West Simsbury, CT

#1 Mar 31, 2011
Project Home 2011 succeeds January 1, 2011 with advances in physics
Press Release Dated: Jan 22, 2011
Research colleagues John Obik and Matthew Mitchel Urquhart complete 32-year researh project studying
physics and succeed with matter acceleration operation on January 1, 2011 which proved out theories in
New computer technology and advances in electrostatic levitation devices also achieved.
32-year long Investor funded scientific research project, Project Home 2011, managed by the Australian
company Envirotech E.A. LTD succeeds with matter acceleration test on January 1, 2011.
Project Home 2011 main site:
http:// projecthome2011.tripod.com
Project Home 2011 National scientific research program researched quantum physics in the area of
magnetism and matter acceleration. John Obik and Matthew Mitchel Urquhart both age 44 in 2011
completed the work with an experiment envolving matter acceleration that ended the project successfuly
on January 1, 2011 in Connecticut. Further information on the project listed-
Project Home 2011
Envirotech E.A. LTD
Queensland, Australia
Project Home 2011 (1979-2011) Laboratory located in Connecticut, USA
Investor funded research grant for 2 students from June, 1979 through December, 2010.
Category Science And Technology,
EAddress Elm Street
Project completion site: Manchester, Connecticut
City/Town Enfield
State/Province Connecticut
Zip 06082
Country United States

Guildford, UK

#2 Jul 27, 2011
Seems a bit hoax-y, doesn't it.

Manchester, CT

#3 Jul 28, 2011
This is part of a smear campaign against some college students and an engineering project. These students were not envolved in all this.

Maidenhead, UK

#4 Jul 30, 2011
There are no students and there is no "smear campaign".

This hoax has been running since at least 2001, possibly earlier. It's just a student prank that has been revived, by the looks of it.

Manchester, CT

#5 Aug 2, 2011
There was that project with a few students studying engineering that was around in 2001. None of the students in it misrepresented it. Any stories made by authors out there making their own articles of the project that reported information that was far from accurate is not from the project. The students were working with magnetism but the descriptions of how their robot works in those articles is far off. It was someone else writing that stuff. It wasn't the students.

Wokingham, UK

#6 Aug 7, 2011
There was never any project. There isn't even any evidence one of teh students exists at all, and the company supposedly sponsoring it is completely fictitious. Anyone who does a bit of searching around can verify this for themselves.

This scam/hoax/joke/whatever was comprehensively debunked on the JREF Forums.

Is this hoax a scam or a joke? I'm not sure. But as was shown pretty well in the following thread, it is some flavour of bunk or other:


There, everyone can decide for themselves. If that wasn't enough, why not have a look at what was their official wiki page on PESWiki (before they dropped it like a hot potato after being debunked in the thread at JREF, linked above).

You can quite clearly see, in the page discussion history tab, that Professor1, JackieJames etc.(all user names associated with the project) have been editing other users' comments in order to cover up this ridiculous hoax.

Here's the link:


Manchester, CT

#7 Aug 7, 2011
There most certainly was this project. It just completed in January 2011. Why are you on such a campaign to smear these students? There were a few students in the project. Some may make their presence online more available than others, but there was this project. There has been someone blabbing nonsence about the project saying things about it that are completely way off what the students were doing in the project. BTW, they did get the name of the company wrong too, they probably knew they could get in trouble if they used the real company or real project's name. Whatever the case, this was a real science project, and the students in it graduated with honors. The people behind this smear campaign have something to do with that forum you mentioned since you are trying to sell that, but these students have nothing to do with the fraud you people are trying to do against them and the college. You are wrong. It would be a good thing to stop it.
That Peswiki page is where you are saying all kinds of false statements about the project there too.
Why are you trying to start a smear campaighn against these students? What did they ever do to you?

Wokingham, UK

#8 Aug 7, 2011
Project Home 2011 is a hoax. A completely transparent hoax.

It was previously known as Project Home 2010, which was also a hoax.

This hoax dates back 10 years or so.

Anyone reading this should take a look at the thread on JREF - http://forums.randi.org/showthread.php... - and see for themselves.

Alternatively, of course, anyone is also free to just email Asnuntuck Community College, like I did, and get confirmation too.

Manchester, CT

#9 Aug 7, 2011
It is not a hoax Everyone at Asnuntuck College is aware of it. It was going to be in the yearbook in 2009. The students made parts to their robot there. That randi thread looks to me that they found that someone was smearing the project there too. Why are you trying to attack the school and the alumni there?

Wokingham, UK

#10 Aug 7, 2011
Nonsense. I have emailed the college myself. If anyone reading this is in any doubt, I recommend they do the same.

Project Home 2011 is a hoax, through and through. It has being going on for ten years or more under various names.

Asnuntuck Community College are not to blame for this hoax, let me make that quite clear.

BUt it is still a hoax.

Manchester, CT

#11 Aug 7, 2011
Allow me to contribute. Project Home 2011 is not a hoax. It has been running for many years. The students worked on an engineering project studying physics and magnetism. Whoever you are, I am curious as to why you are trying to bad mouth that project. You sound pretty disgruntled.

Wokingham, UK

#12 Aug 7, 2011
Nonsense again. Project Home 2011 didn't show up on the radar until October 2010, before which it was known as Project Home 2010. Earlier still it was Project Q-Day 2000.

A hoax by many names, but with the same ridiculous claims each time and the same names involved.

Anyone can check this for themselves, or email the college. Why you are trying to string out the death of this hoax any longer than necessary is beyond me.

Project Home 2011 is just the latest name for a long-running hoax. For more information see http://forums.randi.org/showthread.php...

Manchester, CT

#13 Aug 7, 2011
What is nonsense is trying to say that the students who are the target of this smear campaign would try to make themselves look stupid like that. The project has always been called Project Home 2011 and nothing else. Those other project names is a hoax, misrepresenting the science program. I thank you for informing me that someone has been making mock versions of that project. The project never had a website, and it was not a big deal. Someone obviously was trying to make a joke about it.

Wokingham, UK

#14 Aug 7, 2011
You sound just like BillBall in the thread at JREF, and School Professor in the comments at the bottom of the PESWiki page... funny that.

You're making exactly the same ridiculous claim as was made there. Namely, that someone would begin a smear campaign 10 years ago on the off-chance that this project would exist today. A clairvoyant with a grudge?


Manchester, CT

#15 Aug 7, 2011
You don't seem like you know anything about that project. This sounds like a smear campaign to me. What is your great interest in that project, and have nothing but bad things to say about it?

Wokingham, UK

#16 Aug 7, 2011
A smear campaign? No, it's just a hoax. A very poorly-executed one at that.

The reason I have nothing positive to say about it should, in the light of what I've said, be fairly self-explanatory.

East Hartford, CT

#17 Mar 1, 2012
To "debunker", I hate to have to debunk you, but wherever you got YOUR information from is a joke. This project was in existence for 32 years and the people there have developed a new technology with electrostatic magnetic fields. Plenty of people know about this project's existence which is very self-explanatory.

East Hartford, CT

#18 Mar 1, 2012
Let me just enlighten "debunker", I happen to know this project is legitimate and I just attended their last seminar demonstrating their tecvhnology they invented there. Your information sources leave much to be desired if you think the project first showed up on the radar in 2010. It has been around since 1979 and ended in 2011. You yourself contradicted yourself because in other postings you claimed to have heard of this project before 2010. You are just a nasty person that likes bashing other people's accomplishments.

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