Investors Blame Greedy Jewish Bankers...

Investors Blame Greedy Jewish Bankers For Financial Crisis

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Solomon Cohen

Gallipolis, OH

#1 Oct 8, 2008
US investors believe that the current crisis was due to bad administrative and financial management and a bad banking system put into place and controlled by Jewish Bankers.

While pumping hundreds of billions of dollars into a rescue package, US President George W. Bush has remained silent about the Jewish Bankers that put the US banking and financial sector into place.

Further more US investors believe Jewish Bankers control the US elections and defines the foreign policy of any new administration in a manner that allows it to retain control of the American government and economy.

Gallipolis, OH

#2 Oct 8, 2008
"the love of money is the root of all evil"
1 Timothy 6:10
jewish God is Money

Karachi, Pakistan

#3 Sep 27, 2009
how the only religion of the world that is respected on the media and internet is jews and jewish and isreal.

while media can make fun of prophets and God, and every other religion...

that has little more than simple, mother teresa like hard working jews becoming Millionares while american losing their jobs, hell even social security and healthcare...
Patricia Conlon


#4 Dec 19, 2009
OMG. Nazis are alive and well.
When they come for the Jews, will you be silent?
When they come for the Catholics, too? The Episcopalians? The Muslims? The greenies? The Agnostics?
WHO will be left?

Shame on you.

:You shall go to all to whom I sent you, and whatever I command you, you shall speak. Do not be afraid of their faces, for I am with you to deliver you," says the LORD. Jeremiah 1:7, 8
Milken Madoff

Glen Burnie, MD

#5 May 2, 2010
Jews are in control of the U.S......but one word against them and up comes the usual anti Semitic rubbish.
They try and garner sympathy and divert attention away from their greedy and controlling ways by playing the Holocaust card and publishing the Ann Frank story at every possible chance.
Through out history there have been have been atrocities against every race and religion, but the Jews never cease portraying themselves as victims while the others let it go and move on without all that whining.


#6 Jul 7, 2010
I do not know were the greed come from, but I think in old days some jews start cooperate to help eachothers to put only jews to be bankiers, leaders in companies and jews then cooperate to give only other jews good jobs and then many many groups of jews all over europe and USA only took care of eachothers and then jews in USA and europe get much richer than others. Seacret Economic cooperation in bloodline to Abraham was a easy idea to do themselves and their childrend to leaders and do themselves to overclass in richness in money. This egoistic greedy cooperation was one case that some of us jews grands was sent to workingamps like Auswhich. On the badge in the entrance to Auswhich is stands Arbeit macht frei. The Auswhich was workingcamps for our grands. Some of our grands was so greedy in economic cooperation that they did only grpups of jews rich in money and all other poor nearly. No other group of people in wetern world cooperate to take all best jobs over to people in bloodline to one forfather Abraham in bloodline. No other people have been greedy like this and USa is full of greedy jews and they do jews rich and do all others poor today in USA. when we see the starving pictures of jews from Auswich we see jews that could survived but they did not want to work and then they get no food. Many of the jews in auswhich and other workingcamps was innocent jews and they was sent to to Auswhich by jews that was quilty..Who steal the gold under world trade center? I find out that I am a jew for some weeks ago. I am ateist but belive in karma and reincarnation. I do think there is no almighty savior being or creator being. I belive in equal economy for all people and countries in the world


#7 Jul 7, 2010
I hear from kind and good jewish non-greedy people that groups of american jews in CIA, police and from all over USA steal the gold under world trade center. Why did they kill 3000 americans because of hide gold that belongs to tulkulamas. And the gold belongs in real to the native americans and the african americans, because it was a present from the asian buddhists in 17th century after the buddhists from asia bought the slaves free in north states in USA.


#8 Jul 7, 2010


#9 Jul 7, 2010


#10 Jul 7, 2010
Some kind and good jews from UIsa said to me that there are not dead millions of jews in auswhich working camps but some thousands jews. And after ww2 many jews from Auswhich and otherworking camps changed name and their jewish name died in Auswhich. The best for USA and other countries today is to not have some of us jews in workingplace like governments, police, cia, fbi, banks, assurantcompanies, farmasy and other workingplaces. The best for all countries is to find out which groups of jews that did the world trade center attack and dozed Osama Bin Laden to say that he did it. It is best to find out which jews that worked at Gautanamo bace to. Why do always american jews want to rule Israel. Israel jews are mostlet kind jews an not greedy. Why do the american people want to hsve jews as bankiers when jews give loan without interests to groups of jews and other americans have to pay interests. Then jews get groups of jews get richer than others and others have to pay for the groups of jews without knowing it. I find out that I am a jew for some weeks ago, but I understand that Abrahsam was a liar and he never hear any voice from the sky. Because I know that we are reincarnated again and again and everybody can see this if they meditate for a wile. Greedy european and american jewish slavehunters, colonists that steal gold from buddhists and killed all buddhists in China and India have stopped meditationmasters to show us the enlighten mind with giving them things in food that stop their prana energis meditations. Why this someone ask me. Thety say that Abrahams talked with something they call god and he is the boss and he told abraham that his family should own the flat world and rule the flatworld. Buddhist say that if you meditate you will see that mind is millions tines bigger than the world and you will se that the world is createdd by your mind. Some bad jews disklike that their world is created by their mind because they own the world they think. and then they dislike that people like buddhists and hindus and chinese people do not accept that the jews Abrahams childrend got the world in presents by something they call Abrahams god the creator. Abraham and other people from the book the bible say that they was always alone in the desert when they hear the voice from the sky giving them morsal rules and the world.


#11 Jul 7, 2010
What is a jew? I hear that I am a jew because my bloodline in my mothers bloodline is to abraham from the bible. If a jew is aspecial race then I do not understand because there are africans that are in bloodline to abraham and also are jews. I have blond hsir and blue eyes and are then Arian race but also a jew. Then a jew and all other people in the world are equal inside. I hear often from some jew that they think they are more clever than others and they mean that they can prove this with telling me that jews have best jobs often and many are actress in hollywood. I know that some jews want to rule showbizz and control moviemakers and actors. I heard from one actors that when she wanted to try to get job in hollywood the moviecompany asked she if she was a jew and she did not know if she was. She call her mother and her mother told her that she was a jew because her grand mother was a jew to. Then she told the moviecompany that she was a jew and then she got good jobs at once and more paid than non-jewish actors. Why this??? I headr that some jews think they are closer to a being that they thionk created the world than others because Abraham said that for over 3000 years since. And then some jews have a fantasy that they are more worth for a being that they call god than others in the world. No people are more worth than others in the world and in hollywood it is easier to get job for a jew than others because jews own moviecompanis and the compoanies can be bought or built up for stolen treasures from Tibet that not belongs to the owners of the companies. The treasures was stolen before worldwar 1 and they have to pay back.


#12 Jul 8, 2010
I wander why the kind man George w. Bush that not is a jew have to follow order by jewish people behind him in the government. When jews not have at all the president there they can not give order to the kind president George w Bush. It wss a meeting with the press after the raport about World trade center attack was finished and then geroge Bush wanted to have theanswer the qustion together with other people from USa government but the other people did not want to meet the press. When George Bush was the president this time he is then then boss and then the other people that he want to meet the press togeether with have to do that since he order that. I understand that inUSA some american jews want to rule USA and they are threaten and doze the presidents there like Bush to attack Afghsnistan and Iraq and maybe other places. I see that sometimes George W was unconsentrated when he was on television and the same with Obama and other presidents. Why do some jews like Jon Stewart and others on television blame George bush and Obama on television when some jews try to rule over them and give them order. All can see that sometimes George Bush was very unconsentrated and Obsama to and they look tiured in eyes because some jews that try and threaten to rule USA have putted something in their water or food because they want to have them to say somethong the jews want them to say. USA have to say that jews have not allow to cooperate in econmy because some give jews loan without intersts and cost and all other than jews must pay interests and cost on loan in the same bank. This is to let others than jews be poorer than jews in USA and it is to steal money fromAmericans that not get loan without need to pay intersts and cost. i am a jew and I know that the mostley of Isreli jews are ok and not greedy and I know that the bible say that we shall not steal and lie. In USA there are a lot of kind and good jews but also some that steal and lie. And it is best that jews are not bankiers at all if they think that they can give loan to jews without let them pay intersts and to others with paying of intersts. tihs is to steal and this is not allow said Moses.


#13 Jul 8, 2010
Here is one hour about the american jews that blowed the world trade center in pieces because of they greed after money. i am a jew but I did not know that I am a jew in this lifetime before some weeks ago. I have been buddhist since 1992 without knowing that I am a tulkulama before 2007. Aman told me that I a recognized tulkulama in buddhism and I never heard that before 2007. I have sometimes thought that many followed me and putted something in my food because babies cry and cross their fingers everyvere I eat if a baby is on another table in reatautants were I eat. I understand that it is very bad for me and for others that I eat this in food. Buddhist know that a baby is clairvoiance the first and sometimes the second year of the life, and after when the baby start to talk the babys ego starting to grow and then the clairvoiance dissapear. Buddhist know that all people are clairvoiance and have to develop their clairvoiance with meditation practice. It is important for a human being to develop their minds in shamata and vippassana meditation. A human is reincarnated in lifetime after lifetime as after how they act is in their life. If a person act greedy the person will get a bader life next life maybe as a animal.

&fe ature=PlayList&p=910FF0440 8D3AE5A&playnext_from=PL &index=0&playnext=1

Stamford, CT

#15 Sep 19, 2010
Jews love money and gold more than they love people.

"It is easier to pass a Camel through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter Heaven".

Cedar Knolls, NJ

#16 Jan 26, 2011
jews on the whole have more money than gentiles because they are smarter--much smarter--than most people.

look at their admission rates to the Ivy leagues--and this when those schools want to keep them out.
the big dinger

North Hollywood, CA

#17 Mar 18, 2011
Jews, jews, jews. I'm sick of hearing and reading and seeing about them. Holocaust schmolocaust, I say. What about the 50 million Russians who died in WWII, don't they matter?

Slavonski Brod, Croatia

#18 Mar 25, 2011
The early christians where a jewish sect hunted like animals. Do you know who helped the romans hunting them? guess!

Slavonski Brod, Croatia

#19 Mar 25, 2011
Rhat the romans crucified jesus is true. bud who was shouting to pilatus "Crucify him!" Christ's blood is on the hands of the jews!

Los Angeles, CA

#20 May 8, 2011
8 out of 10 of the criminals on American Greed are always Jews. Why is that?

Franklin, MI

#21 May 21, 2011
Jews are not smarter than most other races, it's just that they have people in authority to hire and admit people to the colleges and companies etc.
They simply hire their own to the expense of the rest of the country.
American jews are not the same as the jews in israel.... They are spoiled, greedy and self-serving.

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