Lawsuits filed over Lipitor side effe...

Lawsuits filed over Lipitor side effects

There are 848 comments on the The Associated Press story from Jun 8, 2006, titled Lawsuits filed over Lipitor side effects . In it, The Associated Press reports that:

Two men who believe they suffered lasting muscle damage from taking the popular anti-cholesterol drug Lipitor are suing medication's maker, Pfizer Inc., claiming the company didn't issue loud enough warnings ...

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Roscommon, MI

#640 Apr 5, 2011
I told everyone back in 2006 Take at least 100mg of COQ-10 if you were still going to take a statin drug!! The only way that you can reverse some of the side affects of a statin drug is by Taking a high dose of COQ-10! It will take atleast yrs to reverse them. I still have some of the side affects and I Quit taking them back in 2006, but I feel a hell of alot better! The side affects will kill you before high cholesterol will!! Please take COQ-10 it works take it from me.

Roscommon, MI

#641 Apr 5, 2011
I told everyone back in 2006 Take at least 100mg of COQ-10 if you were still going to take a statin drug!! The only way that you can reverse some of the side affects of a statin drug is by Taking a high dose of COQ-10! I took 400mg for 6 to 8 months.It will take atleast yrs to reverse them. I still have some of the side affects and I Quit taking them back in 2006, but I feel a hell of alot better! The side affects will kill you before high cholesterol will!! Please take COQ-10 it works take it from me. I'm still taking at least 200mg.

Columbus, GA

#642 Apr 19, 2011
Had bypass surgey in 2000. Doctor put me on lipitor and later to simvastatin. I noticed a graduale weakness in my leg and ankle musles. I thought it was from an old back injury. Later I was diagnosed with myopathy. The weakness has gotten progressively worse over the years. LatelyI have stopped taking the dru ith the hopes there will be a reversal of the myopathy.

Rose Hill, Mauritius

#643 Apr 22, 2011
does this mean that all statins and combination thereof are harmful

United States

#644 Jun 8, 2011
I was on Lipitor for awhile and due to insurance changes switch to Zocor after about 2 years i started noticing bloated feeling, soreness int he area under my rib cage, and constipation. Now i am also diagnosed as having Irritable Bowl Syndrome and that is what I thought it was but that IBS usually only flared up once or twice a year and last only 12-24 hrs.. But the discomfort started to come more regularly and last longer sometimes 3,4,5 days. So I stopped taking Zocor and all symptoms stopped within 24-36 hours. So stayed off for 14 days, Doctor switched me back to Lipitor and that was 2 years ago now in the past month ro so the abdominal pain, bloating is back. My stomach area feels sore all the time below the ribcage area. I stopped taking the dosage of 20mg for 7 days and then was reduced to 10mg in about 3-4 days all the symptoms were back. If I don;t wat all is good but eat anything or drink anythign the pain starts back up. I know the doctor is going to want figure out what I should take, I am a type II diabetic and need to keep ldl numbers lower then average person. I am at a loss on what to do.
T K Lawson RPhT

Los Gatos, CA

#645 Jun 9, 2011
Lipitor, the single most popular Rx In the US
-'soon to go genreric. Pfizer Pharm's. statin adversity is low provided your hepatic enzymes(ALT) is < 100. Zocar (simivastatin)! a Vitlorin is potentiall. More likey to cause serious effects than Lipitor. Don't take niasin concomittanty with any statin or Lopid with B-3..
ebg new orleans

New Orleans, LA

#647 Aug 7, 2011
I've been on Lipitor (40 mg reduced to 20 mg) for several starting to see that some of my recent problems (hands, feet swelling, weight gain, ensuant neuropathy...) are the result of the introduction of this medication to my regimen. These are problems even with the CoQ-10 supplement my doctor prescribed. Yesterday is the last day I'm taking this drug...and hope that symptoms go away completely in the near future. These posts are extremely helpful and only sealed the deal (to go off the Lipitor once and for all). Many thanks to you all...
Frank Donas

Swampscott, MA

#648 Sep 7, 2011
Here is my story. I was on Lipitor for over 15 years taking 80mg. Also I was taken Triocor 57mg and Zetia 10mg. I always had some muscle pain put never thought anything was wrong. Then occasionally I start losing my left leg and falling down. My energy level was slowly deteriorating and I was always tired. I expressed my concern about the Lipitor to my doctor and he told me that my blood tests were fine and that I need to take B12 vitamin. Couple years later my right leg experience the same symptoms. I start seeing neurologists and recommended to stop all drugs because my CPK levels were very high. Now I am off the cholesterol drugs for over a year and I am seeing 3 neurologists because I have myopathy, my CPK level are still high over 690 and is not coming down. They do not know what is going on with my system and I am going through many diagnostic tests (spinal tap, muscle biopsy, blood tests, MRIs etc.). I am still waiting for the results but I know all started because of the satins.

Wakefield, MA

#649 Sep 20, 2011
My husband was diagnosed with a rare eye condition that only 6,000 people in the world have. Recently he was experiencing muscle problems in his neck after being on Lipitor for years. I decided to go off Lipitor and his eye condition was gone within 3 months. He lived almost 9 years with this so-called-condition.

Bloomington, IL

#650 Sep 20, 2011
My cholesterol #'s have always been pretty good, but my Tryglyceides have always been quite high.
I have been on and off many cholesterol lowering drugs over the years to lower the numbers.(without success). So the doctor put me on 80mg of Lipitor.
Within two weeks, I have an unbearable cough, nightmares, constant headache. I am giving it a month, as a trial, to see if it actually lowers the tryglycerides #'s This drug is $159.00 a month with my insurance, and I can not afford it. Fortunately I still work. What I get from my doctor
is that it is hereditary. My Dad was still on Statins when he died of a brain tumour at age 85.

Spokane, WA

#651 Sep 26, 2011
Took Simvastatin for three years prescribed by one doctor. Then my new doc for the last year said change to Lipitor because there were reported problems from simvastatin and was not as effective. I have been on it for two months. I am experiencing headaches, memory loss, can't think, increased muscle and leg pain, heavy feeling in the chest.
I am going to stop taking it and go back to a natural product. I had a health food store for several years and sold a product from Solaray called CARDIO COMPLETE. Customers reported outstanding results with this product.I just got some and will start taking it. I am also a certified medical herbalist and the herbals and other ingredients in this product all lower cholesterol effectively. It is safe and not dangerous.All natural
vicki f

United States

#652 Oct 5, 2011
Statins have ruined my life for over 15 years now. One medical condition after another and now I have not one but 2 cancers I am fighting. First breathing problems, hospitlized, then stabbing pains (nerve damage I was told)I had the test, I have nerve damage, 8 different braces on legs arms,& wrists, type 2 diabities, major stomach problems, hair falling out, cataracts, skin growths, couldn't walk, memory problems to mention a few medical problems. They are finding Statins do nothing for a women. I believe years later we will see all the cancer and other major problems from them, they weren't tested long enough before thrown at us. Eat right and exercise is the best way. I will never touch a Statin again, they have ruined my life. I was healthy before statins, now my life is ruined, if I have a life for very long. My oncologist looked at my lab workk from years ago, my WBC and Lymphs went up up up after Lipitor, we both believe Statins caused my CLL cancer and my breast cancwer. Someone mentioned only a few get the side effects, do you want to chance that, once you have the side-effects they don't always go away, cancer down the road, the choice is yours? Just as many people have heart attacks or strokes on statins, do you want to chance that. You never know if you will be that person, I was told no can't be the Lipitor, you need it, you will have a heart attack. Well 15+ years later I have no signs of any heart problems still, what a bunch on nonsence, but I have nerve damage, 2 cancers, type 2 diabetic, hurt so bad I can't stand the pain, cataracts, short winded mention a few once again. Don't fall it, it isn't worth it.
vicki f

United States

#653 Oct 5, 2011
Frank Donas you and I started Statins about the same time. I was and still have the same side effects and more as you did from the Statins. Only thing is my CPK test never showed anything. They have found through studies that sometimes the CPK tests show nothing. MY tests did show I was getting CLL cancer though. We are right about the Statins.

my typing in the above post... Wow! not so good in a hurry, you get the idea

Mansfield, MA

#655 Nov 20, 2011
My dr. put me on a small dosage of Lipitor in Oct., 2011, because my cholesterol reading was SEVEN points higher than he liked. Seven. Within a couple days of taking it, I developed lower back and leg pain. I use a cane normally due to an artificial knee and one that should have been replaced a couple of years ago, but suddenly I found myself leaning on furniture and counters to keep from falling; my left foot began to drag, and soon I discovered I couldn't lift my foot high enough to climb stairs... This was after twelve doses of Lipitor. I've since been to three different hospitals, traveling by medical transport because I can't get in or out of my own house or car. I'm housebound, reduced to using a walker, and can barely hitch along for 50 feet without stopping to rest. I can't go to work - and am self-employed, so this is costing me a small fortune! I cannot rise from a standard chair or commode because my knees won't lift me, but collapse; there have been several near falls in the past few weeks. I've been diagnosed with a synovial cyst on my spine, foot drop, and some serious nerve damage. I firmly believe this whole mess was triggered by the Lipitor, and have had several medical personnel nod in agreement while refusing to say anything out loud. If there was a class-action suit, I would definitely join in! And for those who would ask, yes, I talked with both my physician and pharmacist about side effects, and no one mentioned becoming a cripple in a matter of days!
Maurice Riley

Bartlesville, OK

#656 Nov 27, 2011
do anyone know who I can file a law suit against Lipitor at please e- mail me at [email protected]
i been trying to finda someone to take my case. but do not know anyone

Sydney, Australia

#657 Nov 29, 2011
I took Lipitor for 6 years, and experienced all of the side effects you mention. ON several occasions, I asked my doctor if the Lipitor could be causing this, and was told it was very unlikely. Eventually, one time when my prescription expired, I didn't collect the new one, and stopped taking it. IT was extraordinary what happened. Within three days I was much better than before, and I lost many of the side effects. Unfortunately, this drug can have permanent consequences, damaging muscles nerves etc. It's now two years since I took lipitor, and things have improved enormously, but I'm left with some permanent damage to my muscles and nerves. I believe that this drug terminated my career and has permenently damaged my health. Try getting any of the medics to listen to you though! This problem isn't widely known about in Australia, although thousands of people here take it.
Say no to GMOs

Emmaus, PA

#658 Nov 29, 2011
Almost everyone I know who took Lipitor, had side effects - muscle cramps, aches and pains that were substantial enough to make their lives miserable. I was one of those people. Then I went on Crestor, and after taking it for less then a week, I began to have to abdominal pains that grew increasingly worse. I panicked one morning when I discovered blood in my mouth! That's when I decided to discontinue it. I called my doctor to tell him what happened and he acted as though I were out of my freaking mind. I now know why. He wanted to put me on another drug, which I agreed to try, but then chickened out for fear of another episode of bad side effects. I now realize that I'm one of those type of people who are simply sensitive to some prescription drugs. I actually thank my body for that because these drugs claim to treat one problem, but can actually do harm to vital internal organs over the course of time. One of my friends who is on Lipitor and said her high triglycerides came down, suffered excruciating muscle pain. She countered that problem by taking Glucosimine Condroitin, which she says has really helped reduce and eliminate the pain associated with Lipitor. Just the same, considering the side effects that I've suffered, I will not be taking any more prescription drugs for high cholesterol. My body gave me the signs that it won't tolerate it, and I consider that a helpful warning. My doctor has since suggested an over the counter product called "Cholestoff" by Nature Made. Has anyone tried it and did it reduce your bad triglycerides?
robert kennedy

Boulder, CO

#659 Dec 7, 2011
Kurt wrote:
This is why lawyers will always be considered scum by most Americans
I agree with you!

Lima, OH

#660 Dec 21, 2011
Started taking simvastatin 6 months ago. After 2 months I developed soreness in leg thighs. Stopped taking it and soreness went away after a few weeks. like an idiot I started taking it again about 2 months later,now I have soreness in by arms and biceps. It is very painful to lift anything heavy. I quit taking it about 3-4 weeks ago and I still have the soreness. I,m done with it!!!
thomas in Canada

Calgary, Canada

#662 Dec 27, 2011
I was taking lipitor for over 9 years I stopped taking it about 6 months ago when i read an article about the damage that statins do to your bodies ability to regenerate cell tissue,since i stopped taking it I notice when I do my 6 mile walk my legs feel like they were beatin with a club I have too force myself to finish my walk I believe this is the damage from being on Lipitor for so long,I am now taking high doses of vitamin c and will not take a statin drug again.

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