Lawsuits filed over Lipitor side effe...

Lawsuits filed over Lipitor side effects

There are 847 comments on the The Associated Press story from Jun 8, 2006, titled Lawsuits filed over Lipitor side effects . In it, The Associated Press reports that:

Two men who believe they suffered lasting muscle damage from taking the popular anti-cholesterol drug Lipitor are suing medication's maker, Pfizer Inc., claiming the company didn't issue loud enough warnings ...

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United States

#830 May 25, 2013
There is one for sure connection between Statins and disease. Long term users of Statins (the only kind, cause even if they work, they only work over decades) are at MUCH higher risk of developing cancer. Also low LDL levels,(below 100) are markers for extreme Mental Health issues. Pychopaths, sucides, severe depression, thrill seekers and of course death through muscle canibalization. Your doctor has judged these known risks, and they will not be disputed, to be lessor than the risk of having normal ldl? Lastly since Statins only work in the liver to reduce the amount of a protein used in the mfg of gobs of hormones and fats, ldl only being one of them. How is it then that they have mysterious good effects in the coronary artery and elsewhere? Of course the drug companies are now proclaiming that they are better than snake oil. The shock is that your trusted Medical Provider goes along with this nonsense. What else is he ramming up your rear? Has the medical community forgotten that they are charged with providing prudent advice, not just taking kickbacks?

United States

#831 May 25, 2013
One last post then I will shut up. In a recent doctor show on TV, doctors were shown showing off the true marvels in surgery. But the one consistent point that the creator/writers of the series failed to understand at all, is that the doctors were portrayed as seeing the patients as meat. Patient education was a trifold. There was no trusted dialogue about good decision making, there were only pills and surgery, whether it was needed or not, or ethical or not, the patient was simply a part. Now the show attempted weakly to show concern about this, but "is he dead yet" tends to ring in your ears. And this is the problem in five minutes or less you can write a script for posion and get paid pretty well. To properly treat someone at high risk of heart failure, can take years, end in failure, and result in your taking a finacial loss on the job. Apparently most Doctors opt for contrived ignorance about the risks, and write the script and get out of the exam room asap. Only trillion dollar lawsuits will make any difference, and they are coming.

Dallas, TX

#832 May 26, 2013
Its very disturbing for me to see professionals falling for the cholesterol scam. Gullibility runs high, even among the most educated.

Minsk, Belarus

#833 Jun 4, 2013
I have used for about 3 years and find their products to be reliable and speedily delivered. The Support team are very promt and helpful in solving any issues that arise,caused by my errors not the company's. I was a little sceptical initially about buying generic products rather than brand names. However, the Mens' Health products I have bought have been equally as efficatious as the brand names at a fraction of the cost.

Canton, OH

#835 Jun 27, 2013
KJG wrote:
I feel so much of your pain. 8/30/11 had 2nd spinal fusion surgery. 8/31/11, started Atorvastatin to get fluctuating cholesterol under control. I knew how long fusions take to heal since I had had a 3-level just one year prior. I kept telling my surgeon something wasn't right. I had a lot of leg pain, numbness and something wasn't right. He said it was part of the healing process. I knew it was not right, but no-one would listen. I persisted and finally, in December, surgeon ordered an EMG from my Neurologist. I was diagnosed with Chronic Peripheral Polyneuropathy, failed back syndrome, chronic pain syndrome...list goes on. Much testing was done. I was told all of these issues were idiopathic in nature and they had no idea why I was so ill. All they knew is that I would never get better, would probably get worse and didn't know what to do except prescribe pain pills. I had to quit my job and career and became very depressed.
I had never had any problems previous to 8/30/11, with the exception of some back pain. I have been convinced it was from the surgery. Now, in reading about Lipitor and its side effects, I am most obviously rethinking all of this. I have had increasing memory loss issues, have trouble coming up with my words, have trouble sleeping due to chronic leg pain, have become lethargic, have trouble walking up stairs (we live in a tri-level), have no motivation, have very little energy, am extremely depressed and meds don't help, can't focus...I am 49 years old and feel as if my life has almost come to a dead standstill. I used to walk 5-6 miles per day, was the person everyone came to to make his/her day more upbeat because I loved life, was the most optimistic person no matter what the issue. I have lost ME.
I stopped taking the Atorvastatin today. I HAVE to find me again. I have lost so much in the past year and a much I will never get back; however, if I can get a part of ME back, the happy, optimistic, more energized me back, I will be happy. Can a little pill really have taken all of this away from me? I will keep you posted. If this is the case, shame on the pharmaceutical companies for allowing this to happen. I do say shame on my Drs. as well, but if the medication didn't exist, my dr. couldn't prescribe it to me. I will never be pain-free again as the damage that has been done is not reversible, but I want my energy back. I am hoping. Day one. I'll be patient.
I feel the same way,, I have memory loss and cannot live my life the way I was used to, I am also diabetic now and I am 5'5 and 135 pounds which they say they can't believe as I am not your average diabetic, I am in the class action suit, but only getting 3-5 dollars its not enough for losing my life, but at least they will know how many lives they have devastated. If you are on this and have muscle pain,, get off of it now, Good luck everyone.

Mansfield, MA

#836 Jun 27, 2013
OH MY wrote:
<quoted text>
I feel the same way,, I have memory loss and cannot live my life the way I was used to, I am also diabetic now and I am 5'5 and 135 pounds which they say they can't believe as I am not your average diabetic, I am in the class action suit, but only getting 3-5 dollars its not enough for losing my life, but at least they will know how many lives they have devastated. If you are on this and have muscle pain,, get off of it now, Good luck everyone.
OH MY, how did you get involved with the class action suit? Even if I never got a penny, I would love to be included - the larger numbers of affected persons reported, the better, as far as I can see.

Incidentally, folks, I happened upon Pfizer's site and sent them an impassioned email, essentially telling what happened to me and accusing them of destroying my life. That was weeks ago. This week, I received a missive i cluding a postage paid envelope from them, asking me to give permission for my doctor to be contacted regarding the situation. Only problem is, the prescribing doctor has NEVER admitted any fault, and does not believe my problems stem from a reaction/allergy to Lipitor (ptui!); in fact, I stopped taking it against his recommendation.

What do you think, people? Should I

(a) give blind permission,
(b) refuse permission, or
(c) give permission with written caveat that the doctor disagrees with me?

I would appreciate your input, thanks.

San Antonio, TX

#839 Jun 28, 2013
Mu 82 yr old dad was put on lipitor way back in '96.
Slowly he has been almost unable to walk, forgets even how to get out of a chair and was loosing his balance. We were beginning to use diapers for his accidents!
We thought this was from age.

After a week off of lipitor, he has regained his balance and is walking much better, is NOT needing his diapers and even told my husband yesterday that he remembers more now and even recalls how to get out of his chair.

He never knew we decided to remove him from lipitor so this was a blind test for him.
I am going to put him on a strict low cholesterol diet instead.

I guess my dad is one of the bad side-effect people out there.

Spring Lake, NC

#840 Jul 1, 2013
I had been on statins for about 5 years when I noticed muscle pain and weakness..not realizing the cause I continued using them as recommended by my Doctor. Only about a year I stopped taking them. Despite their use I have required 3 stents. The low back pain and weakness in the hips has limited my mobility to 50to 100 feet , cramps and numbness in the extremities at night has not abated.

I believe that this should be further studied as to benefit versus side effects.

Since: Feb 13

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#841 Jul 1, 2013
Studies states that taking lipitor may result to diabetes. This side effect has been linked to Lipitor for years says a blog I found, but the manufacturer failed to provide sufficient warnings about it to consumers.

For more information visit .

Richmond, KY

#842 Jul 3, 2013
Lipitor or Atorovastin causes ALS and also the upper stomach pain and possibly diabetes.

Edmonton, Canada

#843 Jul 3, 2013
I've been suspecting for a long time that Lipitor is doing me harm - fatigue, moodiness/irritable, muscle pain and tingling pain in my fingers, lack of energy.
I'll consult my doctor and check with him if I can be off from this prescritption drug.
Ana - Centurion

Kimberley, South Africa

#845 Jul 6, 2013
Ana wrote:
I have never had any muscle problems and their attachment to bones. I have had enduring and crippling pain,in my legs and wrists. I have had De Quervain tendonitis 3 months after taking Lipitor.
Whoever approved the drug is an irresponsible and criminal entity.
I had the same!!! I could not figure out what was the cause until I started coming across forums with similar issues. Your problem, as your name is identical to mine
Ana - Centurion- SA

Kimberley, South Africa

#846 Jul 6, 2013
Please, can someone guide me to join a lawsuit/ class suit regarding use of Aspavor in South Africa?

High Springs, FL

#847 Jul 6, 2013
Michael McDowell wrote:
Do you plan to do something about your cholesterol or find an alternative?
<quoted text>
Are sure cholesterol is the problem. Perhaps calcium has more reality to heart / health problem as a person ages.
Cliff R

Centerburg, OH

#848 Jul 6, 2013
Just an update on my situation. Was on Lipitor for about a year, and left pretty much unable to walk, sit down, or even lay down without leg pain, cramping, stiffness, etc.

I quit taking it about a year ago, and the symptoms have subsided, and I'm about 80 percent recovered. Still some leg cramping, but very minor, mostly at night. I was also having limited range of motion, troubles bending over to pick up things off the floor, low energy levels, etc, which is greatly improved.

Where I haven't gained much ground is the stiffness and pain in my wrists and hands. Very slowly getting better there, but at this rate it will be years before I'm back to normal.

The biggest improvements I've had came from a slight diet change along with quitting Lipitor. Approaching my 30th day on the Paleo diet, no gluten whatsoever, no potatoes, dairy, pasta, etc. Instead I eat lots of chicken, fish, some lean red meat, and loads of vegetables. Lost 12lbs the first 7 days, and another 10 since. Not really recommending that diet to anyone, but it has helped my energy levels considerably, which help me overcome the damage done by the drug....IMHO.

Corbin, KY

#849 Jul 12, 2013
my husband was on lipitor for almost a year and has recently been taken off of it, however, when they did an mri to scan his back from a injury he received in a car accident a few years ago they found a mass growing in the head of his pancreas. They suspect it is cancer, he had no symptoms prior and the scan just over a year ago shows no sign of inflammation etc in his pancreas there was nothing wrong with it. Has anyone heard of lipitor causing cancer in the pancreas in men? I am terrified that it is since the radiologist is 90 percent sure it is cancer. We are having our 25th anniversary in the next week and it terrifys me that he may have cancer. If anyone has any info on this as my google searches have lead to dead ends i would really appreciate it.

Reno, NV

#850 Jul 13, 2013
HumanSpirit wrote:
Why would the VA allow the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry to overlook the health and welfare of the American soldier or former American solgier?
Death, violence, erratic behavior and the suicide by mind drugs
Can't you just stay on topic and keep your personal agenda out of everything?

this discussion, in case you forgot, is about statin drugs, not "mind control". Use it for another forum.

Reno, NV

#851 Jul 13, 2013
BCB wrote:
I've been suspecting for a long time that Lipitor is doing me harm - fatigue, moodiness/irritable, muscle pain and tingling pain in my fingers, lack of energy.
I'll consult my doctor and check with him if I can be off from this prescritption drug.
I was taking this, mainly "off" since I didnt want to not be "in compliance" and get in trouble. However, my arms were breaking out in huge blood blisters, which always went away once I stopped the medicine. The Dr said it "couldnt possibly" have anything to do w the lipitor. Even though the my dentist said that the statins act as "blood thinners" and she had seen this before. No Way; way my MDs response. The Pharmacists said it could be some "weird, undocumented response" that Only I am getting and may be an allergic reaction.

So, my 'all knowing Dr." put me on Lipitor (from Crestor) and I was doing good for awhile...then (I am 60 overweight, cholesteral when I was walking in the sun was under 200 w high HDL >100) had gone up to 267 after a psychiatrist had put me on seroquel "to sleep better."

So, I was happily taking the Lipitor...for a few weeks. And w no other changes, have had EXTREME fits of exhaustion, where I am literally unable to get out of bed in the morning, and have seriously been considering giving my service dog away since I can longer walk her, or even go outside in the truck.

I have a background as LPN and 30 yrs in the profession, and all other factors have remained stable; THAT is the only change. It seems, perhaps, once you reach a critical benchmark, where your body can't tolerate it anymore, the weakest target point goes. Mine is FM and rheumatological conditions, but just last week I was taking my dog on walks in the park, swimming etc.

Now I am literally bedbound, and tried to walk the history to what started it. I am going to stop it for 1 wk and check it.

Also, I have had increasingly profound memory loss. In one week alone, I have lost; my purse, my mail keys, my house keys (3x).

Reno, NV

#852 Jul 13, 2013
mak wrote:
GIVE ME A BREAK! Two bad apples spoil the barrel. How about all the lives that been improved and saved do to lipitor. For the good of the majority. This kind of nonsense is why medications cost so much. Can not blame it on the pharmaceutical companies. Can only blame it on bloodsucking lowlife lawyers and the animals that hire them.
It used to be, years ago, that due to the side effects of the statins only people with "patholigical" hypercholesteremia where given it. now its given to everyone who even touches 200, w NO counseling of lifestyle or foods, etc. In Britain, its OTC. I'm sure the drug companies can't wait to dummy down the statins so they can finally open THAT Black Hole market.

Now, its just about everybody all the time. All meds have risk; but it used to be, if the risk was literally life or death, they would give it. Now, its given like aspirin. THAT'S the issue.

Therefore, because of the Risk, people who are Less at Risk, are being given it, and the Risks are NOT outweighing the benefits.

Reno, NV

#853 Jul 13, 2013
JoJo wrote:
I heard that if you stop taking lipitor you can have a heart attack.
you have a 1% chance according to their own studies. Is a 1% chance when you are only borderline hypercholesteremia) necessarily worth it? Yes, if you are like 300* chol the risk is worth it.

But, depending on the Risk factors of heart disease (age, genetics, lifestyle etc) cholesteral is only 1 of the Risk factors, and not necessarily the only one, or causal one. You can have a heart attack w low cholesteral too; since not all heart attacks are caused by "clogged arteries" w chol.

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