everything worked out for her. http://www.desmoines-dentalassociates.com
most of you are ignorant

Brooklyn, NY

#120 Dec 23, 2012
I love the dumbass remarks about brushing your teeth more often and how dollar stores sell tooth brushes. you should take care not to speak on topics when you don't know what your talking about. Tooth decay can be caused by many other factors other than brushing. You could brush and floss every ten minutes. It won't help many people. Dry mouth due to genetics or medication used in treating other health issues can lead to a rapid breakdown of the flora and good bacterias in ones mouth leading to an onset of gum disease and a literal crumbling of the teeth. Certain diseases of the body or extreme exhaustion from sleep apnea or other sleep disorders can also lead to an unstoppable process of decay. Genetics may also be a factor. In an age where most jobs don't offer dental insurance or don't offer much more than a discount plan, its not a simple question of being cheap or not. So feel lucky you don't need to resort to such desperate measures.
most of you are ignorant

Brooklyn, NY

#121 Dec 23, 2012
Roll Tide wrote:
<quoted text>
You say you can't afford it but I would wager you would walk out of Best Buy dragging a 48" Plasma in a heartbeat if you wanted it. Which of your Lexus SUVs to cram it in would be your dilemma for the day.
Your story is B.S.
What a clown. This guy definately lives at home with his well off republican parents. When your teeth are crumbling and in pain its very unlikely you'd drive a lexus or buy a new TV. That pain can be so bad you wanna rob an old lady if you are broke. Don't be so quick to assume people are being cheap.

Male, Maldives

#122 Jan 7, 2013
are you insane people must read the lable before useing such toxic stuff

Chicago, IL

#124 Jan 31, 2013
I went to take care of one teeth and ended up spending over 5 thousand dollars (for about 4 root canal) a few years ago. The dentist told me that I still have some minor problems on my teeth. Of Course, I cannot spend any more money at that time.

I broke one crown last November. I call around and the lowest estimation was about $500 which I know I need more work need to get done. A friend of Mind was going to Mexico, because of that, I went along with him for my tooth. I spend less than 800 dollars and get 12 teeth fixed - 2 crowns and 10 more holes from other teeth. Well, I know if I did that in US, will cost me over 5 thousand.

However, their glue is not very good as in US. Just a few months, one of the crown has problem already. I think I need to find some glue for it or maybe find a dentist to glue back the crown. I hope it will be cheap this time.
Dental visit cost money

London, KY

#125 Jan 31, 2013
What wrote:
Don't blame this on the economy. The rot on her teeth has not just appeared this year. She has had this problem for some time. I have a number of crowns and a implanted tooth, quite expensive but paid for over time. I beleive she is looking for a handout.
Well ain't you a cute [email protected]
Greed is everywhere

Allentown, PA

#127 Feb 1, 2013
No wonder there are so many who can't afford good dental care. Dental insurance alone can be expensive. I've had fillings done, but never any root canals and if the dentist told me I needed one, I wouldn't. I've heard this procedure is not good, even by a qualified professional. Besides, a dead tooth is a dead tooth. Then the next step is a crown, which can chip so you have to be careful with your choice of food. I still need some work done, but it's going to take much more money then I can ever afford. My dentist thinks that taking $20 off the monthly payment is an affordable plan; well that is hardly affordable and with all of my other living expenses, I just can't do it. The bastard even had the nerve to brag about his skiing trip with his kids while he was working on my teeth. Much as I'm disappointed and disgusted, I am in the process of finding a new dentist. Dentists - greedy amalgamating blood-suckers.

Berkeley Heights, NJ

#128 Feb 3, 2013
[57 a visit time 4 visits and hour makes one hr of work $228 a hr..thats not a bad minum wage. and its tru lots if black and soanish dint work, dont wanna work and live off of my taxes..pathetic]

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