Controversial ad targets delivery of ...

Controversial ad targets delivery of horse drugs

There are 41 comments on the KFOR story from Mar 29, 2010, titled Controversial ad targets delivery of horse drugs. In it, KFOR reports that:

A controversial bill is making its way through the Oklahoma state legislature; it would allow people without a license or medical training to deliver horse tranquilizers and other drugs commonly used in date rapes and abortions.

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Tecumseh, OK

#1 Mar 29, 2010
One thing not mentioned in this story is the drugs the equine dentists use are not the drugs used in abortions and date rape. They are not even considered controlled substances.

I am a horse owner and I want the right to choose who treats my horse for their specific needs. I see nothing wrong with using a trained and certified equine dentist over a veterinarian. The equine dentists that go to a specific school to get their training and certification have more education of the proper balancing of a horses mouth than a veterinarian receives during their education for their D.V.M. Not having the choice of an equine dentist for my horse is like asking me to go to my family doctor to have my teeth worked on.

I should have the right to choose.
Lee McGrath

Minneapolis, MN

#2 Mar 30, 2010
Veterinarians are once again seeking to use government power to block competitors.

The ad in Daily Oklahoman spotlights Britney Spears’ alleged misuse of Clenbuterol as “diet pills” that played a role in her “documented breakdown in 2008” and warns about Ketamine (known as Special K), a tranquilizer that can be used as a date-rape drug.

The problem for the vets (and legislators, if they fall prey to the vets' scare tactic) is that the bill they say would allow greater access to these drugs has literally nothing to do with either drug.

The real goal of the vets is to block passage of HB 3202, a popular piece of legislation that would create greater freedom for horse owners to decide who works on horse’s teeth. Neither of those drugs mentioned in the ad are used by horse teeth floaters. Furthermore, the legislation would do nothing to increase the drugs’ distribution.

What HB 3202 does do is increase the ability of horse teeth floaters to practice their trade. That is what the vets who took out the ad really oppose: competition for even the smallest part of their practices.

Edmond, OK

#3 Mar 30, 2010
These comments confuse me, but I have heard of Special K, and other sedatives used on horses. My understanding is that the bill will assist mostly in tracking who purchases the medicines, and I could care less how they give it to a horse. As a mother of teenage girls, however, drugs as strong as Special K and similar should have stringent rules/ regulations and at the very least- a trail of who purchased them. Kids that abuse pills do not discriminate, and similar to the ephedrine issue here in OK, I would love to see more documentation re: the distribution of drugs with the strength indicated here.
Vladmir Radmonivovikov

Montgomery, AL

#4 Mar 30, 2010
I didn't know Special K was considered a drug.

Oklahoma City, OK

#5 Mar 30, 2010
What does this have to do with abortion. Amazing what passes as journalism on KOCO. You mention abortion in the lead-in, but nowhere in the article or video is abortion mentioned again. You are awful hacks and should be ashamed.

Oklahoma City, OK

#6 Mar 30, 2010
I meant KFOR, but what's the difference really you are both awful.

Lawton, OK

#7 Mar 30, 2010
We are horse people to. We have Arabians. We want the right to choose who treats our horses and who works on their teeth. The Vets do use the government to get what the vets want. Vets want to controll everything in their field. Our law makers are bought off just like the insurance industry bought the law makers off.

Seminole, OK

#8 Mar 30, 2010
Has there ever been a case here in Oklahoma where a sex offender used equine tranquilizers to sedate and rape their victim? Honestly, how prevalent is this activity? There are far greater dangers to the public than passing this legislation. I am in the horse industry and my wife keeps client's horses, acting as an "agent". I am also a police officer. The kind of fear Dr. Johnston is perpetuating is, to say the least, far fetched.

United States

#9 Mar 30, 2010
Chocolate cake and milk. Awesome.

Youngstown, OH

#10 Mar 30, 2010
What does any of this have to do with ABORTION?! Can anyone explain that to me...??? The date-rape thing is a real stretch, since things like Special K (Ketamine) aren't just passed out by vets willy nilly. In all my years with horses, I've never needed Ketamine given to any of my horses much less needed to keep any on hand.

I do believe vets, not "equine dentists", should be the ones who prescribe drugs. But that should not prevent a horse owner from keeping a few doses of Ace in the barn.

If you're worried about the government really controlling what Rx drugs you give the horses, beware. Now that the EU is demanding accountability in its horsemeat, Canadian processing plants are forced to comply. This traces back to the US because 100,000 of our horses are exported annually to be butchered. The horsemeat corporations are now looking to open a new plant in the US. Expect to have a European style Passport system where a vet has to sign off on every drug you give a horse. Expect to have less access to common horse drugs like Bute. Unless we do something, the days of Americans getting access to common Rx horse drugs are numbered.
Toni Leader

Saint Joseph, MN

#11 Mar 30, 2010
I believe there are other laws in place to allow investigators to penelize people who use "anything" to rape or molest anyone.....And this man when to college and is allowed to work on animals legally. Hmmmm?
jim p lee dvm

United States

#12 Mar 30, 2010
2 positions were not brought up in your report.#1- bobby griswald was found in illegal possession and administering federally regulated prescription drugs - 13 multidose vials to be exact. Mr griswald does not have a federal or state license necessary to possess or administer these drugs. Where did he get these drugs?#2 A wisconsin state journal article from 3/25/2010 by ed treleven states a man is being charged with first degree intentional homicide of an unborn child and reckless endangerment for spiking his girlfriends drinks with the very same drugs that that were being discussed last night.He was attempting to induce a spontaneous abortion in his girlfriend by using veterinary prescriptions found on his parents dairy farm.this is why this bill -hb3202- must be defeated. remember just because a drug is not controlled does not mean a drug is not dangerous ! sudafed is a otc product , yet it can easily be converted to methamphetamine - one of the most addictive substances there is and michael jackson died of an overdose of propofol which is not considered a controlled drug

Oklahoma City, OK

#13 Mar 30, 2010
How about this "news" organization provides one actual incident of this drug being used during an abortion in this state, or anywhere for that matter. Conservative fear mongering at its finest.
jim p lee dvm

United States

#14 Mar 30, 2010
also not mentioned is this! hb3202 says equine tooth floaters "shall" be licensed by the veterinary board .legal interpretation by the oklahoma attorney generals office is that the wording does not allow the board to refuse a license to anyone who wishes to be a licensed tooth floater-, even if they have any felony convictions - even felony drug convictions . Also ,if the board knows this individual has injured +/or killed horses in other states , they must be granted a license because the word "shall" is in the bill language. this needs to be changed
Joleen Hales

United States

#15 Mar 30, 2010
While I respect know and respect many vets in Oklahoma, its apparent there are a few out there who are dramatically going out of their way to portray themselves as lunatics & making the others look unprofessional with these comments.

The date rape drug being referred to, is not dispensed by veternarians to the public, and is not a drug that would be used by any horse dentist. There is no relevancy with the drugs mentioned and horse dentistry.

Date rape drugs are illegally imported into our country through other sources or manufactured illegally in the states. Any corrupt chemist could produce these drugs and sell them..

The add quotes:
"I'm not claiming that all tooth floaters are rapists and molesters, but it's a potential that's there and it's endangering the public.


The add is an embarrasment to the veterianry board, these select vets involved in this add make all the vets look like lunatics.
I am ashamed for oklahoma state vets....
Joleen Hales

United States

#16 Mar 30, 2010
Mother wrote:
These comments confuse me, but I have heard of Special K, and other sedatives used on horses. My understanding is that the bill will assist mostly in tracking who purchases the medicines, and I could care less how they give it to a horse. As a mother of teenage girls, however, drugs as strong as Special K and similar should have stringent rules/ regulations and at the very least- a trail of who purchased them. Kids that abuse pills do not discriminate, and similar to the ephedrine issue here in OK, I would love to see more documentation re: the distribution of drugs with the strength indicated here.

Ardmore, OK

#17 Mar 30, 2010
Come on people..this has nothing to do with the welfare of Oklahoma children or Oklahoma horse owners. This is all about money and control! The vets want it all and want the even certified teeth floaters gone! No competition!

We have several vets in our area that wouldn't waste their time coming out to our farm to float our horses teeth. If you can get one to come out at all they are grumpy and let you know they would rather not be out here doing this mininal job. His real distain for being bothered is handed to you in his over priced veterinarian bill!

It has also failed to be mentioned that we have an accredited Equine Denistry School right here in Oklahoma. These guys are being punished for going to school, becoming experts in their field and trying to practice their job in Oklahoma.

We also have one of the most well known horse shoeing schools in Oklahoma..are farriers jobs next on the list to be threatened by veterinarians?

If the public can't see through this smoke screen of lies and deception and see exactly what is at stake here..then heaven help us..we are all turning into puppets for the entire medical profession!

Ardmore, OK

#18 Mar 30, 2010
Another thing that needs to be pointed out that veterinarian schools do not require or devote many hours to the study of teeth floating. Veterinarians are not considered experts in this area upon graduation.
On the other hand Teeth Floaters that attend a certified and accredited Equine dentistry school become experts in their field.

Who would you rather have float your horses teeth?
A person with limited knowledge of what he or she is doing or a specialist in his field?

We do not need veterianarians sticking their nose into the business of accredited teeth floaters. Teeth floaters should be able to practice their job without fear of reprisal by veterinarians or the veterinarian board. If the veterinarians are afraid of the business they will lose to the accredited teeth floaters (the real issue) then they should become an expert in that field and enjoy a little healthy competition just like the rest of the real world!
Mom of a teeth floater

Oklahoma City, OK

#19 Mar 30, 2010
The drugs these vets are referring to are not even used by teeth floaters. The people who put this add out should be sued for slander!!

Oklahoma City, OK

#20 Mar 30, 2010
In answer to the DVM's comments above: the felony charges agains Bobby Griswold were for the act of teeth floating because of a bill that had been recently changed due to many people at the capital not reading the bill to understand what they were doing by signing the bill. Once it was brought to their attention that the bill was changed due to sneaking in wording about animal medical care onto a bill for human medical care, the law was changed back to a misdemeaner. This caused outrage within the vet communtity because their attempt at a monopoly was discovered and removed. The drugs that he used were not controlled substances and the charge for him having the drugs was a misdemeaner not a felony. He had no drugs on him that had anything to do with the ones mentioned in the slanderouse ad taken out and paid for by vets who want a monopoly on anything to do with animals.

Also the statement about the drug that killed Michael Jackson was administered by a doctor not by a lay person.

The vets are desperate to control whatever they can and it will be a shame if our reps at the capital feed into this frenzy.
I wonder which vet used his/her daughter to pose for this picture. That is much more of a crime than anything a teeth floater has done.

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